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101-20083500 GTI Touring
Options:Wire wheels
Paint Color:Red
History:Was for sale at MIE in 1997.

101-20103500 GTI RHD Touring
Paint new:Green
Interior new:White
Engine No:101-2010
Touring No:12244
Owner(s):Geoffrey Burgon, UK
Paint Color:Green
History:2016-08: For sale on eBay. Tekst reads a.o.: The Maserati press car used for the 1962 British motor show and featured in Autosport by Gregor Grant, along with other various comparison tests and magazine articles.
There is even a black and white photograph of this car being tested by Roy Salvadori at Silverstone.
One of the vehicle's noted recent owners instigated a number of works to the car which culminated in a respray using the original Italian Lechler paint in the original body colour and a full re-trim again in original colours.
Most recently 33 DYM has been featured in a comparison test against a DB4 in the August issue of Classic & Sportscar written by Martin Buckley, this is a slightly unfair comparison due to the DB4 being heavily upgraded and modified including a 4.7 ltr RS Williams engine!
2007-12: This car is in good mechanical and structural condition, needing some cosmetic work.
1962-08: It was featured in the Autosport magazine as the testcar. The article can be read in the Maserati Performance Portfolio from Brookland Books.

101-20163500 GTI Touring
Paint Color:White
History:2017-04: For sale on in Italy: Original Italian car with Italian papers (street legal). 2 owners from new. Mechanically perfect and ready to use, rustfree. Car with roll bar and racing seats.
2013-03: Added. Picture from 1988, made at Coppa d'Italia 1988 in the city of Gubbio.

101-20183500 GTI Touring
History:This car has been scraped.

101-20203500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Jim Reiff, USA
History:2014-10: For sale at GULLWING MOTOR CARS.

101-20223500 GTI RHD Touring
Owner(s):Corin, Australia
Paint Color:White

101-20243500 GTI Touring
Engine No:101-1932
Owner(s):Known, Germany
Paint Color:Green metallic (almost silver)
History:2012-11: Offered for sale by the German owner. Converted to Webers.
According to the (modified) type-plate of 101-2024 it has engine 101-1932, but this cannot be correct as car 101-1932 is matching numbers as confirmed by Maserati Classiche based on its internal engine number.

101-20263500 GTI Touring
Engine No:101-1814
Owner(s):Known, UK
History:March 2013. Restoration almost completed.

101-20303500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Chuck Wray, USA
History:Offered for sale in december 1991 in the Maserati Market letter by MIE as: Primed and ready to paint, needs new interior, 95% complete. Lots of new parts.

101-20363500 GTI Touring
Paint new:Grey metallic
Interior new:Pelle Rossa
Touring No:12323
Owner(s):Jorgen Danielsson, Sweden
Saverio Sacco , Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Red
History:2011-10: Information provided by Jorgen Danielsson: "101-2036 was produced in march 1962 and sold new to Mr. Saverio Sacco in Allessandria, Italy.
It seems to spent the first time in the US by Kenneth Pollinger, CA. The car was later sold to Ben Dixon, CA.
Later it spend some time in Arizona.

It was imported to Sweden from Melbourne, Florida in 1988. Sold to a Maserati collector who started to restore it, then in 1996 sold to a museum.
Bought by me in October 2008.

Engine now converted to Webers and lost it's Borrani disk wheels and the lower trim from the windshield.

If anybody knows more about these earlier owners or more about the car's earlier life, please contact Jorgen Danielsson."

101-20403500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Stefan Schnyder, Switzerland
Paint Color:Gunmetal
History:2019-07: Stefan Schnyder contacts me and informs me that his car is 101-2040.
This was No. 42 in the unknown list.

101-20423500 GTI Touring
Touring No:12264
Owner(s):Jan Fidjeland, Sweden
Åke Nordquist, Sweden
Paint Color:Dark Blue
History:2015-10: The car is nearly back on the road. The car is in Sweden for decades and will stay there for a long time with his new owner.
2010-01. The car is being restored at the moment.

101-20463500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Unknown, Italy
Paint Color:Silver

101-20483500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Alexander Bruehl, Germany
BresciaCar S.r.l., Italy
M.C. Auto S.r.l. (Walter), Italy
Paint Color:Rosso Rubino
Interior:Pelle Blue
History:2022-06: Alexander Bruehl wrote me: "I purchased the car in May 2014 from BRESCIACAR S.r.l , Brescia, Italy.
Since 2014, 101-2048 is part of my little collection (with 101-566).
It just received the 100% original red color. We cooperated with Maserati Storico to get the 100% right color and type paint. So the car is now back in its original 3-layer nitro paint, as beautiful as it was when the car left the factory in 1962. There was no rust on the car, no welding, all original, exterior as well as interior."

Note: The shown picture still shows 101-2048 in too much "metallic" paint, which the car presumably received in the late 70s. I will update it as soon as I receive a new picture from Alexander.
2012-03: For sale by same vendor.
2010-10: For sale at M.C. Auto S.r.l., Cremona, Italy.

101-20523500 GTI Touring
Year:March 1962
Paint new:Grey
Engine No:101-2052
Touring No:12268
Owner(s):Paul, USA
Unknown, USA
Paint Color:Grey
History:2015-04: A Barn find in the USA.
The current owner has confirmation from maserati that the modifications were done at the factory on the request of the first owner.

101-20583500 GTI Touring
Paint Color:Unpainted
History:2016-10: Seen at Oldtimer Nitsche Workshop for restoration.
2009-10: For sale at Aaldering €19500.
2009-04: Sold by Gallery Toffen.

