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101-25023500 GTI Touring
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Nero
Interior new:Verde
Options:Wire wheels and self locking differential
Owner(s):Melle Valette, France (First Owner)
Paint Color:Green
History:1962: Repainted when arrived at Thepenier.

101-25063500 GTI Touring
Paint new:Oro Longchamps (Max Meyer code 16.288)
Interior new:Red (Connolly code PAC.1603)
Touring No:12490
Owner(s):Walti van Vuuren, Netherlands
Norbert Schneiders, Germany
Walti van Vuuren, Netherlands
Unknown, Switzerland
Unknown, Switzerland (First Owner)
Paint Color:Oro Longchamps (Max Meyer code 16.288)
Interior:Red (Connolly code PAC.1603)
History:Please note: this car has a modified front and rear end.

2018-08: The same Dutch owner of the car in 2010-2011 bought it back. Car is repainted in original colour Oro Longchamps (was Silver), interior colour is still original red. It has covered original 96.000 km and still its first leather trim and carpets.
2011-06: Sold to new German owner. He spent about 300 hours researching its history.
2010-06: Car is for sale in Holland.
2010: Car is sold to Holland.
2008-08: The car is for sale in Switzerland.
1986 till 2000: Shown in Museum Frésard in Muriaux, Switzerland.
1965: Car was 3 years old when the nose and the tail of the body were changed by Luchiano Möhr.

101-25083500 GTI Touring
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Dark blue
Owner(s):Barthod, France (First Owner)
History:1962: Paris Motorshow car.

101-25123500 GTI Touring
Paint new:Bleu Sera
Interior new:Ivory
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Seller at RM Sotheby's, Norway
Unknown, Norway
Gunnar Brisman, Sweden
Unknown, Sweden
Unknown, Sweden
Mr Svanbäck, Sweden
Mr Steiger, Switzerland (First Owner)
Paint Color:Red
History:Please note: the 2nd picture dates from 1976.

2017-09-06: Being auctioned at RM Sotheby's in London: "It has been restored specifically for use in vintage tours and rallies, and is equipped as such with stopwatches and ancillary gauges. Currently fitted with racing seats, it is important to note that the car is accompanied by its original seats, as well as front and rear bumpers, should its new owner like to return the car to its original specification.".
2009: In the last ownership, the car received an engine and gearbox refurbishment.
2010: A suspension rebuild was done.
2004: Acquired by its current owner.
1996: Imported to Norway.
Throughout the 1980s: The car remained in Sweden, where it was restored from 1986–1989, and passed through four owners in that country.
By 1975, the car had moved to Sweden, where it was owned by a Mr Svanbäck.
In the 1970's: 101-2512 was sold by Rob de la Rive Box, Switzerland.
1966-05: The history file accompanying the car notes that Steiger still owned the car, having brought it in for service at 32,000 km.
1962-11: Sold new to Switzerland to a Mr Steiger of Bern.

101-25143500 GTI Touring
Touring No:12384
Owner(s):Hein Brand, Germany
Paint Color:Blue (was white in 2005)
Interior:Red (was green in 2005)
History:2017-09: Admin Marc Florie discovers this is NOT 101-2614 as registered here, but 101-2514 as stated on the site of Hein Brand.
2012: Listed on Car is completely restored, painted blue with red interior. Looks like it has Belgium number plates.
2005: For sale at Hein Brand in Aachen, Germany: "Belgium car, complete, white with perfect green interior".

101-25163500 GTI Touring
Touring No:12747
Options:Wire wheels
Paint Color:Dark blue
History:2010-06: For sale at Sunnycars, Worms, Germany: "Restored 12 years ago from bare metal. Engine overhauled by Fa. Bergmann, Germany. Driven regularly.".

101-25203500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Norman Falkiner, Australia
Gordon Martin,
Paint Color:Dark blue metallic

101-25223500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Ivo Steentjes, Netherlands and Tsjech Republic
Scott Marshall, USA
Doug Forlong, USA
Paint Color:Blue
Interior:Tabacco (brown)
History:2015-11: The car is for sale in Holland at Witmer & Odijk.
2010: The restoration was started. Paint, interior and nearly all technics are new.
1997: The car came to Holland.
1963: Delivered to USA.

101-25243500 GTI Touring
Engine No:101-2524
Touring No:12701
Olivier Perrault, USA
Unknown, Germany
Paint Color:Ice blue
History:2015-01: Offered at Bonhams Auction Scottsdale.
2014-10: For sale at Carriage House Motor Cars.
2013-10: For sale on ebay.
2013-07: For sale on ebay.
2007-08: Added to site after being spotted at Nurburgring.

101-25263500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Unknown, Germany
Paint Color:Red
History:2007-10: For sale at eBay.

101-25283500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Nicolas A. Pongrass, Australia

101-25303500 GTI Touring
Paint new:Griggo metalico (grey)
Interior new:Red
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:12704
Owner(s):Wolfgang Wiedemeyer, Germany
Roman Spousta, Czech Republic
Paint Color:Griggo metalico (grey)
History:2019 spring: Sold to Germany, Augsburg.
2017-05: Under restoration in Czech Republic.

101-25403500 GTI Touring
Paint new:Red
Interior new:Red
Carpet new:Red
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Johann Kilian, Germany
Carlisle L. Marshall, USA
Leroy Simon, USA?
Paint Color:Red
History:2018-11: The owner Johann Kilian wrote me that the car had been restorated between 2004 and 2005. The car was prepared by Rico Nitsche in Germany.
The engine is overhauled by Bergmann in Germany.
The car runs perfect now and passes the yearly check (TüV in Germany) without any problem.
2004: Johann Kilian bought the car near Milan, Italy. It had been imported before from Florida USA.

