The Maserati 3500 GT and GTI registry : largest view on known VIN / chassis numbers, author: Marc Florie
VIN in range:
101-001 - 101-456
101-502 - 101-1000
101-1002 - 101-1500
101-1502 - 101-2000
101-2002 - 101-2500
101-2502 - 101-2858
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The Maserati 3500 GT and GTI Touring registry

Information requests

Joe Oliver and his brother are trying to research a 3500, green with tan interior, that they found in 1978 at a farm house near Chicago, in the suburb of South Chicago Heights.
Is it possible that there are any owners who are aware of their car once being owned by someone there at that time?
Unfortunately the brothers where young those days and had no camera.

3500 Wanted

April 2019: I acquired the engine with internal number 1422 from France. It is a 3500 GTI engine with 4 engine mounts.
Unfortunately it is missing its main bearing caps and internal oil pump.
Does anybody know where these original parts are? The main bearing caps should show that internal number "1422".
Marc Florie, Netherlands.

I'm looking for a RHD 3500 GT in Australia.
Bobby Stefanovski, Sydney Australia 0414 622 632.

I'm a QP1 owning Maserati enthusiast looking for a 3500GT, preference for a drum braked early car,
any condition considered as long as it's complete and original as possible. Right or left hand drive.
Clive Winstone, UK.