101-20643500 GTI Touring
Engine No:101-2064
Owner(s):Unknown, Italy
History:2014-09 : For sale in Italy

101-20663500 GTI Touring
Paint Color:Grey

November 2013: For sale in Belgium

101-20743500 GTI Touring
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Colin Graig, Canada
Paint Color:Dark blue

101-20783500 GTI Touring
Engine (I):Known
Owner(s):James Wojeik, USA
David Fenton, USA
History:2016: Car is at Restoration & Performance Motorcars in VT (RPM) to convert it back from a Chevrolet V8 to the original engine and re-make some of the chassis cross tubes and motor mounts.
After nearly a year of hunting for parts and waiting for its Lucas Mechanical Fuel Injection system to be overhauled, this Maserati 3500GT engine will go back into the car it was matched to in 1964. We have test run the engine and it sounds outstanding. There is a video of it running on our Instagram page should you be interested.

101-20823500 GTI Touring
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Grigrio Mettallizato (silver)
Interior new:Nero
Options:Wire wheels and self locking differential
Owner(s):Bernard Guénant, France
Unknown, France
Jean Sarf, France (First Owner)
Paint Color:Grigrio Mettallizato (silver)
History:2020-02: Retromobile Paris: shown by Bernard Guénant. On the website of 'Trident' in France it is shown as a restored car by them.
2007-03: Added.

101-20843500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Joe Ciszek, USA
Randi Ivo, Italy (First Owner)

101-20883500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Kyle Fleming, USA
Jim Bruni, USA
History:2015-08-15: Jim Bruni offers the overhauled engine and gearbox for sale. The engine has no 101-number, but came out of this car, which was hit in the nose.
Description engine: Complete Maserati 3500GT engine for sale. Includes transmission (ZF S4-17), generator, water pump and other items to make a complete package. There is a film about it on YouTube .
Older information: This car was sold to Kyle Fleming with many parts missing. Fate unknown.

101-20923500 GTI Touring
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Han Pomp, NL
Nigel Shannon, UK
Walt Bannon, USA
Paint Color:Silver
History:20xx: Over Nigel Shannon the car gets to Han Pomp. This is Unknown 198 (identified thanks to Nigel Shannon).
2007-08: For sale on eBay. The description reads: "This is a native California vehicle purchased by my father in 1976 from, I believe, the original owner who lived in San Rafael, Ca. The California Registration states it is a 1962 model, but my father always said it was a 1963 model (?).
It has a 5 speed manual transmission and the 3.5 Liter 6 Cylinder Twin Plug Fuel Injected Engine.
The body is rust free, straight, and has never been involved in a road accident or collision. It underwent a full, high standard, from the ground up restoration in 1978-79. It went on to win the Best of Class at a Reno show in 1979 and later took 2nd in Class at the 1980 Silverado Show and the 1990 Monterey Show. The paint is good, no bubbles. The car has been stored in a climate controlled environment since 1991 and developed several scratches and minor dents by other items being set on or bumped into it. There are pictures of the more major ones, but keep in mind these pictures have been enlarged to give you the most detail. The windshield has a half-dollar sized rasberry just above the driver's side window wiper (see picture). The Leather Upholstery is immaculate, probably the best you will see in any 3500. All other interior components are in great condition.
The vehicle was driven fairly regularly up until 1991 at which time it was stored. The engine was last started in 1997 and although it ran, it was smoking. The Clutch and Brake Hydraulics are in need of overhauling.
The car comes with 15 Borrani Wire Wheels, but also included are the original 16 Borrani Steel Rims and Hubcaps. There is also a complete, original, tool kit included.
It appears the engine is stamped with the #1210 and therefore does not match the car. (NOTE from Admin: "if #1210 is the INTERNAL engine number, it might surely be the original engine".) I checked the two other 3500 GTI engines I have in storage and they are not a match either. I have to assume this vehicle was purchased without a matching engine as my Father never disposed of any of his Maserati parts. The engine turns freely.".
1997: The engine was last started.
1991: It was stored.
1990: 2nd in Class at the Monterey Show.
1980: 2nd in Class at the Silverado Show.
1979: Best of Class at a Reno show.
1978-79: A full, high standard, from the ground up restoration.
1976: Sold by the original owner who lived in San Rafael, Ca.

101-20943500 GTI Touring
Paint new:Grigio Florida Metallizzato
Owner(s):Superleggera Classic Cars, Matthias Hinz, Portugal
Paint Color:Silver
History:2016-10: Being restored (in original colours) in Portugal, Superleggera Classic Cars, Matthias Hinz.

101-20963500 GTI Touring
Year:June 1962
Paint Color:Grigio

101-20983500 GTI Touring
Paint Color:Silver metallic
History:2020-08: For sale in Switzerland at Klausen, Gland.

101-21003500 GTI Touring
Year:March 1962
Owner(s):Hansuli Buchi, Switzerland
unknown, Germany
Paint Color:Gray
History:For sale at eBay april 2009

101-21023500 GT Touring
Dealer:Cornacchia Automobili
Paint new:Metallic Gold
Interior new:White
Owner(s):Unknown, Unknown
John F. Bookout, USA
Penelope Phillips, USA
Penny Anne Vandreel, USA
Paul Zammit, USA
Anthony Quinn, USA
Eddie Fisher bought it for Elizabeth Taylor, USA (First Owner)
Paint Color:Metallic Gold
History:2016-08-20&21: Sold at Gooding auction at Pebble Beach for $572.000. Description:
- Eddie Fisher, Las Vegas, Nevada (purchased new as a gift for Elizabeth Taylor in 1962).
- Anthony Quinn, Beverly Hills, California (acquired from the above in 1962).
- Paul Zammit, Woodland Hills, California (acquired circa 1968).
- Penny Anne Vandreel, Los Angeles, California (acquired in 1971).
- Penelope Phillips, Los Angeles, California (acquired in 1974).
- Current Owner (acquired in 1999).