101-25423500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Fred G. Rae,

101-25503500 GTI Touring
Paint new:"Blue Tigullio" (Max Meyer code 16.639)
Interior new:"Senape" (Tan) leather (Connoly code VM.3100)
Engine No:101-2550
Touring No:12714
History:2018-07: For sale on eBay by The Anglo Italian Garage Ltd in London. It reads: "Maserati 3500 GTI 1962, matching numbers, restoration project, very rare colour. Maserati Certificate. Body nearly finished to be restored. I can offer the restoration project as it is or the finished car in concourse conditions.".
Earlier, the car was registered in Holland, before being dismantled by ItalAuto in Holland.

101-25543500 GTI Touring
Year:16 november 1962
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Argento
Interior new:Nero
Options:Self locking differential
Owner(s):Marolleau, France (First Owner)

101-25563500 GTI Touring
Paint new:Grigrio
Interior new:Nero
Touring No:12718
Options:Wire wheels and self locking differential
Owner(s):Ludovic Vlasic, France
Marco Vlasic, France
Rene Carreres, Monaco (First Owner)
Paint Color:Grigio Albany
History:2010-07: Restoration finished.
2007-06: The car is currently under restoration, it is rebuild as it was when new. The second owner was Ludovic's father Marko Vlasic. When new it came with full options, Borrani wire wheels, radio with electric antenna!

101-25603500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Juan A. Molinari, Argentina
Larry Ruben, USA
Daryl J. Habich,
Paint Color:White
History:The car is sinds 2003 with the current owner. The engine is converted to Weber in 2000.

101-25663500 GTI Touring
Engine No:101-2566
Owner(s):Rob Versteeg, Netherlands
Paint Color:Silver

101-25703500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):1988 Scardovi, the Maserati Bologna agent,
Giovanni Stocchetti, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Grigio Albany
History:1988 Scardovi, the Maserati Bologna agent. Offered at Bonhams & Brooks, Monte Carlo Aucion Centre, Monte Carlo. Date unknown.

101-25723500 GTI Touring
Dealer:Cornacchia, Rome
Paint new:Grey metallic
Interior new:Musterd
Engine No:101-2572
Touring No:12723
Options:Wire wheels, wooden steering wheel by Peretti of Milano
Owner(s):Willem N. Oosthoek, USA
Dan Blocker of Bonanza fame, USA
Charlie Brouyette, USA
Gerard Needle, USA
Industria Silea, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Rosso chiaro
History:Willem Oosthoek wrote the following story: "The California license plate WNO 3 does not stand for WINO [a down-and -out drunk addicted to cheap California wines] but for Willem N. Oosthoek. The photo of the car taken in the late 90s, with the Hudson River in the background. The gentleman next to the car was my friend, the late Bob Grossman, a well-known Ferrari racer and Maserati importer in the 60s.
First Owner [delivered via Franco Cornacchia in Rome]: Industria Silea, an oil equipment plant in Rome. The ideal company car?
Second owner: Gerard Needle, an attorney in Redondo Beach, California, who replaced it with a Mistral.
Third owner: Charlie Brouyette, a Hollywood camera man who used to race the car around the block to catch another 3500GT owner:
Dan Blocker of Bonanza fame acquired the car via a dealer in San Luis Obispo, California, in July 1988. It went through a ground-up restoration in the 90s and has won various awards at the Lime Rock Concours, Greenwich Concours, VIR Concours and Spartanburg Concours.".

101-25743500 GTI Touring
Dealer:Giardiello, Napels (sub dealer)
Paint new:Grigio Albany metallizzato (Max Meyer code 16.249)
Interior new:Pelle nera (Connolly code PAC.1560)
Engine No:101-2574
Touring No:12725
Owner(s):Andrea Montalenti, Italy
Mr. Richard Roy, USA
Mr.Wayne Opdyke, USA
unknown, USA
Mr.Chiacchio, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Grigio Albany metallizzato
History:Andrea sent the following story: "The body is painted (original) in Grigio Albany metallizzato and the interior is in black leather. The car was found in quite good condition, the mechanical section needed some repairs to the leaking radiator and to the Lucas fuel pump. I've decided also to fit an original exhaust system in substitution of the non-original existing one. The body paint was old and partly faded, although the aluminium bodywork was in very good condition and no works were needed for the steel bottom section and the substructures. So I decided to repaint the car in his original colour, including the repainting of the wheels in original met. gray. The front seats have been fully refurbished with new skin and new padding, the old ceiling was in bad conditions so I decided to change it with a new one. In the mean time I've found new badges and scripts, original turn signal side lights and wheel caps. I've completed the work in march/april 2006.
About the history of this car:
The car was delivered the 17th of February 1963 in Naples (Italy) to Mr.Chiacchio through the local Maserati sub-dealer Giardiello.
Then the car was imported in the US (New Jersey perhaps), but the owner (unknown) was involved in some sort of illegal activity and the car remained parked in a gasstation for a long time, under sequestration.
The third owner was Mr.Wayne Opdyke (NJ), an elderly enthusiast, who drove the car in few occasions until 1979.
Then he sold the car to Mr. Richard Roy (NJ), an important car collector who owned the car until 2004 never starting or driving it, so the 3500 sleeped for 25 years.
In 2004 Dragone Classics of Connecticut purchased the car and after a year sold it in Europe to Rareparts (The Netherlands).
In 2005 at last it became mine. That's all. Therefore I believe that the 14.000 miles shown by the odo meter could be true in spite of 50 years of life.".

