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101-0013500 GT Prototype Touring
Owner(s):Officine Alfieri Maserati S.p.a., Italy (First Owner)
History:This is the first build Touring bodied 3500. In her days known as "The white lady" at the factory.
This car is different from the later cars in every detail. It was used as test vehicle for the factory and was driven by various journalist and testers.
Although it stood on the factory scrapheap in the early 70's, at this moment the car is restored in Italy.

101-0023500 GT Touring
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Art Taxman, USA
Alfredo Brener, USA
Mr. Szymuziak, USA
Henry Beissner, USA (First Owner)
Paint Color:Blue
History:2003-09-10: Auctioned at RM Auctions, Maserati Auction at Monterey, Lot# 443. VeloceToday wrote in the results: "1958 Maserati 3500 GT Coupe, Body by Touring; S/N 101002; Estimate $30,000 - $40,000; Hammered Sold at $44,000 plus commission of 10.00%; Final Price $48,400 -- Alfredo Brener collection. No Reserve. This car started life as 101.122 and was renumbered by Maserati to replace the original 101.002, an Allemano coupé prototype, which had lemon problems. The current 101.122 is the Allemano coupé.".
Please note: VeloceToday INcorrectly mentioned 101-121 instead of 101-122, as confirmed by Fabio Collina of Maserati Classiche!
1958: Delivered new in Texas, went to Chicago later for the next 30 years.

101-0043500 GT Touring
Paint new:Black
Interior new:Tan
Owner(s):Officine Alfieri Maserati S.p.a., Italy (First Owner)
History:1957 Paris motorshow car.
This car had the upper corners of the windshield in a round shape (like 101-072) and the early hub caps.
Unknown whereabouts of this car.

101-0053500 GT Touring
Dealer:Cornacchia, Milano
Touring No:5189
Owner(s):Bruce Hill-Douglas (march 1989), Australia
Warren Murphy, Australia (First Owner)
Paint Color:White
History:2016-07: Bruce Hill-Douglas: I wanted more background information on my coupe with its odd chassis number. Some while ago I wrote to Fabio Collina to acquaint him with my car and inquire of it for the information which I had had from Giacomo Tavoletti at the time of his being the then Registro Presidente of the Registro Internazionale Touring Superleggera in connection with my car was that:
"As regards the date of construction of your Maserati 3500 GT I inform you that in the year 1956 the Carrozeria Touring bodied the first 18 Maseratis 3500 GT, starting from the chassis 101.001."
As you will know, 101.001 was, together with the Allemano coupe, presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March, 1957. It is curious to me that several months elapsed before there were sales of any of these early cars, for I would have thought that Maserati S.p.A. would have welcome some cash flow at that time of difficulty after the cessation of its very costly motor racing activities.
And Fabio provided the following information in respect of some of these cars, namely:
"AM101.002 - delivered in May 1958
AM101.004 - delivered in February 1958
AM101.005 - delivered in January 1958
AM101.006 - delivered in December 1957
AM101.008 (Allemano) - delivered in May 1958
AM101.010 (Spider Touring) - delivered in April 1958"
2015-07: Bruce Hill-Douglas: "Having owned 101.005 for many years, last July I embarked on its very much needed restoration".
1958: This car was owned by Franco Cornacchia (the Maserati dealer) who sold it to it's first owner, Warren Murphy from Australia. Murphy was in Italy on holiday when he spotted the car.

101-0063500 GT Touring
History:Unknown whereabouts of this car.
Could this be light coloured Touring car with the rounded edges in the upper corners of the windshield (like 101-072)?

101-0083500 GT Allemano
History:One of 2 Allemano prototypes.

101-0103500 GT Spider Touring
History:This was the first Touring Spider.
Unknown whereabouts of this car.

These are the facts:
- On eBay were pictures which were definitely NOT of 101-010 but of a newer style chassis.
- The seller told me he only put those pictures on eBay as an example (???).
- The seller promised me to show me pictures when he would visit me. He did visit me some later in Holland, however he could not find the pictures on his phone (while he was in the process of selling this car) and so I never saw a picture of the real chassis.
- A little after that, the seller told me his business partner had suddenly sold the chassis without informing him (???).
Conclusion of the Admin: It is extremely unlikely that the seller really has/had the original chassis!

101-0223500 GT Touring
Paint new:Coire blue
Interior new:Pelle Rossa
Engine No:101-022
Touring No:5172
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Markus Höfels, Germany
Ivo Noteboom, The Netherlands
Charles N. Delia, USA
Unknown in Rome, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Coire blue
Interior:Pelle Rossa
History:This is an early car. Special features are early type Borrani wire wheels, A6G instruments, early heater handles in dash and this car is 2-3 cm narrower in width than later cars.
The factory confirmed that they upgraded 101-022 to front disk brakes and a 5 speed gearbox (ZF S5-17) in 1960 (the original gearbox was the extremely rare type ZF S4-30).

2020-01: Owner Markus Höfels contacts me and sents pictures of the restored car. The restoration took 5 years at Leo B. Peschl.
2013-09: Car in restoration at Leo B. Peschl (was first Linnartz & Peschl).
2011-09: 101-022 is now in Holland with his new owner.
2009-12: For sale Anamera by The Car Experience, Canada.