The Maserati 3500 GT presented here is surely one of the most significant examples to be found, as it possesses a rich and fascinating history with intimate connections to three entertainment icons – Eddie Fisher, Elizabeth Taylor, and Anthony Quinn.

Eddie Fisher was one of the most successful entertainers of the early 1950s. He recorded a string of Top 40 songs, sold millions of records, and hosted his own NBC variety show.

In 1959, he divorced his first wife, Debbie Reynolds, and married her friend Elizabeth Taylor, whose third husband, producer Mike Todd, had recently died in a plane crash. The combination of grief and bad publicity took an immediate toll on their marriage. By 1962, Taylor was having an affair with Richard Burton while they were filming “Cleopatra” in Italy.

In January 1962, Eddie Fisher ordered a new 3500 GT from official dealer Cornacchia Automobili, hoping to impress his wife with such a lavish gift. As documented by factory records, the car he purchased, AM101-2102, was completed in February 1962 and finished in the suitably glamorous color scheme of Metallic Gold with white Connolly leather upholstery.

Fisher collected the new 3500 GT in Rome and shipped it to England. There, he wrapped the gold Maserati in a red ribbon and presented it to Taylor. According to Fisher, “She drove it around the block in England, and she didn’t like it. She never did like cars anyhow – she was a horse person!”
Disappointed, Fisher sold the car to friend and fellow actor Anthony Quinn, reportedly making a $500 profit on the deal. Quinn, a true car enthusiast, kept the gold Maserati at his home in Beverly Hills. During the 1960s, he purchased two other Maseratis and, by 1968, had sold the 3500 GT. The car remained in Southern California until the 1990s, when it was sold in unrestored condition to the current owner.

Upon learning of the Maserati’s early history, the consignor undertook a concours-quality restoration, employing the best marque specialists in the US and Italy. Throughout the process, the car and its history were painstakingly researched. Factory records were sourced to confirm original details, and an interview with Eddie Fisher was arranged in September 2007.

Today, the Maserati is magnificent to behold, presented in its striking factory color scheme and finished to the highest possible standard. Rarely does one find a 3500 GT that has been so thoroughly and accurately restored.

Offered from an important private collection of coachbuilt Maseratis, beautifully presented, and supported by extensive documentation, this 3500 GT is a wonderful piece of Hollywood history.

Older information: 101-2102 was restored at Auto Sport in Modena where the body panels were repaired and/or newly remanufactured as needed.

101-21043500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-2400
Owner(s):Georg Ertel, Germany
mr. Gugrel, Austria
Albin Zwach, Austria (First Owner)

101-21143500 GT Touring
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Unknown, CZ
Paint Color:Silver
History:November 2007. For sale in CZ. The car has been sold in late 2007. It has been imported from the USA in 2007.

101-21163500 GTI Touring
Paint new:Grigio Fumo Metallizato (Smoke grey metallic, Max Meyer code 16.672)
Interior new:Blue (Connolly code PAC.1545)
Engine No:101-2116 (not stamped, but confirmed by Maserati Classiche)
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:12299
Options:Air conditioning fitted in the factory in 1963: Maserati Classiche stated: "The car was ordered and delivered without air conditioning system. In May 1963 the car was recovered at the Factory for some repairs and in that occasion (as requested by the customer) the air conditioning system was assembled on the car."
Owner(s):Marc Florie, Netherlands
John R. Kessler, USA
John F. Bookout, USA
Dave Federici, USA
Paint Color:Bare metal with some remains of Grigio Fumo Metallizzato (Smoke grey metallic)
Interior:Blue (Connolly code PAC.1545)
History:2022-03-04: The original matching # engine was bought by Marc Florie on the Bonhams Amelia Island auction (thanks to Keith Duly). Included were also the original air conditioning parts.
2008-03: Sold on eBay: "Rolling body/chassis virtually complete with 1988 BMW 2.8Ltr 6 cyl. gas engine and 5-sp transmission installed but not connected. Brakes all new, seats and interior panels started using metallic white exc. vinyl. Includes enough material to finish. Intention was to use 2006 Maserati silver exterior color. Has 5 correct Borrani disk wheels and 1960s Cinturatos that hold air. Many spare parts. Has all records from 1962 to present.".
2002-01: Offered for sale in VCM 82: "In storage for several years. Needs total restoration. Car seems to be complete although all chrome and lights are off the car in boxes. Solid car with A/C.".
1962: Date of production 09/03/1962, delivered to Genova, Italy.

101-21183500 GTI Touring
Year:15 march 1962
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Grigrio Chiarissimo
Interior new:Nero
Engine No:109A1-1672
Options:Self locking differential
Owner(s):Unknown, France
Andre Villaseca, France (First Owner)
Paint Color:Grey
History:Februari 2009. For sale in France

101-21243500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Cold Springs Restoration,

101-21263500 GTI Touring
Engine No:101-2126
History:Offered for auction at Coys, The Royal Horticultural Halls, London Date and sold unknown, condition rated as 2.

101-21283500 GTI Touring
Touring No:12310
Owner(s):Alesandro Artom (4th owner), Italy
Paint Color:Grigrio Metallizzato
Interior:Black with grey carpets
History:3500 GTI converted to webers and well used by his owner.

