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101-15023500 GT Touring
Paint new:Blue
Touring No:9943
Owner(s):Paul Vasquez, USA
Larry Osborne, USA
Giuliano Cresentini (AUTO DEALERS SUPPLY), USA
An Italian racing driver in Padua, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Red
History:Touring prototype with different front and rearend design.

2016-08: Paul Vasquez: The car is in storage, and hopefully within the year back on the road. I started an engine rebuild many years ago... Motor is about 90 % re-assembled...
Touring fastback design different from normal production coupe. Has wood dash, and different front, side, and rear body design.
1993-01: Auctioned at Barrett-Jackson's Scottsdale auction.
1978-84: Sold to Larry Osborne, Granada Hills, CA, USA. Repainted Red with white interior.
1978: Imported to USA and owned by Giuliano Cresentini (AUTO DEALERS SUPPLY), L.A., CA., USA.
1968: Stored by the son of the owner.
1963: Sold by the factory to an Italian racing driver in Padua, Italy, who's son stored it from 1968-78.
1962-63: In storage at the factory.
1962: Car prepared for the Paris auto show but it is uncertain if the car appeared there.
1962: Completed. Touring-prototype (plate 9943) on regular 3500GT-chassis with different front- and rear end design. No front bumpers, 4 headlamps in the grille. Sebring looking wheels. Parts of the interior are from the Sebring.
Triangular rear quarter windows. Mahagoni dash and console. Painted Blue.

101-15083500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Unknown, USA
Paint Color:Red
History:For sale at eBay april 2008. THis story came with the sale: This car is mostly original but for one respray. It was originally silver as the dash shows, repainted red many years ago. The paint is showing signs of age after being in dry desert storage west of Los Angles for aprox 20 years. recently brought back to running and driving condition, but would need further reconditioning to be ready for highway use.

101-15123500 GT Touring
Touring No:9948
Owner(s):Fred Johansen, USA
Paint Color:Grey
History:This the Milbrae Mystery Maserati! It has been stored for many years on a busy SF bay area street, outside, under a tree! Under a tree for over 10 years on a busy street, in full view of many drooling passers-by. At times when I've attempted to leave a note on it, there were already some in place from previous dreamers! The car seems VERY original, as it has been owned by the seller for the last 40 years. Of course it needs much work to get back operable, but I am very confident that it will be a fine car.

101-15143500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-1810
Paint Color:White

101-15183500 GT Touring
Paint Color:Bianco
Interior:Pelle Rosso
History:2016-10: Seen at Oldtimer Nitsche Workshop for restoration.
2008-05: The car is under restoration in Germany and offered for sale when finished in 2009. Restoration was finished in 2011.
2006-04: This car is for sale by Olaf Boecking in Germany.

101-15203500 GT Touring
Touring No:12004
Owner(s):Joop Stolze, Netherlands
Eric Fleury, France
History:2017-09: Update from Stolze: Car is being restorated. Colour will be dark blue with beige interior. Carburated engine, 5-speed gearbox and electrical windows.
2013-10: For sale at Joop Stolze, Netherlands.
2012: Spotted by Frank Mandarano at Autosport in Modena for restoration. The car has a fuel injected engine.
2008-07: The car is under restoration at Barnato's in Germany.

101-15223500 GT Touring
Touring No:12002
Owner(s):Melchor Daumal Castellon, Spain
Paint Color:Red
History:October 2007.The car still has it's 1961 Madrid registration.At this moment it is under restoration because even that the car was in average condition and running there are plenty of small details to improve.

101-15263500 GT Touring
Year:May 1961
Dealer:Martinelli and Sovinco, Lugano. Dealer W. Ruf, Offringen
Touring No:12005
Owner(s):Known, Germany
mr. A. Crole, Switzerland (First Owner)

101-1526 was sold by Rob de la Rive Box, Switzerland in the 1970's.