101-25763500 GTI Touring
Touring No:12726
Options:Ordered with carburettors instead of injection (Maserati Classiche stated).
Owner(s):Daniel Hoffmann, Germany
Ervin W. Barnes, Jr., USA
Paint Color:Silver (was red)
Interior:Black (was red)
History:2016-07: This Maserati 3500 GT came out of a comprehensive restoration by the SDMS International/European Cars Legend workshops in late 2015. The work includes: a complete painting, each body part was painted separately, high quality Nappa upholstery and refurbishment of the carpet, chrome plating of all external chrome components, renovation of the brakes as well as the front and rear suspensions, fitting of a new exhaust, stripping, setting of primer plus painting of the chassis base and wheel arches.
Mechanically, the engine was rebuilt by the former owner of the car and a compression-ignition check showed the good condition of the mechanicals. The ignition system was checked and a service was executed (oil change and replacement of the filters).
The car is equipped with its original engine (matching numbers) and comes with a certificate issued by Maserati Classiche.
2015: Restorated at SDMS International/European Cars Legend workshops.
2014-06: For sale on ebay: This Maserati 3500 GTi is the ideal "driver" example. The cosmetics show age and are not that of a show car but remain very serviceable. This 3500 was just discovered and pulled from long-term storage and benefits from recent thorough detailing. It starts on first crank and drives but we recommend light servicing before any long distance driving as the car has been sitting a California garage for the last several years.

101-25783500 GTI Touring
Paint new:Blu Sera Metallizzato (Metallic Dark Blue)
Interior new:Neutral (White)
Touring No:12724
Options:Ordered with carburettors instead of injection (Maserati Classiche stated)
Owner(s):Paul Herbstreuter, Germany
Marc Florie, Netherlands
Martin Dijkhof, Netherlands
J. Steutel, Netherlands
EuroClassics Inc., USA
Kyle W. Fleming (engine only), USA
Unknown, USA (First Owner)
History:2020-10-29: Chassis is sold to Germany.
2015-10: Maseratisource, Jacques Pozzo di Borgo still has the original engine: "I do have the engine that belongs to chassis 101-2578. I purchased the engine from Kyle Fleming.". It is possible Kyle owned the car too in 1989.
2012-11: Sold to Marc Florie.
1989: Sold to the Netherlands by EuroClassics Inc.
1962: Date of production 06/12/1962, delivered to Los Angeles, USA.

101-25843500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Known, Germany
Paint Color:Red

101-25883500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Frank Wirtz, Germany
History:Engine now with 101-2250.

101-25903500 GTI Touring
Paint new:Silver "Grigio Montebello"
Interior new:Blue
Engine No:101-2590
Engine (I):Known
Owner(s):Doug Magnon, USA
Unknown, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Silver
History:2016-08: For sale at RM-Sotheby's: "This particular fuel-injected 3500 GTi was built by Maserati on 10 December 1962 and was originally finished in Grigio Montebello over a Blue leather interior, according to information provided by Maserati Classiche. Delivered new to Rome, it is not known when the car was imported to the United States, but it was eventually acquired by Doug Magnon for inclusion in the Riverside International Automotive Museum. Restored by the museum to its original color scheme and fitted with wire wheels, the 3500 GTi presents quite well and still retains its original engine.".
2006-07: Currently under restoration.

101-25943500 GTI Touring
Year:11 januari 1963
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Rosso Corso
Interior new:Nero
Options:Wire wheels and self locking differential
Owner(s):Victor Saglia, France (First Owner)

101-25963500 GTI Touring
Year:5 februari 1963
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Nero
Interior new:Cinghiale
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):de Cazalet, France (First Owner)

101-26003500 GTI Touring
Interior new:Red
Engine No:101-2600
Touring No:12739
Owner(s):Known, Belgium
Paint Color:White
History:Equipped with triple Webers.

101-26023500 GTI Touring
Year:18 februari 1963
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Azzuro
Interior new:Nero
Options:Self locking differential
Owner(s):Martell, France (First Owner)

101-26063500 GTI Touring
Owner(s): Linnartz & Peschl , Germany
Unknown, Italy
Paint Color:Grigio Metallizzato
History:April 2013. For sale at

101-26123500 GTI Touring
Paint new:Grigrio Fumo
Interior new:Pelle Bianca
Touring No:12746
Owner(s):Terry Larson, Arizona, USA
David Cox, Florida, USA
Unknown, Northern California, USA
Renato Iscra, Padova, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Gold
History:2014-05: New owner in Arizona: "I am preserving the car and NOT restoring it. It is a great old original car that has had one respray about 40 years ago. The interior is original and will be preserved.".
2013-09: For sale at Classic investements with just over 87.000 miles.
2007-08: The car is under restoration as stated by the owner in Florida: "I have owned 101-2612 since 1998, when I bought it from an owner/dealer here in Florida. Before that time the car was in Northern California. According to Maserati, 2612 was originally Grigio Fumo with Pelle Bianca interior. It was sold in January '63 to Sig. Renato Iscra of Padova Italy. The car is now gold with parchment leather and is undergoing restoration.".
1998: New owner in Florida, before that it was in Northern California.
1963-01: It was sold to Sig. Renato Iscra of Padova Italy.

101-26143500 GTI Touring
Paint Color:Red
History:2016-03: For sale at Pastorelli Classics: "1964 Maserati 3500GTI for restoration. This car is a perfect base for restoration. The car is complete with all parts, engine and gearbox. The previous owner has started the restoration project but never finished it.".

101-26203500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Christopher S. Emmett, Japan
Tom & Frances Moore, USA

101-26243500 GTI Touring
Year:29 may 1963
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Blu Sera
Interior new:Nero
Engine No:101-2624
Options:Delivered with Weber carburators
Marc Lohmann, USA
dr. Poli, France (First Owner)
Paint Color:Blue
History:Offered for auction at Auction Christies, Beaulieu sales centre, Beaulieu, date unknown. Sold at Coys auction in London in June 1991. The car is reported by Coys as being restored in 1989-1990, engine fitted with Webers.