101-0283500 GT Touring
Paint new:Grey
Interior new:Red
Options:Wire wheels, ventilation in side of front wings
Owner(s):Gullwing Motor Cars, USA
Richard Bowen, USA
Joe Ventura, USA
Lance. L. Lazarus, USA
Norman Hale, USA
Dr. W. L. Bayard, USA
Eric Miles, UK
Rob de la Rive Box, CH
Max Leumann, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Red
History:2018-04: For sale at Gullwing Motor Cars. The text reads: "1958 Maserati 3500GT. Early Carbureted Model. This 1958 Maserati 3500GT is a very early and desirable carbureted model. Red with tan leather interior. This car has absolutely no rust and comes complete. The engine is out and apart but we're installing the engine inside the car for easy transport. It's been under the same ownership for the last 20 years. An excellent original car to restore and priced low for immediate sale.". The car was sold within 1 day.
2003: For sale in NYC.NY./USA.
2001-01-03: With Richard Bowen, Scituate.MA./USA.
2000-01-22: BARRETT-JACKSON auction, Scottsdale.AZ., sold for $16.000.
2000-01-16: KRUSE auction, Scottsdale.AZ./USA, sold for $25.000.
2000: Wwith Lance L. Lazarus, Phoenix.AZ./USA.
1997-01-18: BARRETT-JACKSON auction, Scottsdale.AZ./USA, sold for $14.700.
1992-01-01: BARRETT-JACKSON auction, Scottsdale.AZ, ns. $3.000, poor condition.
1991: With Norman Hale, ??.AZ./USA, re-painted red/tan.
1972-04: Delivered to Bayard.
1972-03-29: Shipped via Antwerp (NL) to Charleston on the vessel „Lotte Reith“.
1971-12-15: With Dr. W. L. Bayard, Tryon.CA., USA, paid $500.
1971-08: resold to Rive Box, leather painted in tan.
19x6x: once owned by Rob de la Rive Box, Villmergen/CH who sold it to Eric Miles, London(?)/UK, at some time repainted maroon.
1958-03: Delivered in grey with a red leather interior. It has special camshafts.
1957-07: This car was ordered in july 1957 by Mr Max Leumann, Torino, Italy.

*History researched in 2014 by Walter Bäumer of International Maserati Research.

101-0403500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-758. Engine 101-040 is fitted in car 101-648.
Touring No:5182
Owner(s):Mr.Monticelli, Italy
Paint Color:Rosso Granata
Interior:Beige Connolly leather
History:2014-03: Original engine 101-040 is with car 101-648.
2012-05: For sale at
2009-02: For sale on

101-0423500 GT Touring
Year:14 march 1958
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Nero
Interior new:Cinghiale
Options:Quarter lights in doors
Owner(s):Sam Nahon, France (First Owner)
History:In 1959 this car was involved in a heavy crash. Not known if it's rebuild.

101-0443500 GT Touring ENGINE ONLY
Owner(s):Graham Proffitt (engine only), UK
Guy Berryman (engine only), UK
Alan Painter (engine only), USA
History:2012-07: 101-044 was destroyed in a garage fire. It's engine showed up with a different 3500 in the UK July 2012.

101-0483500 GT Touring
Year:19 april 1958
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Nero
Engine No:101-048
Comte de Lastours, France (First Owner)

Februari 2011 The engine showed up for sale as spare engine with a project car 101-1652 in Switzerland.
No information on the car itself.

101-0503500 GT Touring
Year:20 march 1958
Owner(s):Karlina Castillon Du Perron, Italy (First Owner)
History:First registered in Firenza 106860 FI on the 20th of march 1958.

101-0523500 GT Touring
Touring No:5188
Owner(s):Klaus Merk, Germany
Paint Color:Black
History:The following story is from Claus Merk. Since 2003 I am the owner of 101-052 with a touring number 5188. The first and onliest owner was a certain Dr. Bellmont in Basel Switzerland. This owner makes all services in the factory in Modena. Bills with all numbers documents that this is real. My car was over 20 years without license in the museum of Muriaux near Biel/Switzerland.The car has 4 drum brakes, 5 instruments and no quarter lights. The Borranis are with hubcabs.

101-0583500 GT Touring
Paint new:Bianco Polo Park (Max Meyer code 10.319)
Interior new:Pelle Rosso (Connolly code PAC.1603)
Carpet new:Grigrio
Engine No:101-058
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:5191
Options:Delivered with instruments in the French language
Owner(s):Alberto A. Gutiérrez, USA
Maserati S.p.A, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:White

101-058 was used by Maserati S.p.A. for testing and as demonstration car. Later in went to Thepenier who used it on the 1958 Paris Motor show.
Then it went back to Italy to Maserati S.p.A. until september 1959.

Karlina Catillion du Perron bought the car late 1959 and was the first private owner. It changed through the hands of some French owners to end up in the collection of Alfredo Brener.

101-0683500 GT Touring
Paint new:Verde
Interior new:Bianco
Carpet new:Kaki
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:5194
Owner(s):Pastorelli Classic Cars, Netherlands
Paint Color:Blue (now stripped for restoration)
History:Delivered with instruments in the English language.

2020-05: Update: car is almost ready for painting.
2019-12: Pastorelli Classic Cars buys 101-068 in South Africa and starts a total restoration.

101-0703500 GT Touring
Paint new:Grigio
Interior new:Pelle Bleu
Carpet new:Grigio
Touring No:5195
Options:Jaeger instruments in Italian language
Owner(s):Hans Joachim Salm , Germany
History:2014-08: Car is sprayed in original colour grey.
2013-12: Bodywork is finished, car is at the paintshop now.
Know to current owner since 1981, then with an Opel Kapitän engine.
The car is currently under restoration.

101-0723500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-072
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:5165
Owner(s):Wolf-Dieter Baumann, Germany
Antonio Costa, Spain
Unknown, Spain
Steve Yanacheck, USA
Paint Color:Blue
History:Very rare version of a Touring body. It has the upper corners of the windshield in a round shape instead of a corner.
This is also the case for the windows of the door, where it has no front quarter vent glass.