101-15363500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Joe Alphabet, USA

101-15423500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-1542
Owner(s):Unknown, France

101-15503500 GT Touring
Touring No:12014
Owner(s):Andrew Pisker, UK
Harry W. Garschagen, USA
Paint Color:Dark blue
History:2013: It was displayed by Maserati at the Goodwood festival of speed, requested by the Maserati factory.
2010: New owner in the UK.
2007: After 3 years of restoration work and 2 days before the 'Concorso Italiano 2007' Harry's car was finished. The result was 'Best 3500' and 'Best Maserati'.

101-15523500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-1552
Touring No:12018
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Philippe Raemdonck, Belgium
Paint Color:Red with white roof
History:2016-07: For sale in Belgium, listed as 1962-05.
2004/2005: Restored by owner.
2001-12-10: Auction Automobiles de Collection Poulain LeFur, Palais des Congres, not sold.

101-15563500 GT Touring
Options:Wire wheels and 5-speed
Owner(s):Unknown, Germany
Unknown, UK
Unknown, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Dark Blue
History:2020-07: For sale on First delivery to Italy, CoC of Maserati included.
2010-06: Added.

101-15603500 GT Touring
Year:23 may 1961
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Blue Sera
Interior new:Natural
Options:Wire wheels and radio
Owner(s):Rafael Pueche, Spain
Maurizi, Spain (First Owner)
Paint Color:Silver

March 2010 News from Rafael Pueche.

The car was sold new in Paris to a Spanish from the Embassy who had the car untill 1973 when the car was first registed in Spain
and it was in hands of the same family until we purchase the car few months ago.

101-15643500 GT Touring
Paint new:Blu Sera (Max Meyer code 16.439)
Interior new:Pelle Rossa (Connolly code PAC.1603)
Touring No:12024
Owner(s):Emiel Hendriks, NL
Nico Kuiper, NL
Altenaar Garage, NL
Unknown, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Blu Sera
Interior:Pelle Rossa
History:This car came to the Netherlands in 1988. The owner stored the car for some years but when his company seized to exist it was sold to a garage owner in the Netherlands. From then on it was in his showroom for some years until it was sold to Nico Kuiper in 1998 who registerd it in 1999. He drove until 2004. Joep bought the car in august 2006. The following information came from Maserati: The vehicle was produced in May 1961, with original external color Blu Sera Max Meyer 16439 and original color Pelle Connolly Rossa Pac 1603. The vehicle was originally sold in Milan, Italy.

101-15663500 GT Touring
Interior new:Red
Options:Wire wheels, rear disc brakes and 5-speed
Owner(s):Red Line Restorations, USA
Paint Color:Blue
History:2019-12 For sale on The text reads: "This 3500GT was discovered in the basement of the original owners home in Italy. It had been immaculately stored, preserved, and enjoyed by the family. All of the aluminum sheet metal is original, and the owner opted to have it cosmetically restored in Bergamo, Italy. The body was brought to bare metal and repainted in the current dark blue shade. The car was then imported into the U.S. in 2013, at this time the motor was fully rebuilt by a renowned Maserati technician.
This 3500GT still retains the original red leather interior from the factory. The scent and texture of the upholstery are irreplaceable, and make for an unmistakable driving experience. The seat foam, carpeting, and headliner were recently replaced.".

101-15783500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Unknown, Germany
Paint Color:White

March 2008. For sale at the Gallery in Holland.