101-21323500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):MUSEUM Autobau, Switzerland
Paint Color:Red
History:Car can be seen in Autobau Museum (Switzerland)
This was Unknown 196

101-21403500 GTI RHD Touring
Year:14 April 1962
Dealer:Maserati Concessionaires Ltd UK
Paint new:Nero Perlato (19426)
Interior new:Pelle Nera
Carpet new:tapeti antracite
Engine No:101-2140
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:12307
Options:Hubcaps with red Tridents
Owner(s):Bart Miller, USA
Steve Miller, Canada
Fier Tulleken, Canada
Unknown, Canada
Unknown, UK (First Owner)
Paint Color:Red

The car was shipped to Maserati Concession Ltd. at 142 Holland Park Avenue in London on April 26, 1962.

The car was bought by mr. Miller sr. during the mid 80's in a bankrupty sale in Canada.
The car was painted red while in Canada during the 1980’s.
It's a RHD car with a folding roof, made by the UK 'David Brown Co'.

101-21423500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Hugh Lesley,

101-21443500 GTI Touring
History:Unknown whereabouts of the car.
Engine with number 101-2144 is in car 101-650.

101-21463500 GTI Touring
Touring No:12349
Owner(s):Unknown Dutch owner, NL
Martin Willems, NL
Paint Color:Silver
History:1988/aug Offered for sale by Classic Car Associates b.v., Breda, Netherlands.

101-21483500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Tony Hall, UK
Victor Muller (Spyker), NL
Paint Color:Silver
History:Sold at Christies's in Paris, 12 februari 2005. This is the car once owned by Victor Muller from Spyker.

101-21503500 GTI Touring
Year:5 april 1962
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Owner(s):Couffin, France (First Owner)

101-21563500 GTI Touring
Touring No:12321
Owner(s):Jerry Payto, USA
Pando J. Bayas,
Unknown, Switzerland (First Owner)
Paint Color:Red
History:For sale 6/7/01.

101-2156 was sold by Rob de la Rive Box, Switzerland in the 1970's.

101-21623500 GTI Touring
Touring No:12324
Owner(s):Doug Magnon, USA
Philip Randazzo, USA
Unknown, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Blue
History:Doug Magnon bought the car early 2006. It had sat in a tow yard in Pennsylvania for a long time. Doug has managed to assemble all missing items an had a fresh carbureted motor is installed while the OEM injected motor gets a rebuild. The car has perfect panel fit, no oxidation to the aluminum, and rust limited to the floor boards. The car was originally sold to someone in Naples, Italy and the car still has the rear Naples plate and a key ring from Naples. It is currently awaiting a complete restoration.

101-21663500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Peter Klaus, CZ
Arthur Taxman, USA
Paint Color:Red

It is very rough, though original, having sat outside in Florida for many years in a field.
It needs a complete restoration. (Sep 10, 2005).

This 5 instruments GTI was offered for sale at Bay in Florida september 2006.

For sale at Gullwing Motor Car INC, may 2011

June 2011. Sold to new owner in CZ, it will be restored (Classic Cars CZ).

101-21703500 GTI Touring
Paint new:Grigrio Fumare
Owner(s):Hannes Dangl, Austria
Unknown, Uk (First Owner)
Paint Color:Black
Interior:Senape (Tan)
History:The car was built in 1962 and 1st registered on 1.1.1963 in England. It was brought to Austria in 1996. It has Webers fitted.

101-21763500 GTI Touring ENGINE ONLY
Engine No:101-2176
Engine (I):Known
Owner(s):Pasquale Coppola (engine only), Italy
History:2012-03: Engine only for sale, fate of the car is unknown.

101-21783500 GTI Touring
Paint new:Argento Auteuil (Max Meyer code 16.287)
Interior new:Pelle Blue
Carpet new:Grigrio Perla
Touring No:12333
Owner(s):Pieter Noordman, NL
Tomas Merkies, NL
Comm. Ugo Passadore, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Silver
Interior:Dark Brown
History:2005 (summer): Offered for sale in the Netherlands. Later under restoration.

101-21843500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):James Farley,

101-21863500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Nicolis Museum in Villafranca, Italy
Paint Color:White
History:Added october 2010. On display in the Nicolis Museum in Villafranca at Verona.

101-21903500 GTI Touring
Paint Color:Yellow

Januari 2012

This car will be auctioned at Silverstone Auction's Race Retro & Classic Car Auction takes place from midday
on Saturday 25th February at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire.

March 2012 For sale at Godin Banks UK

101-21923500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Valerio J. Federici, USA
Paint Color:Black
History:2015-...: Restored at Fantom Works.
2013-12: Dave (Valerio’s son) wrote. The car has been sitting in the garage for 30 years and will be brought back on the road as is: An old looking pristine Maserati 3500GTI!
1964: Valerio Federici bought his car outside of Rome, on or around 1964 and has owned the car ever since.

101-21963500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Brian Richards, Australia

101-21983500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):G.R. Brown, New Zealand

101-22003500 GTI Frua
Owner(s):Thomas Coady, USA
Dyke W. Ridgley,
Hilary Raab Jr., USA
History:Chassisnumber allocated to Frua coupe.

101-22043500 GTI Touring
Touring No:12341
Owner(s):Dr. Gunther Wulff, Switzerland
Swiss, Switzerland (First Owner)
Paint Color:Brown metallic
History:The first owner lived near Zurich and owned the car from 1962-1970. Gunther Wulff bought the car in 1970 from the first owner. It got a new 14 layer paintcoat in 2000.

101-22243500 GTI Touring
Year:10 july 1964
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Dr. Norbert Heieck , Germany (First Owner)
Paint Color:Red
History:Webers fitted (, 29/1/01).