2013-12: Sold to new owner in Germany.
2012-06: New owner.
2010-04: the car was offered for sale in Spain.
Date unknown: Auctioned at Bonhams, Olympia sales centre, Kensington.
1958: First delivery in France.

101-0783500 GT Touring
Year:3 april 1958
Paint new:Verde (Max Meyer code 10.550)
Interior new:Bianca (Connolly code PAC.1544)
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:5199
Owner(s):Adam Burckle, USA
Clarence Mayer, USA
Patrick Zarraera, USA (First Owner)
Paint Color:Black

101-0803500 GT Touring
Paint new:Blue Ischia
Interior new:Pelle Rosso
Touring No:5200
Owner(s):Vintage M.A. CARTRADE LTD, Andrew Constantin, Cyprus
Unknown, Monaco
Renato Rascel, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Blue Ischia
Interior:Pelle Rosso
History:Note from admin: In 2018 it is described as "Matching numbers", but the engine is not of the early type with external oil filter etc.! So depite being a very nice car, it is NOT matching numbers.

2020-02: Retromobile Paris: For sale at Auto Storica.
2018-06: For sale in Cyprus, offered on eBay. The text says: "Maserati 3500 GT with combination of Bleu Ischia exterior and Connolly Rosso interior color. Matching colors.
One the very first Maserati 3500 GT with 4 speed gearbox and drum brakes all around. The car has all the original glasses. The restoration is fully documented with pictures and all the original invoices. The car is absolutely perfect."
2012: Offered for sale late 2012. The text reads: "This 3 owners motorcar is finished in Blue Ischia over a splendid Vacchina Italiana Rosso leather hide, just as when it departed from the factory back in 1958. It was supplied new to famous actor and singer Renato Rascel.
This is a very early and sought after carburated model with 4 speeds gearbox and drum brakes all around. #101-080 was embarked into a ground up restoration back in 2007 by a fine Italian marque specialists and is fully documented along with original paper works, owner's manual, parts list, all publicity documents from then and a certificate by Maserati. 6.700 km since the restoration and French registered."
2006-03: This car is restored in Italy.

101-0843500 GT Touring
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Unknown, Switzerland
Paint Color:Red
History:2007-06: Added to the registry.

101-0863500 GT Touring
Year:19 april 1958
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Grigrio Scuro
Interior new:Natural
Owner(s):Lamouroux, France (First Owner)

101-0883500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-424
Touring No:5204
Owner(s):Graham Proffitt, UK
Jeff Driffield, UK
N. P. Cowie, UK
Paint Color:Red
History:First registered in the UK on 01/02/1961 Body number of chassis 101.088 is 5204, may have been all black exterior as inside doors & door shuts is black although car was obviously red at some point & registered as red /black. Chassis has oval side members as illustrated on page 174 of Maserati sports & racing cars by Richard Crump & Rob de la Rive Box & not fabricated side members as later cars, body also looks slightly wider with slightlylonger nose and no quarter lights in doors & has vent on top of dashboard. Half size rear script on boot and upright license plate lamps.

101-0923500 GT Touring

101-1003500 GT Touring
Year:8 may 1958
Dealer:Martinelli & Sonvico - Switzerland
Paint new:Grigio Bianca
Interior new:Blue
Engine No:101-100
Touring No:5208
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Fred K. Jaeger, USA
Mr Charles Huguenin, Switzerland (First Owner)
Paint Color:White
History:2017-03: For sale at the Gallery in the Netherlands: The car is in a very original condition and is never restored, only repainted once in her original color ‘Grigio Bianca’. The dark blue leather upholstery is still the first leather in good condition.
2015-10: For sale at Franz Wittner car collection.
1972-08: 101-100 was sold by Rob de la Rive Box, Switzerland for $1500,00 to Wisconson (USA).

101-1023500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-628
Touring No:5209
Owner(s):Unknown, USA
Joseph Skorupa, USA
Paint Color:Light Blue
Interior:Pelle Blue
History:2009-05: Offered for sale. The car still has a Cornacchia dealer sticker on the rear window.

101-1043500 GT Touring ENGINE ONLY
History:2017-04: For sale in Australia with (5-speed) gearbox.

101-1083500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Known, Australia
Gullwing Motor Cars, USA
Paint Color:Primer
History:2016-09: Car is sold to Australia and has a correct early 3500 GT engine with it.
2016-08: For sale in US at Gullwing, being offered as 1966. It is converted to a convertible. It has a Jaguar 6-cylinder engine and a Jaguar overdrive gearbox mounted and also a Jaguar MK1 dashboard.

101-1123500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-112
Touring No:5214
Options:Wire Wheels
Owner(s):Yves Levionnois, France
Unknown, France (First Owner)
Paint Color:Red
History:2015-03: Car will be restored by new owner
This is probably unknown 70 and said to be the first 3500 GT delivered in France.

101-1143500 GT Touring
Dealer:Martinelli and Sovinco, Lugano
Engine No:101-114
Touring No:5215
Owner(s):Unknown (2000 - ) , France
Unknown (1992 - 2000), France
R.T. Dunkin, USA
Paint Color:Red
History:Spent some time in USA/CA.

2000-12-18: Auctioned at Poulain Le Fur.
1992: Is in France where it was restored around that period.

101-1223500 GT Allemano
History:This is the 1957 Geneva motorshow car

101-1243500 GT Spider Touring
Paint new:Red
Interior new:Beige
Engine No:101-124
Touring No:5220
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Scuderia Aurora Blu, Belgium
John Bookout, USA
Joop Stolze?, The Netherlands
Joe Louis, USA?
Racing team owner and Maserati patron Temple Buell Jr., USA (First Owner)
Paint Color:Red
History:The Second of only three Touring-Bodied 3500 GT Spiders.
Delivered new to racing team owner and Maserati patron Temple Buell.
Well-documented history with fascinating provenance.
Exquisite restoration overseen by Maserati historian Adolfo Orsi.
Displayed at the Museo dell’Automobile Bonfanti and the Factory showroom.
First in Class at the Santa Barbara and Carmel-by-the-Sea concours.
Best in Class and Best of Marque at Concorso Italiano.