101-15803500 GT Touring
Paint new:Silver
Interior new:Black
Owner(s):AngryJuan, USA
Unknown collector (Chicago), USA
Unknown, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Red
History:2017-01-19: Sold at Bonhams.
2016-08: For sale on Ebay, not sold (reserve not met). Tekst on eBay: Presented for your inspection and consideration is this Maserati 3500 GT. Although titled as a 1963, the Maserati factory documentation, included with the sale, shows this example was constructed in April of 1961 and delivered to its first owner in Palermo, Italy in November of the same year.
After 35 years of dry storage, this 3500 GT has recently benefited from a comprehensive brake, fuel system and suspension overhaul at the hands of exotic car expert Mike Dupudja. The twin cam, twin plug, 3.5 liter engine has also been removed and completely rebuilt within the past 500 miles by professional engine builder, Gary Meier of Torque Power Engines.
This Maserati starts, runs, drives and shows well and will do the new owner proud as an event car for touring, rallys and/or the Cars and Coffee scene. The accessories all function as they should, including instruments, window lifts, lighting, etc.
Born Silver with black interior, the body has some alloy panel to steel chassis electrolysis/erosion issues that should be addressed sometime in the future to bring this awesome example to the next level.
2014-08: Auctioned by Goodings at Pebble Beach: This true triple-carbureted GT model was built in 1963 and, while its early provenance is unknown, it was purchased in the late 1980s by a collector in Chicago who stored the car for approximately 25 years. It appears that the black leather upholstery and carpets were refreshed or replaced at some point, but the car remains largely unrestored. The current owner acquired this desirable GT from the long-term storage facility and had it mechanically serviced this past year.

101-15863500 GT Touring
Owner(s):John F. Bookout, USA
History:Offered for sale in VCM issue 79 - March 2000 as rolling chassis for $3000

101-15883500 GT Touring
Year:26 may 1961
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Bianco
Interior new:Nero
Engine No:101-1588
Owner(s):Martin Klemm, Germany
Michael Boertien, NL
Bruun van Leeuwen, NL
mrs. Helsdingen, France (First Owner)
Paint Color:Silver
History:Later: Owned by Martin Klemm.
2012-06-10: For sale in Germany.

101-15923500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-1592
Owner(s):, USA
Paint Color:Red
History:This is also Unknown 111, the red 3500 with the yellow 250F Fangio nose.

101-15943500 GT Touring
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Russel Glace, USA
Paint Color:Blue with white roof
History:2016: The english owner of the GTI with number 101-1954 asked me to correct the registry, thus making this car 101-1594 and NOT 101-1954!
NOTE from the registry admin: since the type-plate next to the hood lock in the front of the car incorrectly shows 101-1954 (I have a picture of that), it is understandable why RM Auctions made the mistake in 2012.
2013: PLEASE NOTE: accordingly to Fabio Collina from Maserati Classiche in contact with the english owner of the GTI with number 101-1954: "NOTE: I would like to inform you that last year (2012) in August a 3500GT was sold at RM Auction in Pebble Beach (lot no 261). It was made a mistake on the catalogue and the chassis number reported was AM101*1954* (but later it was discovered that the correct number of the vehicle was AM101*1594*). So RM asked to marque historian Dr. Adolfo Orsi (grandson of Omar Orsi, of Maserati SpA) to provide an historical research to be published on RM catalogue. So he did it, but of course he did the research about your car....!"
2012-08: Sold by RM Auctions at Palm Beach for $137,500.
2005: Shown at Palm Beach Cavallino Classic XIV CONCORSO (awarded best Maserati).

101-15963500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Alexander von Wolff, USA
John E. Crum, USA
Oscar v. Ebenthal, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Grey

101-15983500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-1598
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:12042
Options:Wire wheels and 5-speed
Owner(s):Gullwing Motor Cars, USA
Bob Conrad, USA
Paint Color:Ivory
History:2018-05: For sale at Gullwing Motor Cars. The description reads: "This 1962 Maserati 3500GT left the factory carbureted, with a 5-speed gearbox and disc brakes. Only a handful of 3500GTs were built in this configuration. A lifelong black plate California car just extracted from barn storage where its been sitting quietly and undisturbed since 1978. Ivory with red leather interior and just one owner since 1967. An incredibly original matching numbers car and offered in an extremely rare factory combination.".
1978: Stored until 2018.
1967: Current owner bought the car.