101-22283500 GTI Touring
Year:8 may 1962
Paint new:Blu Sera
Interior new:Rosso
Owner(s):Etienne Ramond-Zwiller, France
Gerard, France (First Owner)

101-22303500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Peter Seed, New Zealand
Mr Garry Lovell, New Zealand
Richard Komonyi, USA
History:Peter has a 1963 3500 GTI that he imported from the US in 2004. He bought the car from a New Zealander, Mr Garry Lovell, who works in the US, (the car was registered in California to a Dale Lovell). The car had been owned in the past by a Richard Komonyi, in Los Angeles, from around (or before) 1983 to 1989. The car was without a motor or gearbox. Subsequently he sourced these from Larry Ruben in Oregon, US. The car is currently in Ashburton, New Zealand and is awaiting restoration.

101-22323500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Eric Wilson, New Zealand

101-22343500 GTI Touring
Paint new:Verde Pavone (Peacock green, Max Meyer code 16.286)
Interior new:Pelle Connolly Bianco
Engine No:101-1432
Touring No:12358
Owner(s):Georges Moret and his son Jean-Francois, France
Unknown, France
Unknown, USA
Paint Color:Red
History:101.2234, Touring body number 12358, was produced in May 1962 and sold new in Verona, Italy. Its original colour was Verde Pavone (Max Meyer 16.286, peacock green) with white Connolly leather interior. It spent some time in the US (Ohio title) and was imported in France in 1991. The car is almost 100% complete, with no track of major repair or restoration and rust-free structure. It still has its original instruments, in Italian, and speedometer in km/h. A black leather interior, which seems to be original (coming from another 3500 GTI?) was fitted into the car, certainly in the US.

101-22403500 GTI Touring

101-2240 was sold by Rob de la Rive Box, Switzerland in the 1970's.

Not known if the car is still in excistence

101-22423500 GTI Frua
History:Chassisnumber allocated to Frua coupe, see Italsuisse link at Links.

101-22443500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Omar Fernandez, USA
Paint Color:Maserati Color Bordeux Victoria
Interior:Tabacco tan
History:March 2009. Omar owns the car for 20 years and is currently being worked on. Paint and uphostery finished.

101-22463500 GTI Touring
Paint Color:Red

March 2010

Offered for sale by Godin Banks Ltd.

101-22503500 GTI Touring
Year:15 june 1962
Paint new:Grigio new market
Interior new:Red
Engine No:101-2588
Owner(s):Jean Michel Molkhou, France
Paint Color:Grigio new market
History:2015-01: Restoration completed.

101-22583500 GTI Touring
Carpet new:Red
Engine No:101-2258
Owner(s):Unknown, Germany
Unknown, Switzerland
Paint Color:grey
History:2013 October: For sale at Linnartz-Pesch (DE)
The car is still highly original after being with one Swiss owner for more than 23 years.
1988/jan Auctioned at Barrett-Jackson's Scottsdale auction.

101-22603500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Thomas Coady, USA

101-22623500 GTI Touring
Touring No:12370
Unknown, UK

Added april 2011.

Offered and sold on eBay UK in march 2011

101-22643500 GTI Touring
Touring No:12374
Owner(s):Siegfried Sereinig, Austria
History:2018-12: The owner Siegfried Sereinig contacts me because he was searching for a gearbox. He writes me that he bought the car without engine and gearbox quite some years ago from an inheritance. The car was imported from the US. Last summer he was able to buy a complete engine with carburettors. He is also still searching the seats.

101-22663500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Bo Lindgren, Sweden

101-22763500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Unknown , Italy
Paint Color:Red
History:2012-03: Offered for sale in Italy as: "1965 Maserati 3500 GT Fantuzzi Special. Short Chassis, special racing twin plus engine. Alloy Body. Always in Italy Modena, was used in club races. Very nice condition, very good mechanicals.

101-22803500 GTI Touring ENGINE ONLY
Owner(s): Linnartz & Peschl (engine only) , Germany
History:2013-01: Engine only. Unknown whereabouts of the car.

101-22863500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Tjamme Vis, The Netherlands
Paint Color:Red

2008 For sale at The Gallery in The Netherlands. Converted to Weber. This car spent some time in Germany.

Sold to new Dutch owner in October 2010

101-22903500 GTI Touring
Engine No:101-2290 (was temporary 101-01667/1682)
Touring No:12389
Owner(s):Unknown, Swiss
Unknown, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Black
History:2016-10-07: Sold at Bonhams 'The Zoute Sale' . Description:
The example offered here represents the pinnacle of the model's development, being delivered with the five-speed ZF gearbox, disc brakes all round, and Lucas mechanical fuel injection, hence the name change to '3500 GTI', the first time the now common 'GTI' appellation had ever been used. Chassis number '2290' is a European model delivered new to Italy. The vendor informs us that while restoring the car some 8-9 years ago to a very high standard, both cosmetically and mechanically, the sensible decision was taken to replace the often unreliable Lucas injection with Weber carburettors. This change makes the car both very reliable and lovely to drive. Other noteworthy features include original 3500 GTI wheels; stainless steel exhaust system; oil cooler; and an extensively restored interior with new cognac leather trim.
The owner further informs us that the Maserati, which is finished in a very handsome colour combination, has a very solid body with good lines and beautiful paint. We are advised that the car remains in beautiful condition after its restoration, is mechanically in very good condition, and drives very well. This wonderful 3500 GTI comes with Swiss registration papers and EU import duties paid.
2016-07-26: Mervin Lapre: The original engine 101-2290 is back in the car.
2014-05: Car is in restoration.