Note from admin: In 2014 car 101-1858 is said in a Bonhams description to have engine 101-124. This was however incorrect, it should be 101-214. So 101-124 has its correct matching # very early engine (external oil pump and early timing chain tensioner).

2019-10-12/13: Zoute Concours d'elegance.
2017-10-10: Zoute Concours d'elegance: Best restored car.
2013: Sold at Pebble Beach for $1,430,000.
2007: Pictured in Holland at Joop Stolze, body was blue (probably is was 101-124).

101-1263500 GT Spider Touring
Year:18 june 1958
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Silver (was Rosso)
Interior new:Nero
Owner(s):Known, The Netherlands
Mr S. Kreyden, Switzerland
Jean-Louis Etter , Switzerland
Giovanni Volpi, Italy
Rene Millon, France (First Owner)
History:This was the third Touring Spider.

2017-04-04: In the workshop of Mervin Lapré, the Netherlands. Colour is changed.

101-1363500 GT Touring ENGINE ONLY
Engine No:101-136
Owner(s):Kevin McCloud (engine only), UK
Known (engine only), The Netherlands
History:2016-07: Engine sold, will probably be used in 101-1488.
2011-06: Engine only.

101-1403500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-140
Owner(s):Karl-Heinz Brus, Germany
Paint Color:Red
History:An early car with vacuum tank behind the engine. Or was the battery fitted there?

101-1423500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-142
Owner(s):Unknown, Mexico
Fortino Mario Alfonso Moreno Reyes , Mexico (First Owner)
Paint Color:Silver

The first owner was Cantinflas , a famous Mexican actor.
The current owner was a friend of 'Cantinflas'.

The car was used until the mid 90's until the engine went smoking heavily.
The current owner had the engine removed and found that a piston was damaged.
They could not find new parts so the car was left with a dismantled engine until today.

101-1443500 GT Touring
Paint Color:Red
History:Sold at Brooks 23/03/1996 - 23/03/1996.Red; the restoration started in 1988 and was ceased in 1989. Bodywork re-sprayed, engine overhauled.

101-1523500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Seth Johnson, USA
Seth Johnsons father, USA
Paint Color:Blue or black?
History:2016-08: Seth Johnson sent some pictures and wrote: This is 101-152, my father bought it with mechanical problems in the late sixties and never finished the project. He recently decided to give it to me. I am trying to come up with a plan for restoring it.

101-1603500 GT Touring
Year:13 june 1958
Paint new:Bianco Neve
Interior new:Pelle Blue
Owner(s):Ermanno Keller, Switzerland
Mr Stammelluti , Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Bianco Neve
Interior:Pelle Blue
History:It was sold new on the 13 june 1958 to Mr Stammelluti in Neaples and the car always stayed in Italy.
It is a very early model still with the instruments of the A6G and many small detail different from
the later models. It has been period converted to 5 speed and front disc brakes.
Completely restored to its original color combination bianco neve and blue leather in 2011.

101-1663500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Known, Venuzuela
History:2017-09: Update received from owner in Venezuela. It is too difficult now to start the restoration here.
2008: The car was discovered by Jerome Despierre in Venuzuela in 2008. An early car in need of restoration.

101-1783500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-178
Owner(s):Peter Schmitt, Switzerland
Paint Color:Blue
History:2017-08: For sale at the Gallery, the Netherlands: "This is a very early GT from 1958. Recently very professionally restored and technically completely revised. This restoration has been done by a well known Swiss Maserati specialist and from an outstanding high quality level. The engine is technically completely revised by a German specialist and is in a brand new condition. Also the whole drivetrain and gearbox are revised. The revision is fully documented with an extensive photo report and invoices for more than € 30.000,=. So technically in a perfect working and driving condition thanks to the very professional revision. The body is in sublime condition, like new and has perfect panel fittings. All the chrome parts are new, just as the beautiful paintwork. The undercarriage is rock solid, completely free of rust and like new. Performed in the beautiful colour dark blue metallic with a sublime cognac leather upholstery. The car still has her original so ‘Matching Numbers’ engine. Of course certified by Maserati Classiche. It also has a FIVA Identity card.".

101-1843500 GT Touring
Owner(s):unknown, South Africa
History:Added july 2007. The car is in need of restoration.

101-1863500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Peter Finkemeier, Germany
Warren Florkiewicz, USA
Paint Color:Red
History:2015: Most difficult missing engine parts (old style timing chain tensioner and crankshaft gears) are found, completion is possible now.
2014-01: Marc Florie sees only the engine when the German owner visits him with this engine because of some missing parts. The engine is overhauled in Holland by MRM but missing old style timing chain tensioner, the crankshaft gears and some minor parts. Car is under restoration then.

101-1903500 GT Touring
Owner(s):unknown, South Africa
History:Added july 2007. The car is in need of restoration.

101-1923500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Gabriel Geissler , Germany
Paint Color:Blue

101-2003500 GT Touring
Owner(s):James Coker, USA

101-2023500 GT Touring
Options:Ventilation in side of front wings
Owner(s):Blake Stevenson, USA
Bill LeMasters, USA
Unknown, USA
Unknown, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Red
History:2006-04: At auction at the Wordwide Group. This Touring Coupe AM 101-202 was built in August 1958 and finished in Bianca Polo (White) with a red leather interior and fitted with drum brakes on all four wheels. The details of how and when the car came to the USA are something of a mystery but when it was purchased in 1996 in New England for the present owner by R.P.M., the Vergennes, VT based performance dealer and specialist Ferrari workshop. It was described as being very sound and straight, finished with a correct Maserati red exterior and a beige leather interior, factory disc brakes had been fitted all round, a common period conversion and the front and rear bumpers removed.
The picture is taken at the parking of the Sebring circuit in 1963.