101-16043500 GT Touring
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Tigullio 639 Fint (blue, Max Meyer code 16.639)
Interior new:Natural (Connolly code PAC.1544)
Carpet new:Kaukas créme 31
Options:Wire wheels, power assisted steering
Owner(s):Known, Belgium
Unknown, Spain
Socièté Anonyme des Monoprix, Mr Malard, (First Owner)
Paint Color:Blue Sera
History:2016-10: For sale at from a Belgium private seller: The car is matching numbers with rare optional Borrani wire wheels.
Interesting history with the delivery documents to the first owner (invoice, order form, …). It was first delivered in France to Mr. Malard, the founder of the famous supermarket chain "Monoprix".
Subject of a total body off and total mechanical restoration to the highest standards.
2012-03: For sale at Auto-Storica

101-16063500 GT Touring
Dealer:Ditta Orfeo Ferasin (Italy)
Paint new:Grigio Fumo Cascina (Max Meyer code 12.382)
Interior new:Brown (Connolly code PAC.1386)
Engine No:101-1606
Touring No:12038
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Eng. Gian Vico Saccardo, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Grigio Fumo Cascina (Max Meyer code 12.382)
History:2015-06: For restoration at Leo B. Peschl, Germany.
2015-02: For sale at Gullwing Motor Cars.

101-16103500 GT Touring
Paint Color:Grigio Metallizzato
History:Offered for sale at E-bay by Healy Werks in May 2005.

101-16123500 GT Touring
Paint Color:Maroon
History:May 2011. For sale at Gullwing Motor Cars INC.

101-16163500 GT Touring ENGINE ONLY
Year:16 june 1961
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Azzurro
Interior new:Rosso
Options:Wire wheels and self locking differential
Owner(s):Unknown (engine only), Netherlands
Tchedikian, France (First Owner)
History:2015: Engine only is offered for sale from Holland.
Fate of car is unknown.

101-16183500 GT Touring
Touring No:12051
Paint Color:Grey
History:2017-01: (Still) For sale at the Gallery.
2016-06: For sale at the Gallery again.
2015-05-22: First Dutch registration.
2014-12: For sale at The Gallery.

101-16203500 GT Touring
Touring No:12052
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Unknown, USA
Paint Color:Blue
History:2015-04: For sale at

101-16223500 GT Touring
Touring No:12053
Owner(s):Theo Biekens, NL
John Savarino, USA
Mr. R Kauffmann, USA
Theadore Franklin Payton, USA (First Owner)
Paint Color:Silver
History:1st owner Mr Theadore Franklin Payton Beverly Hills California USA, Mr. R Kauffmann (possible Sacramento CA) owned the car until 20th of August 1964 John Savarino 4316 Hazelwood AV Sacramento CA as from 20th of August 1964 till ?? During the ownership of John Savarino the had license plate KYH 440. After John there has been a possible further owner in the US. On 11th of October 1989 the car showed up in Europe and from there on the history is know.

101-16243500 GT Touring
Touring No:12054
Owner(s):Thomas Geiger, USA
Paint Color:Silver

101-16323500 GT Touring
Touring No:12058
Owner(s):Known, Switzerland
Paint Color:Blue Sera
Interior:Pelle Rossa

101-16343500 GT Touring
Year:16 may 1961
Dealer:Martinelli & Sonvico Chiasso Switzerland
Touring No:12059
Owner(s):Wilfried Vogel, Switzerland
Paint Color:Blue Sera
Interior:Pelle Rossa

December 2009, news from Wilfried:

I am the third owner of the car since 1976.
Car was not used during more than twenty years, just carefully stored.
During the last 17 months I spent 500+ hours to put all those things
right which go wrong during storage: brakes, brake flexible lines,
brake servo, master cylinders for brake and clutch, secondary clutch cylinder,
all cooling water hoses, checked radiator for water and for oil, added thermostat
(there was a simple Y instead of the thermostat), replaced HV leads,
repaired both fuel pumps, replaced flexible fuel tubes, cleaned reservoir,
repaired fuel gauge, replaced the two electrical contacts on steering wheel column,
stopped leak on water pump rear cover (not the graphite seal!), balanced
the 4-blade fan which was (originally) heavily out of balance, repaired
speedometer cable, added main switch to the battery, repaired the handbrake
release knob, eliminated small oil leaks on crankshaft ends by adding a positive,
electric crankcase ventilation, put on 5 new Vredestein tyres, replaced the
complete exhaust system.. Repainted the sills and gave a polish to the
still original paint of the body. The car runs now very well, has passed
the examination as „voiture de collection“ with its 60'000 km.

101-16363500 GT Touring TOURING PLATE ONLY
Year:May 1961
Touring No:12060
History:Touring plate only, mounted on 101-2428 which is a GTI with a GT body.
What happened to the car 101-1636 is not sure but Maserati Classiche confirmed this Touring number belongs to 101-1636.

101-16463500 GT Touring
Touring No:12065
Owner(s):Uwe Müller , Germany
Paint Color:Red
History:3500 GT with Ford V8 351 Cleveland installed.

101-16483500 GT Touring
Touring No:12066
Owner(s):John Burke,

101-16503500 GT Touring ENGINE ONLY
Engine No:101-1650
Touring No:12067
Owner(s):Roland Levebvre (engine only), France
History:2011-04: Added engine only, now fitted in 101-2650.

101-16523500 GT Touring
Paint new:Grigio Florida
Engine No:101-1652
Touring No:12068
Owner(s):Superleggera Classic Cars, Matthias Hinz, Portugal
Known, Switzerland
Paint Color:Grigio Florida
History:2016-10: Being restored in Portugal, Superleggera Classic cars, Matthias Hinz.
2011-02: Sold as project car.

101-16543500 GT Touring
Touring No:12069

A German 3500 owner has interior panals marked 101-1654, the car was probably scrapped.

101-16603500 GT Touring
Touring No:12072
Owner(s):Jerry Bensinger, USA
Paint Color:Maroon

101-16623500 GT Touring
Year:4 july 1962
Dealer:Maserati Thepenier ( dealer in Paris)
Paint new:Light blue
Interior new:Tan
Carpet new:Black
Touring No:12073
Paint Color:Red
History:October 2007. Offered for sale by Luzzago in Italy. The car was in France for all of his life.
Was unknown 104

101-16663500 GT Touring
Touring No:9870
Owner(s):Unknown, The Netherlands
Paint Color:Grey metallic
History:2013-3: For sale at the Gallery in the Netherlands, sold at Stuttgart Retro Classics to unknown new owner.
1999: Spent some time in South Africa, known because in 2013 it showed a Johannesburg “clearance certificate” valid until 1999-01-31.

101-16683500 GT Touring
Touring No:12076
Owner(s):Joseph R. Duray, USA
Steven B. Raught, USA
Paint Color:Blue metallic

101-16703500 GT Touring
Touring No:12077
Paint Color:Silver
History:2019-09-20: Offered via phone and e-mail to Marc Florie by a Belgium dealer, car is probably in Germany with current owner. Car is missing quite some parts but seems a good base for a restoration.

101-16823500 GT Touring
Year:10 july 1961
Paint new:Bianca
Interior new:Nera
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Staffan Gunnarsson, Sweden
History:Februari 2009. Maserati 3500GT AM 101-1682. Left factory 10/7 1961, collor Bianca, interior nera Borani wire wheels, first owner Autok

101-16943500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Joop Bruggeman, NL
mr. Fokke Bos, NL (First Owner)

101-16963500 GT Touring
Year:21 july 1961
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Grigrio Mettallizato
Interior new:Cinghiale
Owner(s):A.F.P. Mr. Guichenne, (First Owner)

101-16983500 GT Touring
Year:12 July 1961
Paint new:Grigrio Albany Metallizzato (Max Meyer code 16.249)
Interior new:Pelle Rosso (Connolly code PAC.1603)
Touring No:12091
Owner(s):William Driessen, NL
Herman Hendriks, NL
Demoen Bherman, Belgium (First Owner)
History:2005 This car is currently under restoration.