101-23043500 GTI Touring
Paint new:Azzuro reale met (Italver code 19.343)
Interior new:Red (Connolly code PAC.1603)
Touring No:12394
Paint Color:Grey
History:2014-10: For sale at the Gallery (NL)

101-23083500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Cino Robin Castelli, Italy

101-23103500 GTI Touring
Engine (I):Known
Paint Color:Green
History:2016-11-25/27: Sold on RM/Sotheby's 'Duemila Ruote' for €201.600.

101-23183500 GTI Touring
Paint new:Grigio New Market Metallizzato (silver)
Interior new:Red
Engine No:101-2318
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:12401
Paint Color:Grigio New Market Metallizzato (silver)
History:2020-03-27: For sale at RM Sotheby's in Essen. The description reads: "According to information provided by Maserati Classiche, this 3500 GTi was delivered in a Grigio New Market Metallizzato over a red leather interior, which it wears today. Completed by the factory in June of 1962, it was delivered new to its first owner in Milan, Italy. While further ownership information is not known, it was acquired by the consignor in 1996 and has remained in static storage in his collection ever since. Displaying less than 51,000 km on its odometer, this 3500 GTi will require recommissioning prior to use, as it has remained in static storage for over two decades.".
1996: New owner till 2020.
1992-05-26: Sold at auction by Brooks, Monte Carlo Auction Centre, Monte Carlo. The car is described as in good condition throughout (see lot 65 Brooks 26.5.92).

101-23223500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Jiri Markuzzi, Czech Republic
Paint Color:Grigio Nuvolari
Interior:Brown leather

101-23243500 GTI Touring
Year:July 1962
Paint new:Grigio Albany metallizzato (Max Meyer code 16.249)
Interior new:Pelle bianca (Connolly code PAC.1544)
Touring No:12404
Owner(s):Wolfgang Dippold, Germany
Claudio Fantozzi, Italy
Signor Lana, Italy
Signor Gianfranco Bonzi, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Grigio Albany metallizzato (Max Meyer code 16.249)
Interior:Pelle bianca (Connolly code PAC.1544)
History:2015-12: Car is partly dismantled and restoration was started but not finished. Now sold to new German owner. The new owner got this information from the seller: "The 3rd owner is an old friend (admin: should be Claudio Fantozzi). He got this maserati from his father in law (admin: should be Signor Lana). He wanted to finish but he spent already too much. The first owner (admin: should be Signor Gianfranco Bonzi) sold the car in 1973 to his father in law. As it was not working and still is not... is like a one owner 55 years old car, used for ten years!"
200x: The car has two airvents (original) near the windshield above the fenders. The body is painted in Grigio Albany metallizzato (MaxMeyer 16249) and the interior is in white Connolly leather (1544). It was delivered in July 1962 in Santa Margherita Ligure (Italy) to Mr.Gianfranco Bonzi through the Turin Maserati dealer Bordese. Mr. Lana, the current owner and Andrea Montalenti, who owns 101-2574 found it in a gasoline station near Turin in late 70's. The car was carried (not running) in a garage and there remained for 35 years until now. Now it needs a total restoration, the owner thinks that the work will begin spring 2008.
1973: Sold to 2nd owner.

101-23263500 GTI Touring
Touring No:12405
Owner(s):Maxi Ruprecht, Argentina
History:2016-01: Car added to registry.
The car is imported to Argentina in 2009 and afterwards the owner restored the car and is enjoying it now.

101-23283500 GTI Touring
Paint new:Grigrio Albany metallic (Max Meyer code 16.249)
Interior new:Red (Connolly code PAC.1603)
Carpet new:red
Owner(s):Kevin Copleston, UK
Neil Gerrard, USA
Richard Morris, USA
Terence Buck,
Ing. Mario Balestra, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Black, now dark blue metallic (2009)
Interior:Tan, now cream with dark blue carpet (2009)
History:Although first claimed it was scraped, the car appeared on E-Bay in Januari 2007. Part dismantled and missing it's engine and gearbox. Januari 2009. The restoration is almost finished.

101-23303500 GTI Touring
Year:10 july 1962
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Azzuro
Interior new:Natural
Touring No:12407
Options:Chromed wire wheels
Owner(s):Rolland, France (First Owner)
History:This car is probably parted out.

101-23323500 GTI Touring
Touring No:12408
Owner(s):Lou Savaglio , USA
Unknown, USA

August 2010

Lou Savaglio purchased the car, 101-2332 in august 2010, it is complete with a decent body,
was owned by a man in nebraska since 1980. He bought it with no motor or trans. & installed a early Ford 289
with auto trans. Said his deceased wife drove it. Then parked it in dry barn. It runs great however needs tank
cleaned & brake work to drive.

101-23343500 GTI Touring
Engine No:101-2334
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Dominic Martin, USA
Richard R. Riddell, USA
Paint Color:Red
History:Delivered new to California USA 2004 Auctioned at Auction Exceptional Motor cars. Christies, Pebble Beach sales centre, Pebble Beach. Now equipped with Weber 42DCOE8 carbs.

101-23403500 GTI Touring
Engine No:101-1978
Paint Color:Red

101-23483500 GTI Touring
Paint Color:Blue
History:2019-02: Car is for sale at Retromobile in Paris by ArtCurial, lot 146, estimate 170-200.000 Euro, not sold. It reads: "French registration, running-in motor, box 5 (5-speed), Weber 45, 4 discs, same owner for 28 years".

101-23523500 GTI Touring
Dealer:Sonvico, Swizerland
Owner(s):Unknown, USA
Unknown, Switzerland

July 2006. Offered for sale at E-Bay. The owner of this car shipped it
over from Switzerland while he was in the Air Force in the 1970's

101-2352 was sold by Rob de la Rive Box, Switzerland in the 1970's to US soldier.