101-26263500 GTI Touring
Dealer:Officine Alfieri Maserati - Modena
Engine No:101-2626
Owner(s):Nicola Zanella, Italy
Donato Maniscalco, Italy
Maurizi, Italy
Thermosystem Spa, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Red
History:2007-12: For sale at Superstrada, Germany.
2007-10: The car now belongs to Donato Maniscalco. The car is restored in 1992. It has a Autovox radio with tubes and electronic search function. Is ASI registerd with gold platters n. 3695 of 15.12.1989.
2007-07: For sale at

101-26283500 GTI Spider Touring
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Engine No:101-2628
Touring No:12753
Options:Self locking differential
Owner(s):Scuderia Aurora Blu, Belgium
Unknown, France
Canto, France (First Owner)
Paint Color:Ivory (was red)
Interior:Two-tone green (was creme)
History:This car has been converted into a 3500 GTI Spider Touring in cooperation with Touring Superleggera themself. This car never existed, not even as a prototype, as only 3 Spider prototypes were build by Touring, all based on the GT (101-010, 101-124 and 101-126).

2019: The owner of 101-2628 writes me. He owned a 3500 Vignale Spider around the year 2000 but when he saw pictures of the Touring Spider prototypes, he said, ‘This is the car they should have built.’.
So he sold the Vignale and started searching for one of these 3 Touring Spiders. Almost 15 years later, he called the cause lost, with some justification: Of the three supposedly built, there’s doubt that one of them actually was (101-010). If it did exist, it probably got wracked early and scrapped, the other two changed hands seldom, quietly and in private.
So by 2013 he changed his approach. After consultation with today’s incarnation of Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera, he commissioned the company to create a Touring 3500 Convertible from scratch and bought 101-2628 as a donor / base.
And then only very little time later in that same year, the original Spider Touring 101-124 came for sale in public and he finally could buy it.
But he could not let go of the idea of building a Spider Touring from scratch. ‘How about we make the car that never was, not even as a prototype?’ he proposed to Touring. That would become a convertible version of a Maserati 3500 GTI.
Construction of the GTI Spider Touring began in 2014 by de-roofing 101-2628. The conversion took over 2 years and the result is this unique car in pale ivory as shown on the first picture together with the red 101-124.

More information can be found in this very nice article on

2011-09: For sale in France (still as a red coupe, see 2nd picture).

101-26343500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Martin Van Ardenne, USA
History:May 2006. This is currently under restoration.

101-26383500 GTI Touring
Engine No:101-2638
Paint Color:Red
History:2016-10: For sale on eBay from Gullwing Motorcars.
2016-04: For sale in USA at Gullwing Motorcars.
2014-05: Lot 323 at Bonhams, june 1st.

101-26403500 GTI Touring
Engine No:101-2640
Options:Wire wheels
Alfredo Brener, USA
Francis Mandarano, USA
J Geils, USA
Michael Calderwood, Canada
Paint Color:Red
History:2016-10: Still for sale, shown in Padua, Italy.
2016-04: For sale at Classic Motorcars Holland, shown in Essen, Germany.
2011-08: Sold at Bonhams Quail Lodge Sale. Description: This is an immaculate example of the model that has benefited from considerable refurbishment and expense over the course of the last decade, progressively being improved from an older restoration to bring it to the fine order in which it presents today. Much of this work was undertaken by Imports Unlimited in Highland Park, IL in the early 2000s, for which an invoice for in excess of $50,000 is on file. This included complete refurbishment of the front and rear suspension, brakes, ignition, overhaul of cooling system as well as a new interior, with new leather and carpets. It is known also to have received a bare metal respray to the current color in this period. Quite wisely, at some point, the oft-times troublesome fuel-injection system has been replaced by Webers, and is no longer with the car.
Prior to the current ownership, custodians have included two prominent collectors, the first being that of noted Maserati connoisseur Alfredo Brener who owned it from the mid-1990s through to 2001 and more recently J. Geils of the J. Geils Band. In its present fastidious ownership, the car has been required to be ready to use at all times and when inspected by a Bonhams specialist it performed well on the road.
2005-05: Offered for sale on E-bay and at The car has been sold later that year.

101-26443500 GTI Touring
Year:2 july 1963
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Rosso Cordoba
Interior new:Bianco
Options:Wire wheels and air condtioning
Lars Petter Teksten, Norway
Sezionale, France (First Owner)
Paint Color:Rosso Cordoba
History:April 2007. Offered for sale in Norway. October 2009 offered by Thiessen.

101-26463500 GTI Touring
Dealer:Milano area
Paint new:“Grigio Inglewood Metallizzato” (Mid dark Grey)
Interior new:Black
Owner(s):Marius Kubis, Poland
Paint Color:“Grigio Inglewood Metallizzato” (Mid dark Grey)
History:2017-04: For sale at Coys in Essen Germany.
2012-2016: Full restoration by owner Mariusz Kubis.
2008-03: sold on to Poland.

101-26503500 GTI Touring
Engine No:101-1650
Owner(s):Roland Lefebvre, France
Paolo Biaggi, Italy
Unknown, USA (First Owner)
History:March 2007. Car is being restored at this time. Engine has Webers now.

101-26543500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Unknown, USA
Paint Color:Red
History:Added September 2007.

101-26583500 GTI Touring
Touring No:14054(?)
Owner(s):Barry Fagan, USA
Unknown, USA
Paint Color:White
Interior:Light Brown
History:2016-08: Marc Florie noticed that 101-2658 was also incorrectly registered as 101-2856 (picture of VIN stamp). For 101-2658 the owner was unknown, from South Africa (added in 2007). This seems unlikely now, as the car was bought by its owner Barry Fagan in Phoenix Arizona USA in the summer of 1974 and he owned it ever since.

2016-08: added following information which was known since July 2011:
Barry Fagan bought the car in Phoenix Arizona USA in the summer of 1974 and has owned it ever since. The previous owner was an attorney in Phoenix. The car will probably be restored in the next year or two.
July 2007: Added with unknown owner in South Africa, no further info or picture.