101-17003500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Mohamed El Khnati, GT Classics (engine only), Belgium
Peter (Reith?) (engine only), Switzerland
Rob de la Rive Box, Switzerland
History:2017-09: Engine is bought (earlier) for restoration of car 101-924.
2013-03: Engine for sale in Switzerland.
197x: 101-1700 was sold by Rob de la Rive Box, Switzerland in the 1970's.
Not known if the car still exists.

101-17023500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Known, Switzerland
History:Added march 2013

101-17103500 GT Touring
Paint new:Blu Sera Metallizzato (Metallic Dark Blue, Max Meyer code 16.439)
Interior new:Red (Connolly code PAC.1603)
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:12097
Options:Ventilation in top of front wings
Owner(s):Marc Florie, Netherlands
Jean-Christophe Brial, France
Paint Color:Bare metal
History:2016: Car is now nearly complete but still a full restoration project.
2013-02: Sold to the Netherlands where the car first will be made complete again.
2009-09: 101-1710 is now in the Italia Classic Company. The car will be completly restored.
1961: Date of production 26/07/1961, delivered to Roma (Rome), Italy.

101-17123500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Known, Germany
David F Dahlin, USA (Iowa)
Robert H. Reno, USA (Iowa)
History:2014-07: Car is already 20 years with the same owner and is in restoration. Expected to be back on the road in 2015
2009-02: Unknown wherabouts of this car. Previous owner brought it to a UK based car broker AutoCrats in 1989. It was in bad condition. Any news someone?. Let me know.

101-17143500 GT Touring
Options:Ventilation in top of front wings
Paint Color:Blue
History:Juan Manuel Fangio’s daily driver in Italy.
Unofficially test driven by Fangio to discover possible bugs.
Barn find: for many years in a state of neglect at the Maserati plants.
Still enrolled with Black Como plates.

2019-10-25: Being offered for sale at Padova Finarte - Collectible Cars 2019 Auction. The description reads: "1961 Maserati 3500 G.T. (Touring) chassis no. AM101*1714*. This car was formally registered to industrialists who had relations both with the Maserati and with Juan Manuel Fangio. The racing driver resided in Argentina, but he was often in Italy for his commitments. Considered one of the greatest racing drivers in history, he had a precise but spectacular driving style and a deep knowledge of mechanics having been involved in the repair industry since he was a kid. Having completed his racing career, he remained very active in the sector and had maintained excellent relations with Maserati, with whom he had competed in the last competitive seasons. The chassis no. AM101*1714* was used by the champion during his stays in Italy, for his travels and, finally, as a daily driver. According to the testimony of Ermanno Cozza, historical memory of Maserati, Fangio would have had, at the same time, the unofficial task of testing the car with the aim of verifying its strengths and weaknesses, thanks to its sensitivity and experience. The history of the car is evidenced by documents and written contacts with the company. In the communications also appears the entrepreneur Carlo Geronimi, president of Agudio, an important manufacturer of cableway installations all over the world but, above all, former gentleman drivers. In 1966 the car was sent to Maserati, but only in 1969, through an intermediary (Geronimi), Fangio apologized for having left the car at the factory and expressed his intention to recover it. However, another 10 years pass; the car remains in Maserati, guarded, but in a state of almost abandonment. In July 1979, the Argentine champion, in an autograph letter, writes that he authorizes two of his good friends to collect the Maserati 3500 G.T. (chassis no. 1714), instructing the two to restore the car, register it and authorize them to use it at their discretion; he would use the car during his stays in Italy, sharing the ownership of the car in equal parts with the two. The Maserati initially does not accept the request, it is presumed by the management of Alejandro De Tomaso, always attentive to his steps and aware of the value of a machine driven by Fangio. Maserati, however, finally delivered the car two years later, in 1981, to only one of Fangio's two friends, the current owner; that same year, in fact, the other good friend had died: the well-known pilot and historical test driver Maserati, Guerino Bertocchi. The car is currently in the same conditions in which it was recovered: almost complete, but in need of total restoration. Many new and original spare parts still in their packaging, have been gathered over time, in view of a restoration and are delivered with the car. The chassis AM101*1714* is still registered and has 1967 Italian black plates (Como). A page of history to bring back to its original beauty."
1981: Car goes to its current (2019) owner, a friend of Fangio.
1966: The car was sent to Maserati.
1961-1966: Car being used by Juan Manuel Fangio as his daily driver in Italy.