101-2123500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-212
Engine (I):Known
Owner(s):Cennini holding, Belgium
Jim Boyd, USA
Paint Color:Red
History:2018-07: Owner is now Cennini holding, Belgium. The collection manager is doing research on the history of 101-212 and he therefore contacted me.
1986: Owned by Jim Boyd, USA.

101-2263500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Richard Novak, USA

101-2523500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-306
Touring No:6319
Owner(s):, USA
Paint Color:Grigio Matallizato
Interior:Pelle Marrone
History:For sale at Luzzago August 2013

101-2583500 GT Touring
Year:11 november 1959
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Grigrio
Interior new:Rosso
Engine No:101-258
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:6322
Owner(s):Mr. R.Pav , Czech Republic
Martell, France (First Owner)
Paint Color:Rosso Rubino

101-2603500 GT Touring
Owner(s):David Kennedy, UK

101-2643500 GT Touring
Dealer:Cornacchia ?
Owner(s):Stefano Chiminelli, Italy
Miranda Martino, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Blue metallic
History:This car has a Cornacchia sticker on the rear screen.

101-2663500 GT Touring
Year:21 october 1959
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Bianco
Interior new:Rosso
Engine No:101-266
Engine (I):Known
Owner(s):Marc Florie (engine only), Netherlands
Known (engine only), Germany
Unknown new owner of Vignale Spyder (engine only), Germany
Unknown owner of Vignale Spyder (engine only), Germany
Saglia, France (First Owner)
History:2021-12-22: Engine sold from Germany to Holland.
The engine had been in a Vignale Spyder for many years, was overhauled about 15-17 years ago at Steinke in Hamburg. Later the Vignale Spyder was sold to a new owner who wanted it to be converted back to a more correct engine. This was done by a German workshop, were engine 101-266 remained until sold to Holland.

Older information: Recorded as a 1959 car, likely to be 1958. Note from Admin: I don't know were this last info came from.
Fate of the car is unknown.

101-2683500 GT Spider Prototype Frua
Year:18 november 1959
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Bianco
Engine No:101-268
Owner(s):de Marly, (First Owner)
Paint Color:White
History:Prototype spider designed by Pietro Frua.

2017-08-18/19: Auctioned at RM Sotheby's MONTEREY 2017: "A one-off spyder fully custom designed by Pietro Frua, intended as a prototype submission for the 3500 GT Spyder.
Torino coachbuilder Pietro Frua produced five custom bodies for the Maserati 3500 GT chassis, all designed with his usual exuberance and intricate detail. Of these, only the car shown here, chassis number AM101-268, was an open spyder. It was designed to one-of-a-kind lines featuring headlights set into subtly “scooped” fenders, delicate flanks with barely-there “coves” decorated in chrome strakes, and slightly flared tailfins.
This design, penned in 1958, was reportedly intended for Maserati to consider for the eventual production 3500 GT Spyder. While that contract would be awarded to Vignale, this unique automobile forecasts future Frua designs for the 5000 GT, and traces of the future production Maserati Sebring and Mexico can be seen in its profile view. One also has to wonder how many Ford designers had this car tacked up on their office wall, since the shape of the door “coves” is remarkably similar to the eventual Mustang! Few road-going custom Maseratis of its era had such far-reaching influence.
The unique spyder was completed in January 1959, after which it was test-driven by Maserati chief mechanic and test driver Guerino Bertocchi and German journalist Richard von Franckenberg on the Motodrom of Modena. It was then exported to France via Paris importer Simone et Thenpenier, and in 1960 was used by the actor Roger Pierre in a scene of the film La Francaise et l’amour, “Love and the French Woman,” before being registered to its first owner, Floret Remy, as RM 27 in Eure.
The next known owner, Bruno Bouvier of Evreux, purchased the car in 1981, and proceeded to have it fully restored, including a new 3500 GT engine acquired from the Maserati factory. Restoration work was continued by the next owner, Peter Garett of Kent, at Glendale Engineering of Oldham, including being finished in the present striking color scheme of pastel yellow with a turquoise and white leather interior, and installing the desirable factory-correct upgrades of a five-speed gearbox and disc brakes.
In December 1991, the completed restoration made an appearance in Classic and Sports Car, as part of a feature article by Martin Buckley. Subsequent caretakers were the noted collectors Philippe Olczyk and Ben Huisman, and the renowned coachbuilt Maserati enthusiast, Alfredo Brener. Mr. Brener had the restoration freshened between 1998 and 2000, with new cream paint, and it appeared at the 2000 Concorso Italiano and 2002 Los Angeles Auto Show. The current owner acquired the 3500 GT from the Brener collection in 2003.
Maserati 3500 GTs are numerous, but unique coachbuilt examples are few and far between. None have the passionate styling and European verve of this car, which is in the first rank of coachbuilt Italian designs of its period – in influence, in drama, and in sheer emotion. It is truly one of a kind.".
2003-09-10: Auctioned at RM Auctions, Maserati Auction at Monterey, Lot# 444. VeloceToday wrote in the results: "1957 Maserati 3500 GT Spyder, Body by Frua; S/N 101268; Estimate $75,000 - $100,000; Hammered Sold at $97,000 plus commission of 10.00%; Final Price $106,700 -- Alfredo Brener collection. No Reserve.".