101-23583500 GTI Touring
Touring No:12420
Owner(s):Paul Herbstreuter, Germany
Unknown, Czech Republic
MaseratiSource, USA
Paint Color:Dark Blue
History:2020-10: Paul Herbstreuter informs me he has bought this car from Czech Republic.
2017-07: For sale at eBay: "A 3500GT engine is included, but is missing many parts. There is no transmission. One rear extra fender is included."
2009-08: For sale at eBay.
2007-08: Appeared on eBay: "Wrecked in late 60's. Engine has been inside since then. Includes spare engine block. Many inerior pieces - seats, trany cover, extra set of manifolds, exhaust pieces door pads, window chrome and door chrome intact. No transmission. No fuel injection parts. No doors visible frame good. Original wheels. All brake parts with hardware still on car. Can be rolling chassis."

This was unknown 49.

101-23603500 GTI Touring
Dealer:Autosalone Renzo Bordese of Torino
Paint new:Grigio Albany (Albany Gray)
Interior new:Marrone (brown)
Engine No:101-2360
Engine (I):Known
Owner(s):Unknown, USA
Gary Kogak (Skokie, Illinois), USA
Bob Grossman’s Maserati dealership, USA
Carlo Dusio, son of Cisitalia founder Piero Dusio, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Grigio Albany (Albany Gray)
Interior:Marrone (brown)
History:2017-08-18/19 For sale at Pebble Beach by Gooding and Company:
- Originally Purchased by Carlo Dusio, Son of Cisitalia Founder Piero Dusio.
- Largely original, unrestored example.
- Offered with Factory Build Sheets and Delivery Records Provided by Maserati Classiche.
According to a copy of the original build sheet, dated February 17, 1962, chassis 2360 was specified with Touring coachwork, handsomely finished in Grigio Albany (Albany Gray) paint with Marrone (brown) leather upholstery.
Delivery records provided by Maserati Classiche indicate that Carlo Dusio, son of the well-known Cisitalia principal and Porsche collaborator Piero Dusio, was the first owner of this car. The 3500 GTi was dispatched on July 24, 1962, to dealer Autosalone Renzo Bordese of Torino, which in turn delivered the car to Cisitalia Autocostruzione on Dusio’s behalf. The Maserati is believed to have remained in Italy until at least 1973, as suggested by registration stickers affixed to the windshield and glove box.
An invoice in the file states that it was imported in July 1975 by Bob Grossman’s well-known Maserati dealership in Nyack, New York, and subsequent paperwork suggests the car then passed to a long-term owner in Skokie, Illinois. When purchased by the consignor, the 3500 GTi had been in static storage for approximately 10 years.
Having owned several vintage Maseratis in the past, the current owner was delighted by the car’s well-preserved condition and fascinating provenance. He reports that the interior and much of the paintwork remain in largely original order and that the engine is the original, matching-numbers unit, its internal number (1385) corresponding to the factory records provided by Maserati Classiche.

101-23643500 GTI Touring
Engine No:101-2364
History:Sold from Italy to UK late 1990s. Sold at Coys 25 jul 1998. Not sold H&H 26 Jul 2000. Auctioned 8/00 at H&H Classic Auctions Ltd, Pavilion Gardens, Buxton. Lot 30. Condition 1. Converted to Webers.

101-23663500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Unknown, Italy
Paint Color:Silver
History:For sale in Italy october 2009

101-23723500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Colm Kennedy, USA
Paint Color:Grey
History:2014-08: For sale at

101-23743500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Unknown, USA
Unknown, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Silver
History:March 2012 Story from seller:
Original delivery in Italy then to northern California in the mid 60s and there ever since with Black Calif plates.
No rust or corrosion detailed chassis and engine compartment. Original and mint Connolly leather with new medium grey wool carpets.
rebuilt engine and complete cooling system overhaul recently. New tires stunning paintwork and immaculate drive anywhere
well maintained example. Converted to Webers and also included is the correct air box and filter.

101-23803500 GTI Touring
Paint Color:Red
History:Sold at Buxton H&H 25-09-96. Buxton H&H 25-09-96. Sale price (USD) 22.205,14. Lot number 72. Not used for some time, it is described as in good condition throughout.

101-23823500 GTI Touring
Known, The Netherlands
Paint Color:Black

101-23843500 GTI Touring
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Rosso Giulietta (red, Max Meyer code 12.265)
Interior new:Nero (black, Connolly code PAC.1560)
Engine No:101-2384
Engine (I):Known
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Marc Florie, Netherlands
Neil Burton, UK
Max Rollitt, UK
Victor Saglia, France (First Owner)
Paint Color:Rosso Giulietta (red, Max Meyer code 12.265)
Interior:Nero (black, Connolly code PAC.1560)
History:2008-04: Sold on eBay to the Netherlands.
2007-07-25: Offered for auction at H&H Kempton Park Racecourse. Described as being in good condition throughout. This left hand drive car was imported into the United Kingdom in 1976 from Monte Carlo, where it had been for most of its life, and we are led to believe that it was owned by a French aristocrat.
1976: Imported into the United Kingdom.
196x: Monte Carlo.
1962: Date of production 13/07/1962, delivered to Parigi (Paris), France.

101-23923500 GTI Touring
Touring No:12436
Owner(s):Unknown, NL
Paint Color:Silver
History:2014-02: For sale at KOCH KLASSIK Automobil GmbH.
2003-04: For sale

101-24003500 GTI Touring ENGINE ONLY
Engine No:101-2400
Owner(s):Georg Ertel (engine only), Germany
History:2013-03: Engine only found in Madrid, Spain. Now in Germany.