101-26603500 GTI Touring
Engine No:101-2660
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Unknown, Germany
Unknown, Switzerland
Unknown, UK
Unknown, California, USA (First Owner)
Paint Color:Gun-metal grey
History:2016-11: For sale on Very well maintained. First owner from California, then probably went to Switzerland. Acquired by the present owner and seller in 1997. The vehicle is factory-equipped with the original Maserati 3.5 liter straight-six engine with two overhead camshafts and twin-spark ignition and with a 5-speed transmission from ZF, Borrani spoke wheels with central locking, 4 disc brakes and power windows.
From the seller a stainless steel exhaust system, an electromechanical engine immobilizer and electric central locking has been retrofitted.
The exterior paintwork is "gun-metal grey", the interior is of red leather. The speedometer shows 24,000 miles and in 1998 there were 17,452 miles. The vehicle has been accident-free, is regularly been driven and shows the age-appropriate patina.
2016-10: For sale on
2015-10: For sale on
2006 - 2016: Extensive engine, gearbox and wheel overhaul at the DEUVET specialists Schiemenz, Bonn, by which the regular maintenance is also performed.
1997: Acquired by German owner.
1990-08: Sold at Coys at Nurnburgring.
19xx: Probably Swiss owner, maybe before UK owner?
19xx: Imported into UK.
1980s: Converted from the Lucas injection on 3 Weber twin carburettors.
1963: Delivered to California, USA.

101-26623500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Known, France
Paint Color:Grey Metallic
History:September 2012. Owned for 29 years by the current owner.
The paint is almost 40 years old.

101-26643500 GTI Touring
Paint Color:Silver

101-26663500 GTI Touring
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Kjell Johansson, Sweden
Torbjorn Lindgren, Sweden
Unknown, Germany (First Owner)
History:2015-01: CAr is in restoration

101-26703500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):George Lipperts, NL
Paint Color:Green metallic
History:2017-10: When I looked at 'Unknown 2' one day, I realised that I had contact with George Lipperts and 'G. Lipperts' is mentioned as owner. So I asked him if he owned a green Maserati 3500 GTI which I knew as 'Unknown 2'. And how nice, he confirmed this and also that it was car number 101-2670.
However, another car, red, was incorrectly registered as 101-2670, probably based on a bad picture of the VIN plate. George double checked his VIN for me (thanks again) so his car is surely 101-2670.
Therefore I re-registered that red car as 'Unknown 213'!
2016-10: George Lipperts contacts me (Marc Florie) about another Maserati, a project that I own. I didnot connect his name to 'Unknown 2' then.
2000-02-29: The real 101-2670 was first registered in Holland.

101-26743500 GTI Touring
Paint new:Beige Viareggio Metallizato (Light brown gold metallic, Max Meyer code 16.261)
Interior new:Pelle Rossa (Connolly code PAC.1560)
Engine No:101-2674
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:12776
Owner(s):Signor Antonio Salzano, Italy
Unknown, Italy
Harold Johnson,
Unknown, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Beige Viareggio Metallizato
Interior:Pelle Rossa
History:2015-05: Car is restored and for sale at
2010-01 For sale at, the text reads: "Car with USA paper (tax payed). Engine restored. Body restored. Car without little parts. For complete restore very very good project. Wheels Borrani bimetallic. Interior for restore.".

101-26783500 GTI Touring
Year:9 april 1963
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Options:Wire wheels, lengthened steering column with 3cm and air conditioning
Owner(s):Dubern, sté Pradix, France (First Owner)

101-26843500 GTI Touring
Carpet new:Red
Owner(s):Tadashi Okakura, Japan
Paint Color:Rosso Rubino metallizzato
Interior:Pelle Bianca (Connolly code PAC.1544
History:2014-08: For sale at Restoration & Performance Motorcars (RPM)
2013-12: For sale on ebay
The car is converted to Webers.

101-26883500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Bruce Gelman, USA

101-26943500 GTI Touring
Paint new:Bleu Tigullio
Owner(s):Unknown, Switzerland
Superleggera Classic Cars, Matthias Hinz, Portugal
Paint Color:Grigio Flemington
History:2016-10: Completely restored in Portugal, Superleggera Classic Cars, Matthias Hinz, who sold the car to Switzerland earlier this year.

101-26963500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Gernot Kossmann, Germany
Paint Color:Black
History:2016-05: Owner discovered his car, this was no. 122 in the unknown list. Cylinder head is being overhauled.
2009-02: Car is in Germany in full working order.

101-27003500 GTI Touring
Engine No:101-2700
Touring No:14008
Owner(s):Unknown, Italy
Paint Color:Colore Amaranto Roma (16132)
Interior:Pelle Nera
History:October 2013: For sale by Sig. Francesco Telia

101-27023500 GTI Touring
Year:22 april 1963
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Verde Chiaro
Interior new:Nero
Options:Wire wheels and self locking differential
Owner(s):Franklin, (First Owner)
History:Exported to Tanger by Thepenier

101-27043500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Martin Wyder, Canada

101-27063500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Known (engine only), USA
Joop Stolze, Netherlands
Unknown, USA
Unknown, USA
Unknown, USA
Paint Color:Green
History:2016-11: Seller in US (of another engine: 101-870) sends me info and pictures of engine 101-2706 which might also be for sale (so engine is NOT with car).
2007-11: The car is for sale by Joop Stolze in the Netherlands.
2007-01: The new owner (a small-time used car dealer in Florida USA) then re-listed it on using many of the same photos and description as the previous listing a few months earlier.
2006: Douglas Howell gave the following information: "According to my records it is chassis #101-2706. At the time of the photo (2006) it was painted medium green with tan vinyl interior and fitted with a Buick V-6 engine and GM automatic transmission. Also note the non-original bumpers. My first records of the car are from the AutoTrader magazine in June 2003 when it was offered for sale in Denver, Colorado USA. Next record was in October 2003 when it was offered for sale on eBay (US) by the same owner, ending with a No-Sale. It next appeared on in late 2006 with a seller in Alabama USA (the photo with non-original bumper) where it sold for about $14000. The new owner (a small-time used car dealer in Florida USA) then re-listed it on eBay (US) in about January 2007 using many of the same photos and description as the previous listing a few months earlier. I don't know where the car ended up after that auction.".
2006 (late): Appeared on with a seller in Alabama USA (the photo with non-original bumper) where it sold for about $14000.
2003-10: It was offered for sale on by the same owner, ending with a No-Sale.
2003-06: Offered for sale in Denver, Colorado USA.