101-2783500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-278
Owner(s):Il Giglio Classic Cars, Netherlands
Unknown, Belgium
Gullwing Motor Cars, USA
Darrel Leatherman, USA
Prof. Giuseppe Piana, Milano, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Black
History:2020-04: The owner writes me the car is painted already and will be finished later this year.
2019-03-21: From Il Giglio Classic Cars I receive an email stating they are the new owner of 101-278. It gets a body off restoration by Pastorelli Classics in Italy. It is being restored in original condition with black body and white leather interior.
2019-01 Car is imported into the Netherlands after being with a Belgium owner shortly.
2017-12: For sale at Gullwing. The description reads: "This 1960 Maserati 3500GT is an ideal matching numbers car for straightforward restoration. Blue with black interior and just out of nearly 50 years of ownership. The cylinder head and air cleaner are missing but the car is otherwise complete and intact overall.".
The Colorado title mentions the name of the owner and the purchase date: 1975-10-31 (so 42 years ownership?).
1975-10-31: The Colorado title mentions this purchase date for owner Darrell Leatherman.

101-2863500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Don Minnick,

101-3043500 GT Touring
Year:19 januari 1959
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Bianco Neve
Interior new:Pelle Blue
Options:Clock, radio and leather covered sun visors
Owner(s):Steve Roberts, UK
J. P. Lhomer, France
Robert Bouton, France (First Owner)
Paint Color:Black
History:December 2007. This car was for sale.

101-3063500 GT Touring
Paint new:Grigio Topo Scuro (Dark Grey)
Interior new:Brown
Touring No:6344
Owner(s):Marc Florie, Netherlands
Oliver Kuttner, USA
Paint Color:Blue
History:2015-10: Sold to the Netherlands.
2008-01: Offered for sale at eBay, very incomplete, mainly chassis, body and axles only. Engine 101-306 is in 101-252.
1959: Date of production 27/01/1959, delivered to Genova, Italy.

101-3083500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Known, Germany
Unknown, Germany
History:November 2013: The car is in restoration.

101-3103500 GT Touring
Year:18 march 1959
Dealer:Bob Allinger, Palo Alto CA USA
Horace Elgin Dodge III , USA (First Owner)
Paint Color:White

It was despatched from the works on 18th March 1959 to the order of Allinger Motors, Maserati concessionaires
in Palo Alto, who sold it after two years in the showroom to Horace Elgin Dodge III of Dodge motor car fame.
The Dodge family kept the car for 27 years.

October 2009. To be auctioned at Coy's at Padua

April 2010 To be auctioned in Monaco.

101-3123500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Simo Veheranta, USA
Joe Schembri, USA
History:Offered for sale in 1988 by Joe Schembri as project car.

101-3143500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Known, France
Mr Natale, France
Mr Gaston Wacker, Switzerland
Paint Color:White
History:2014-04: Car needs a total restoration

101-3183500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Unknown, Germany
Gary V. Bailey,
Bob Allinger, USA (First Owner)
Paint Color:Blue
History:This is the 1959 R&T test car. It was owned by Bob Allinger, Paolo Alte CA. You can read the article in the Maserati 1957-1970 Performance Portfolio. It was offered for sale in Germany (2005). 2009. The car is in Germany.

101-3223500 GT Touring ENGINE ONLY
Year:6 februari 1959
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Bianco
Interior new:Rosso
Engine No:101-322
Engine (I):Known
Owner(s):Nigel Shannon , UK
Dagfinn Moe , Norway
Knut Brinch, Norway
Renaud De Villeneuve (paperwork states 68300 km), France
Victor Hugo Belgrand (paperwork states 65000 km), France
Monsieur Maxime Petiet , France
Huck-Astier, France (First Owner)
History:2019-10: Thanks to the current owner Nigel Shannon and with help of the 3500 registry admin, the complete body and chassis with this particular engine 101-322 is being identified as from another car (101-1478, NOT 101-322). Check car 101-1478 for more details.
Before that, this other body was incorrectly registered on the number of this engine being 101-322. Apparantly somewhere during its life, the original body 101-322 was changed for the body of 101-1478. The whereabouts of body 101-322 are not known yet, any info is welcome!
Please note: Because the date of the change of body is not known, the history of owners of car 101-322 might partly only occur for the engine 101-322 in the other body 101-1478!

2018-01-06: Nigel Shannon bought car 101-1478 and engine 101-322 from Dagfinn Moe.
2017-02: The new owner Dagfinn Moe wrote to me: I recently bought this "Barnfind" from the family of Knut Brinch, Oslo Norway. Still matching number 101-322.
Knut Brinch bought the car in Paris 1984 from Renaud De Villeneuve (68300 km). Car has been stored in his house in Oslo and not been on the road since.
From some paper in the car:
1981, Victor Hugo Belgrand, 92300 Levallois (65000 km)
1981, Monsieur Maxime Petiet, 92200 Neuilly.

101-3263500 GT Touring
Paint new:Blue
Interior new:Pelle Rossa
Touring No:6354
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Unknown, UK
Ing. Mario d'Onofrio, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Dark grey (was white)
Interior:Red (was white)
History:2016-09: For sale Bonhams at Goodwood Revival (Sold).
2011-03: For sale at Godin Banks UK.
2010-05: Sold on

101-3323500 GT Touring
Year:1959, 18 february
Owner(s):Jean Yacoub Gebrail, Italy
Gilda Buratti , Italy
Aldo Pacifici, Italy (First Owner)

101-3463500 GT Touring
History:This car has been scraped.

101-3503500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Unknown, UK
Unknown, Italy
Gino Bartali, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:White
History:2016-09: For sale in London UK (now on wire wheels).
2013-10: For sale in Italy (disk wheels).
1959-01: The first owner was Gino Bartali, the famous champion road cyclist of the ‘40s and ‘50s. He passed away in 2000.