101-24023500 GTI Touring
Engine No:101-2402
Owner(s):Unknown, Germany
Joop Stolze, NL
Paint Color:Blue

101-24063500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Antti Wihanto, Finland
Carl Nordstrom, USA
Paint Color:Petrol blue

101-24083500 GTI Touring
Engine No:Engine has no 101-number
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:12444
Owner(s):Gullwing Motorcars, USA
William E Halpin, USA
Paint Color:Silver
History:2016-08: For sale on from Gullwing Motorcars: This 1962 Maserati 3500GTI is an excellent car for straightforward restoration. Silver with red interior. The car comes complete and has a great solid body.
There is a title (California Ownership Certificate) issued on August 17 1976, expiring May 10 1977. On the pictures are also the Californian license plates 992 EUA.
2011: Added to registry.

101-24103500 GTI Touring
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Known, The Netherlands

April 2012. One owner for the last 20 years. The body work is restored but the car needs to be finished. It's missing seats and the gearbox but is complete otherwise.

It's for sale.

101-24123500 GTI Touring
Touring No:12446
Owner(s):Unknown, Germany
Joop Stolze, NL
Paint Color:Brown
History:It has a original Dutch registration wich is very rare. Just one 3500 GT was sold new in 1963 in the Netherlands. Maybe this is the one.

101-24143500 GTI Touring
Options:Wire wheels
Paint Color:Grey
History:Sold at Coys at Nurburgring august 1991. Engine rebuild in 1980, Converted to Webers.

101-24243500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Unknown, USA
Paint Color:Grey
History:Pictures and information about the car from Joseph W. Moch. The car has been in dry arms storage, here in Grand Rapids, Michigan, since the mid 1960's. The car is in amazingly original condition, jack and tools in there original pouches. No rot, a little paint blistering on hood surround. All manuals and original key with Maserati fob with car plus a number of spare parts. According to the owner the car was purchased by his father off the Paris or Geneva auto show stand. It has light and horn European requirements.

101-24283500 GT Touring
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:12060 (which belongs to 101-1636 according to Maserati Classiche)
Options:Borrani wire wheels
Owner(s):Richard and Diane Gent Jr., USA
Rafael Moreno, Puerto Rico
Paint Color:Blue metallic
History:This car has a GT body with a VIN in the GTI range?

2012-07: Auctioned and sold by Gooding & Company at Pebble Beach august 2012: Multiple show awards including Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. Best features of early and late models. Autographed by Carlo Felize Bianchi Anderloni. Restored by leading experts.
2013-01: For sale at Symbolic Motor Car Co.

101-24303500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):John Mirko, Canada
Joseph & Toni Mirko, Canada
Paint Color:Green metalic
History:Seen at Concorso Italiano 2001.

101-24323500 GTI Touring
Dealer:Cornacchia Auto
Engine No:101-2432
Owner(s):Edoardo Bertola, Italy
Aldo Tagliaferri, Italy
Francesco Cima, Italy (First Owner)
History:2014-06: For sale at Classicdriver
2012-11. Offered for sale.
This car was sold new in Italy and raced by the Brescia Maserati dealer, Golden Cars in that period.
They got assistance from the Maserati.

101-24403500 GTI Touring
Paint Color:Silver

101-24443500 GTI Touring
Paint new:Grigio Metalizzato
Interior new:Pelle Blue
Carpet new:Blue
Owner(s):The Gallery, Netherlands
Unknown, France
Herr Zirklewski, Germany (First Owner)
Paint Color:Grigio Metalizzato
Interior:Pelle Blue
History:It is said that 101-2444 was used by Thepenier for the 1962 Paris Motorshow. Later the information came that it was first delivered to Germany in 1964.

2017-11: For sale at
2016-12: For sale at the Gallery, Netherlands. Condition is not perfect, but apparantly good running on the original Lucas injection.
2011-11: Showed up for sale in France.

101-24523500 GTI Touring
Year:18 januari 1963
Paint new:Grigrio
Interior new:Nero
Owner(s):Sinniger, France (First Owner)

101-24563500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Unknown, Germany
Unknown, Austria
Paint Color:Blue
History:Sold at eBay on 16 june 2007, it went to Germany.

101-24583500 GTI Touring
Year:October 1962
Owner(s):Known, The Netherlands
Paint Color:Blue metallic
History:Has spent 20 years with current Swiss owner. At a sale by Coys at Techno Classica in Germany on Saturday 29th March 2008.

101-24623500 GTI Touring
Dealer:S. Maasland Voorburg The Netherlands
Paint new:Red
Interior new:Black
Owner(s):Franck Massimi, France
History:The car was sold new in the Netherlands, there is still Voorburg Maasland sticker in the engine bay. Then in south of France in 1983. It came finaly to Lyon in 2002. During it's life it's converted to Webers. The body is uder restoration and work will be finished june 2008.

101-24643500 GTI Touring
Year:Build 1963 registered 1964

101-24703500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Andreas Petschenig,
Paint Color:Blue
History:Offered at Cruse auction 2 april 1993, not sold. Poor paint and interieur, good looking engine.

101-24763500 GTI Touring
Paint new:Grigio Albany Metalizzato
Interior new:Red
Engine No:101-2476
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:12478
Owner(s):Bruce Berry, USA
Kurt Schneider, USA
Sig. Carlo Bonazzi, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Grigio Albany Metalizzato
History:April 2009 For sale at Copley Motor Cars

101-24803500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Bernard Allan Chisholm, New Zealand

101-24843500 GTI RHD Touring
Owner(s):pedro.m.montenegro, Portugal

101-24903500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):John F. Bookout, USA

101-24943500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):S Randerson, USA
History:After a serious fire this car received a newly made aluminium A6GCS body. It came for sale at eBay in June 2007.