101-27143500 GTI Touring
Paint Color:Black
History:2017-04: For sale at Gullwing, USA: Wearing an older restoration. The car has been sitting for 4-5 years and could use servicing. A very honest, straight, and solid example.

101-27163500 GTI Touring
Engine No:101-2716 (re-stamped)
Touring No:12798
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Christopher Derricott, UK
John Drew, USA
Anthony D. Paglia,
Sig. Gianvico Saccardo, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Verde Bosco (was Red)
History:2017-04: For sale at Classic Car Service Belgium, shown in Essen Germany: "New delivered to Italy. Big file with all history of previous restorations, invoices, information previous owners and Maserati Certificat of origine and factory documentations. Upgrated with 3 Weber carburettors. Original colour Verde Bosco with beige leather interior and carpets. Fully restored a few years ago and still in immaculate condition.".
2016-06: For sale at 'Bonhams Goodwood Festival of Speed'.
2014-09: At RM Auction.
2006-06: New owner UK.
2006-06: The car is offerd on eBay.
2006-05: Sale 13991 - At Sale of Collectors' Motorcars, Motorcycles & Automobilia, Larz Anderson Auto Museum, Brookline, Massachusetts. This 3500GTI was acquired by the vendor (believed its fourth owner) from California in 1999.

101-27183500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):James Prendergast, USA
Ivan Ruiz, USA
Peter Kurinzi,
Paint Color:Dark Grey
History:For sale at E-Bay in may 2006.

101-27203500 GTI Touring
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):, Sweden
Paint Color:Silver

101-27363500 GTI Touring
Engine No:101-2736
History:This engine was used by Thepenier for display on the 1963 Paris Motorshow.
Also on the stand 3500 GT Vignale Spider 101-2763 and 5000 GT 101-026.
Both cars were in France for the motorshow on temporary admission.

101-27503500 GTI Touring
Engine No:No engine and gearbox
Owner(s):Unknown, Germany
History:Januari 2009 Car located in Germany. Rolling chassis, engine gearbox etc. missing. Will be separated.

101-27563500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Mr Roberto Orsi, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Grey

101-27583500 GTI Touring
Paint new:FIAT Grey
Interior new:Brown
Owner(s):Known, Germany
Unknown, Germany
Francisco Zamora Bunker, Spain
Paint Color:White

April 2010 For sale at without engine and gearbox

Juli 2008. This is the Barcelona motorshow car. It's being restored by the owner.

101-27603500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Peter Rejek, Germany

101-27623500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Norman Guemblein, Germany
Paint Color:Dark Blue

101-27643500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Jerry Bensinger, USA
Paint Color:Grey

101-27663500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Ian Fitz-Simon, USA
mr. Garrett, USA
Unknown, USA (First Owner)
Paint Color:Bronze metallic
History: August 2007. For sale at eBay, the owner send me the following story. Here is an Maserati 3500 GTi Coupe number AM 1012766, delivered new in Los Angeles, it has had been in one family ownership for over 40 years, the mileage was stated to me as absolutely correct at 31,599 miles from new. It seems that the straight six, fuel injected, 4 wheel disc braked Maserati 3500 GTi was bought in the mid 1960's by Mr.Garrett of Los Angeles when it had suffered damage to the left front fender, this resulted in a heavily creased panel but looking inside the engine compartment you can see no creases or damage to the inner structures. Mr.Garrett decided to handle the repair himself but it would be fair to describe it as a less than professional effort, he also painted it in the dark shade of metallic bronze you see now. The upside is that the panels haven't been replaced,merely hand straightened and then liberally coated with bondo. The support from the chassis to the lower fender was chopped and welded back straight. Driving the car for nearly 35 years he passed it on to his daughter. At some point they removed motor and transmission for a new clutch and an overhaul.It was decided that for reliability it was easier to replace the original power plant with a home grown ford V8 and 4 speed manual trans to match. This was done very well and I am assured that absolutely no part of the chassis was chopped or butchered. The 3500 drives remarkably well, brakes have been augmented with an inline servo fitted under the right front fender but the pedal is soft and feels as though the system needs bleeding. The exhaust system needs a pair of rear silencers, they are missing. The car could be driven as is, it would need only some small work to be roadworthy. Although not included in this auction the original matching number transmission and the motor in its dismantled state are available to the winning bidder should they wish to restore the car to original including new pistons, a new clutch and boxes of bearings and spare parts. The bodyshell is rustfree and apart from the left front fender which was damaged and poorly repaired, it appears absolutely straight. There is no corrosion in the door pillars, the doors open and close perfectly, they do not drop and have excellent gaps. Under the brown paint you can clearly see the original shell silver paint and it must have been a lovely car in its original hue. The motor currently installed is a Ford V8 with a 4 speed transmission, it starts and runs well, makes no smoke and has a lot of power.

101-27683500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Siegbert Stukenberg, Germany
Hans Joachim Salm , Germany

A German car off the road since 1973, will be restored at the moment

101-27743500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Bob Kunsak, USA

101-27763500 GTI Touring
Paint new:Grigrio Albany (Max Meyer code 16.249)
Interior new:Pelle nera (Connolly code PAC.1560)
Engine No:101-2776
Owner(s):Unknown, Italy
Paint Color:Gold
History:2010-10: The car will be auctioned at Auto e Moto d'Epoca in Padova at Saturday 23rd October 2010.
2008-08: The car was for sale at

101-27803500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Auto Vertrieb Heilbronn, Germany
Paint Color:Red
History:2016-07: Car is for sale in Germany at Auto-Vertrieb-Heilbronn. It got new paint 10 years ago (only outside), but was never finished. It has an American engine (not mounted yet). New leather interior and carpets.
1994: Imported to Germany from USA.