101-3523500 GT Touring ENGINE ONLY
Year:2 march 1959
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Nero
Interior new:Blue
Engine No:101-352
Engine (I):Known
Owner(s):Known (engine only), UK
Fildier, France (First Owner)
History:2011-02: Engine block only, no information of the car.

101-3543500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Dag Kjeldsberg, Norway
Paint Color:Red
History:2005 The car is in need of restoration. April 2007. The car is for sale in Denmark.

101-3623500 GT Touring
Paint new:Grigio Metallizzato (grey)
Interior new:Black
Engine No:101-362
Touring No:6370
Owner(s):Rob v/d Kamp, Netherlands
Bart Penris, Netherlands
Dan Tucker, USA
Pierre Linscott, USA
Paint Color:Grigio Metallizzato (grey)
History:2020-02: Retromobile Paris: for sale at Bonhams. The text reads: "This car was delivered new to the USA and brought to Holland in 2005. The former owner worked on the car for a couple of years prior to 2010. He mainly concentrated on the running gear, renewing the brake discs, callipers, hoses and all suspension ball joints, and fitting a stainless-steel exhaust. In 2010 the owner emigrated and left the unfinished project in Holland. The vendor bought the car some three years ago and finished the job (some bills on file).
Completing the restoration involved totally stripping the car (glass out), making some bodywork repairs and repainting in its original colour. In addition, the engine was totally rebuilt with new pistons, valves, bearings, etc by Maserati expert Lapré Engineering in Deventer. Likewise, the transmission was rebuilt and upgraded with a period-correct ZF five-speed gearbox replacing the original ZF four-speed unit. The leather interior was re-upholstered some years ago and the carpets are new. The original Borrani wheels were refurbished and shod with new tyres.".
2019-01: Restoration finished.
2017: New owner, also in Holland.
2005: New owner in Holland.
2005-08: For sale at
2004: Displayed at Concorso.

101-3683500 GT Touring
Paint new:Blue metallic
Interior new:Blue
Carpet new:Grey
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:6373
Owner(s):Elena Iseppi, Italy
Tregi SRL, Italy
Giuseppe Gallusi, Italy
Carlo Sgarbi, Italy
Pier Franco Princivalle, Italy
Unknown, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Blue metallic
History:2020-02-04: New owner Elena Iseppi contacts me.
2019-10-25: Auction in Padova, Finarte. The description reads: "The Maserati 3500 G.T. (Touring), chassis no. AM101*368* was registered on March 24, 1960 (note from admin: March 21, 1960), with (black) Milano plates, that are still on the car, as well as the vehicle registration document of the old type, still with its green cover. The car has only had two successive transfers of property (note from admin: 4 transfers) and has always been, however, a car of "good family". It was subjected to a complete overhaul of the mechanical parts a decade ago and, since then, has only traveled 150 km, just to keep the mechanics alive. The general condition is very good. It is an excellently preserved car, still finished in its metallic blue and rust-free."
Note from admin: the car is very original, only the engine is not matching although stated in the description.
2007-11-06: Owner change to Tregi SRL.
2005-08-23: Owner change to Giuseppe Gallusi.
2003-11-26: Owner change to Carlo Sgarbi.
1997-12-11: Owner change to Pier Franco Princivalle.
1960-03-21: First registered with Milano black plates.

101-3803500 GT Touring
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Bronze Metallic
Interior new:Cinghiale
Owner(s):Roland Lefebvre, France
mister Durif, France
Colonel John Simone, France (First Owner)
History:2020-05-19 Roland Lefebre contacts me: "I now own 101-380 which I bought in Bretagne. Full restoration is on the way. 101-380 was in Bretagne for more than 30 years. Colonel Simone bought it in 1959, then kept it at Thepenier importer for one year and sold it to mister Durif in France. I got these infos from Thepenier records."
1960-10-14: After 21000km's the car was sold to mr. Durif.

101-3863500 GT Touring
Year:7 april 1959
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Grigrio Scuro
Interior new:Blu Chiaro
Owner(s):Benainous, France (First Owner)

101-3883500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-388
Larry Ruben, USA
History:This car was offered for sale in march 1989 for restoration or parts car. May 2008 Was for sale at The Gallery in Holland for restoration.

101-3983500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-398 (not with car)
Engine (I):Known
Owner(s):Pasquale Coppola (engine only), Italy
Unknown, Italy
Paint Color:Grey
History:2016-07: Engine is for sale in Italy.

101-4043500 GT Touring
Paint new:Blu (blue)
Interior new:Nero (black)
Touring No:6391
Owner(s):Scuderia Azzurra, Matthias Hinz, Lukas Mühlemann and Michael Maasmeier, Germany
Superleggera Classic Cars, Matthias Hinz, Portugal
Beverly Hills Cars Club, USA
Dott. Sertorio, Turino, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Blu (blue)
Interior:Nero (black)
History:2019: Winner Concours d´Èlegance Portugal, winner “Best of class – Masterpieces – Schloss Dyck” and winner “Best of Italian Sports Cars – Classic Days”.
2019-06: Restoration finished and for sale at Scuderia Azzurra, Cologne, Germany. It had a bare metal nut and bolt – frame off – restoration from 2017 until June 2019. Engine, gearbox and technic completely rebuilt.
2016-10: For restoration in Portugal at Superleggera Classic Cars, Matthias Hinz (this is the captive garage of Scuderia Azzurra from Germany, garage is located on the coast of Portugal).
2014-08: For sale in USA, colour is red. Advertising reads: Excellent body, equipped with an American motor, very original interior (note from admin: seats are NOT original), has been in storage for many years waiting to be restored.
2002-11: It was offered for sale by Gullwing Motor Cars of Long Island, New York USA. It was listed as a 1959, and was in poor condition. At the time it was fitted with a Ford 289 V8 engine and 4-speed transmission (note the modified hood).