101-27863500 GT Touring
Touring No:12131
Options:Ventilation in top of front wings
Owner(s):Alan Michaels, USA
John R. Hoag, USA
Baron Poleman, (First Owner)
Paint Color:Red
History:This car has a GT body with a VIN in the GTI range.

2017-06: Current owner Alan Michaels mentioned: "This 1964 3500GT was delivered "injection delete" and wears a 1961 Series I body selected "off the shelf" by the original owner as, to him, this was preferred to the Series II. Car was originally delivered with wire wheels. I've owned this since 1985 or so.".

101-27883500 GTI Touring
Engine No:101-2788
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:14020
Owner(s):Bill Heaps, Canada
History:2014-10: For sale in Toronto, Canada.

101-27923500 GTI Touring
Engine (I):Known
Options:Borrani wire wheels
Owner(s):Unknown, Germany
Hugh Lesley,
History:201412: Spotted on Flickr.
Car is in Germany and will be restored

101-27963500 GTI Touring ENGINE ONLY
Engine No:101-2796
Owner(s):Joop Stolze (engine only), The Netherlands
History:2016-10: Engine for sale at Joop Stolze.
2008-09-28: Engine only at Joop Stolze. The fate of the car is unknown.

101-27983500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Steve Mahac, USA
History:xxxx: While this car is in good shape, I will be having it restored in the near future.
197x: 101-2798 was sold by Rob de la Rive Box, Switzerland in the 1970's.

101-28003500 GTI Touring
Engine No:101-2800
Owner(s):Peter Thelin, Norway
Paul Roman,
Paint Color:Gunmetal
History:Is this unknown 183 ??

101-28023500 GTI Touring
Paint new:Rosso Rubino Chiaro (Max Meyer code 16.213)
Interior new:Neutral (Connolly code PAC.1544)
Engine No:101-2802
Touring No:14027
Owner(s):Known, Germany
Known by next owner, Germany, Cologne
Known, Belgium
Paint Color:Blue
Interior:Neutral (Connolly code PAC.1544)
History:2015-09: Best of Classic at Concours d'elegance Fuerstenfeld.
2013: New owner: Car has matching numbers, good runner, engine and five speed ZF S5/17 gearbox are fine. Four brake discs, with nicely working original injection. Interior is fine and complete, instruments in Italian.
2013-06: Linnartz & Peschl: "the car has been sold after a full technical rebuild by us to a German owner in June 2013".
2011-2013: German owner in Cologne. Major works by Linnartz & Peschl, including suspension, steering, hydraulics, fuel system, electrics and wheels. But no full restauration (yet).
xxxx: Belgium collection.
1963: Manufactured July 1963, delivered February 1964, Italy.

101-28043500 GTI Touring
Dealer:Martinelli and Sovinco, Lugano
Paint new:Bianco Polo Park (Max Meyer code 10.319)
Engine No:101-2804
Touring No:14028
Owner(s):Jaap Blok, NL
Henk en Jaap van Silfhout, NL
Kurt Longeron, Canada
Paint Color:Gunmetal
History:2022-02-13: Unfortunately the car has caught fire on a sunday drive and is damaged sincerely.
2021-11: Car is in Holland with a new owner, color is changed to gunmetal, perfect condition.
2007-01: The car is in Holland and is being restored. Got it's original color white back and running great again on his Lucas fuel injection (2010).
1979: Last seen in Montreal, Canada.

101-28063500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Dan Marshall, USA
History:This car has a GT body with a VIN in the GTI range? Maybe the Touring number would give more information, does anyone know it?

2015: Sold at Dutton Garage, Australia.

101-28083500 GTI Touring
Paint new:Rosso Cordoba
Interior new:Pelle Nera
Engine No:101-2808
Patrick Martin, UK
Paint Color:Light gold metallic
Interior:Pelle Nera
History:June 2010. For sale by it's owner. Sold in august 2010

101-28103500 GTI Touring
Paint new:Grigio Metallizzato
Interior new:Pelle Rosso
Touring No:14046
Owner(s):Jan and Maciek, Poland
Bruce R. Kelsey, USA
Paint Color:Blu Luci di Mezzanotte Metallizzato
Interior:Pelle Rosso Scuro
History:2004 The car is restored in Poland by their owners. The car was butchered with a American V8 engine but a 3.7 litre engine will be installed.

101-28123500 GTI Touring

101-28163500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Sommers Auto Museum, DK, Denmark
Unknown, UK
Roy Miller, Canada
Unknown, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Silver
History:Sold 3/1964 new to Genova. Sold 1975 to Vancouver, Canada. Sold 1990 to England. Sold at Coys 13 Jul 1996, to Sommers Auto Museum, DK.

101-28183500 GTI Touring
Engine No:101-2818
Engine (I):Known
Owner(s):Frank Mandarano, USA

101-28203500 GTI Touring
Paint Color:Blue
History:2015-03: For sale on Classic Driver: "This particular exemple is one of the last Serie 2 to be delivered new in July 1964. The car has been given a nuts and bolts retoration in Germany between 2006 and 2009 starting from a bare châssis. The original engine was fully overhauled, crankshaft balanced, new pistons fitted and all oil conducts drilled. New timing chain and all new gaskets. The original Lucas injection system was replaced by a set of Weber carbs. The gearbox was restored by ZF. All parts of châssis and suspension were sanded and epoxy coated, after being detached from the aluminium bodyshell. The bodyshell itself was sanded to metal, repaired when necessary , then properly isolated from the superleggera structure . All new bushes, gaskets and fixations. New instruments. New leather seats and carpets. New airconditioning."
2006-2009: Restoration.

101-28223500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Unknown, Switzerland
Paint Color:Light blue

June 2011. Car offered for sale by Oldtimer Galerie Toffen, Switzerland

101-28263500 GTI Touring
Year:4 october 1963
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Touring No:14039
Owner(s):Rainer W. Christ, Germany
Col. Simone, Peragoux, France (First Owner)

Thepenier demonstation- and Paris motorshow car in 1963

Added 2 februari 2007. Currently under restoration, the car is in the paintshop at this moment. It was imported from the US by B. van Leeuwen from Leiden via Rotterdam into Holland on 7 april 1992. It came with US V8 engine and automatic gearbox. It was for sale in Holland in 2004.

September 2009 The car is back on the road.

May 2012. For sale by the owner.

September 2013: For sale at the Gallery, Netherlands

101-28283500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Known (buyer name on eBay), Denmark
MaseratiSource, USA
Abdul H. Bostani, USA
Paint Color:Red
History:2008-06: Sold on eBay by MaseratiSource to a buyer in Denmark. Story on eBay: "1962 Maserati 3500 GTI project car. This car has been in indoor storage for the last 25 years and hence, the solid and rust-free body! Restoration began 20 years ago and the body work was completed by the previous owner. The body is straight, with the exception of one ding on the nose that occured during recent transport. I possess the engine, zf transmission, nose grill, glove box, bumpers, glass trim and interior and will update the auction with photos of the aforementioned parts shortly. Car is 99% complete. One rocker trim and one door panel are missing."

101-28303500 GTI Touring
Year:4 october 1963
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Grigrio Mettallizato
Owner(s):de Montaigu, France (First Owner)
History:Initial sale cancelled in favour of Sebring 1.

101-28323500 GTI Touring
Engine No:101-2832
Touring No:14042
Michael Sillings, USA

Added july 2007. Michael Sillings owns his 3500 for over 30 years.

October 2010. Car sold to new unknown owner.

101-28343500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Unknown, Switzerland
Paint Color:Black
History:This GTI was offered for sale in Switzerland in july 2007 in need of restoration.

101-28383500 GTI Touring
Year:12 may 1964
Paint new:Grigrio Antracite
Interior new:Rosso
Engine No:101-2838
Engine (I):Known
Options:Self locking differential offered by mr. Orsi.
Note: this car has the later type engine with only 2 motor mounts originally.
George Marquette,
Prot, France (First Owner)
Paint Color:White
History:2019-04: For sale in Essen by ECL.
2019-02: For sale in Paris, RetroMobile by ECL. On the car it also reads: "Original french delivered, only 2 owners from new, redone engine, matching numbers.".
The car is in need of a (body) restoration.
2011-09: Car sold to new unknown owner. The car has a changed more modern injection system fuel rail on the original inlet manifold.

101-28423500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Terry Forrest, Australia
Paint Color:Red
History:Feruari 2009. It is a late series car with a 5 speed ZF box ,disc brakes ,and front and rear 1/4 windows but it seems to have had webers from new (ie there is no evidence of fuel injection ever being fitted and the webers have been on the car for a long time).There is a Munich Maserati dealers badge on the dashboard,although the car came from California .It is now in Australia .

101-28503500 GTI RHD Touring
Bill McGrath, UK
Paint Color:Silver
History:101-2850 has been owned for 37 years by the late Bill McGrath.

101-28523500 GTI RHD Touring
Owner(s):Unknown, UK
Paint Color:Grey
History:201407: At Auction of Coys Blenheim Palace.

101-28543500 GTI RHD Bespoke Scaglietti-influenced body
Engine No:101-2854
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:N/A
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Unknown, UK
Unknown, South Africa
Unknown, South Africa (First Owner)
Paint Color:Red
History:2022-02-11: Car & Classic auction. The text said: "Supplied new in 1964 to South Africa (hence RHD).
Re-bodied by noted Italian coachbuilder Pierino Scalco (confirmed by his son and an independent witness) with Scaglietti-built nose and a bespoke rear in 1965.
Acquired by a local collector who stored it, unused for 30 years. His collection was disposed of upon his passing.
Current owner bought the car 23 years ago and imported it to the UK. Recommissioned in classic race car spec by Colin Denyer Motorsport and used for competition at a variety of venues including Goodwood Revival, Silverstone Historic, the Brighton Speed Trials and numerous other historic meetings.
Shipped to the USA for a ground up restoration at The Creative Workshop in Miami, Florida, who have multiple awards to their name at events such as Pebble Beach, Amelia Island, Villa d’Este, Cavallino and Mille Miglia. When completed, it received an invite to Pebble Beach which was declined as the owner was keen to see it again.
Now back in the UK, it has been lightly used as a fast historic road car but the owner has decided that it’s time for a change.".
2007-02: Offered for sale for restoration. Note from admin: unlikely that this information is correct, as the 2022 text states current owner bought it 23 years ago. It also stated 'blue' as color, although on an old picture presented in 2022 it was green. And the owner in 2007 should be Swiss, but the 2022 information does not mention this.
1965: Rebodied by noted Italian coachbuilder Pierino Scalco (confirmed by his son and an independent witness) with Scaglietti-built nose and a bespoke rear.
1964: Delivered new to South Africa (hence RHD).

101-28583500 GTI RHD Touring
Paint new:Blue Sera Metallic
Interior new:Red
Engine No:101-2858
Touring No:14055
Options:Borrani Wire wheels
Owner(s):Known, Australia
Unknown, Australia
UnKnown, UK (First Owner)
Paint Color:Blue Sera Metallic
History:This was the last 3500GTI produced, a RHD car. (Info from Fabio Collina of Maserati S.p.A)
2014-09: Car is in Australia for 30 years with the same owner. The original engine is with the car, but was already taken out when he bought the car in the eighties. At this moment the engine is overhauled and is waiting for 101-2858 to come out of the restoration that is currently going on.