This was No. 97 in the unknown list.

101-4123500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-412
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:6400
Owner(s):Known, USA
Laurence L. Fender, USA
Giorgio Marzoli, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:White
History:January 2014: The car is back on the road after a 5 year restoration.

101-4163500 GT Touring ENGINE ONLY
Engine No:101-416
Engine (I):Known
Owner(s):Marc Florie (engine only), Netherlands
Unknown (engine only), UK
Known (engine only), The Netherlands
History:2021-10-11: Engine is sold to Holland from UK owner who wants to convert his 3500 to electric. The engine was located in Poland at Rafal Platek's workshop.
In the meantime: Engine sold to UK owner.
2009-10: Engine only in Holland.

Early engine with external oil pump and timing chain tensioner on the left side, block only.
Fate of the car is unknown.

101-4243500 GT Touring ENGINE ONLY
Engine No:101-424
Owner(s):Known (engine only), UK
Roland Lefebvre (engine only), France
History:2013-10: Engine is traded with 101-630 engine so 101-630 is matching # again. Engine 101-424 will be used for 101-088.
2011-04: Added. Engine only.

101-4263500 GT Touring ENGINE ONLY
History:Older style engine with external oil pump but already newer timing chain tensioner.

2007: Fate of the car is unknown but the engine was offered for sale. Location UK.

101-4303500 GT Touring ENGINE ONLY
Engine No:101-430
Owner(s):Marc Florie (engine only), Netherlands
Oliver Kuttner (engine only), USA
History:Older style engine with external oil pump and old style timing chain tensioner (on the left side).

2009-02: Unknown if the car still exists. The engine survived and is in Holland. Overhauled about 10 years ago, never installed since.

101-4423500 GT Touring
Year:1959 june 3rd
Paint new:Grigio
Interior new:Pelle Bianca (Connolly code PAC.1544)
Carpet new:Kaki
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:6712
Options:Ventilation in side of front wings, centre console in leather, lowered cilinder head (0,4mm), ignition static advance 15 degrees, lowered seats, lengthened steering column with 6cm
Owner(s):Known, NL
Marcel Zwaneveld, NL
Hans Bakker, NL
J. Storm, NL
Unknown, USA
John D. Loran, USA
Enrico Anselmi, Italy
Giacomo Tubino, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Grigio (after being Red)
Interior:Black (after being Pelle Bianca)
History:2016: Car is resprayed in dark grey with a black interior and for sale by Holland Classic Cars.
2015: Car is sold via the Gallery.
2011: Back on the road, the car is driving again.
2005: Marcel Zwaneveld has bought the car and finished the restoration (Marcel: "Thanks to Ruud Bax and Graham Proffitt, otherwise I would never have been able to finish).
1988: The car came to Holland and the restoration was started immediately. After the collaps of the classic car bubble in the late 80's, the restoration was stopped.
198x: In the eighties the car has resided in Fayetteville (NC) probably owned by someone who worked at Fort Bragg. There is a parking permit on the front window of Fayetteville).
1974: The car showed up in Oakland (CA).
196x: Somewhere in the 60's the car is sold to the USA by car dealer and Enrico's brother Bruno Anselmi (as told to Marcel Zwaneveld by Dino Tosi who runs a car shop a few houses further upon the road for many many years and remembered the car very well).
19xx: The second owner was Enrico Anselmi who was quite active in GT-racing in Italy and once owned and raced the A6G 2000 Zagato #2139 (Info from Walter Bäumer).
1959: On the 3rd of june 1959 this car is delivered to tea and coffee merchant Giacomo Tubino of Ditta Tubino & C. s.p.a. in Genova/Sampierdaren Via S.Bartolomeo del Fossato 16/r. The car was originally Grigio with a golden maserati Emblem ("Stemma"). The first owner sig. Tubino decided in 1960 to have the body resprayed to Red. Afterwards the color turned out to be too light because white primer was used instead of black primer.

101-4463500 GT Touring
Year:June 1959
Touring No:6714
Owner(s):Valerio Chilo, Italy
Luciano Nigra, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Grigio Albany Metallizato (Max Meyer code 16.249)
Interior:Brown (Connolly code PAC.1386)

101-4483500 GT Touring
Year:June 1959
Paint new:Bleu Genziana (Max Meyer code L.C.29)
Interior new:Bianco (Connolly code PAC.1544)
Engine No:101-448
Touring No:6715
Options:Lengthened steering column and lowered seats
Owner(s):Known, Germany
Raoul Gutbrod, Germany
Unknown, Switzerland (First Owner)

Offered for sale in the Netherlands and sold in april 2008. Sold to new owner september 2008.

Restoration almost completed in early 2012

101-4503500 GT Touring
Paint new:Grigrio Albany (Max Meyer code 16.249)
Interior new:Pelle Bianco (Connolly code PAC.1544)
Touring No:6716
Owner(s):unknown, Germany
Paint Color:Red
History:March 2007 Car located in Germany. Needs some minor spares.

101-4543500 GT Touring
Paint new:White(?)
Engine No:101-454
Touring No:6717
Owner(s):Raoul Gutbrod, Germany
Paint Color:Red
Interior:Pelle Blue

The car is sold new to switzerland, registered and later went to the USA.
It then had a dark blue color with registration YK-7947 seen on periodic picture.
In 1979 the car was registered in Austria.

Bought by Raoul Gutbrod in july 2011.

101-4563500 GT Touring
Touring No:6718
History:This was the last 3500 GT Touring on a Colombo chassis. (Info from Fabio Collina of Maserati S.p.A)
Unknown whereabouts.