101-17163500 GT Touring
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:9916
Options:Ventilation in top of front wings
Paint Color:Silver
History:2017-03: For sale at Retro Classics Stuttgart in Germany, offered by Franco Tralli from Italy.

101-17183500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Known (engine only), Netherlands
Known, Switzerland
Paint Color:Dark Green
History:2016-09: The original engine 101-1718 (internal # 995) is seen in Vignale Spider 101-1391 (22-5-1962) in Holland.
2011-09: Under restoration in Switzerland.
2007-06: For sale by in Switzerland.

101-17263500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Luigi Genatossio, USA

101-17303500 GT Touring
Paint Color:Blue
History:2015-07: To be auctioned at Goodwood-Bonhams at 2015-09-12
This is Unknown 58.

101-17423500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Known, Germany
Martin D. Craft, USA
Piccagli, Ugo, USA
Paint Color:Red
History:2016-12: For sale at Scuderia Sportiva Colonia, Germany.
2006: For sale at Barton's Classic Cars, USA.

101-17443500 GT Touring
Year:10 august 1961
Dealer:Martinelli & Sonvico, Chiasso. Sold via Bjarsch, Zürich
Paint new:Bleu Sera
Interior new:Pelle Brown (Connolly code WM/3104)
Touring No:12114
Options:Ventilation in top of front wings
Owner(s):Stephan Kreyden , Switzerland
Unknown, Switzerland
Unknown, Switzerland (First Owner)
Paint Color:Blue Sera
Interior:Pelle Brown (Connolly code WM/3104)
History:2013-03: The car is unrestored and for 25 years with his current owner.

101-17503500 GT Touring
Paint new:Blu cobalto
Interior new:Pelle Connolly Neutra
Options:Ventilation in top of front wings
Owner(s):Mr. Carlo BRAMBILLA , Italy
Unknown, Italy
Mr. Emilio TROPEA , Italy
Mr. Carlo CARITA, Italy
Mr. Demetrius Korakianitis , Greece (First Owner)
Paint Color:Blu cobalto
Interior:Pelle Connolly Neutra
History:2014-02: This car showed up in italian magazine (Automobilismo d’Epoca) that has dedicated an article to this car.
2013-09: Car back on the road after restoration by mr BRAMBILLA.
2013-02: sold to Mr. Carlo BRAMBILLA of Milano that started a new job of restoration that finished in September.
2012-09: Offered for sale.
2006 : new unknown owner that restores the car for the first time.
1964: Sold to Mr. Emilio TROPEA of Cosenza that changed the license plate to the actual CS 41402.
1962-03-09 : sold to Mr. Carlo CARITA’ of Napoli for 4.800.000 Liras.
1961: Sent new to the Italy official booth at Thessaloniki International Fair - Mr. Demetrius Korakianitis of Athens was the recipient.

101-17543500 GT Touring
Paint Color:Grey
History:2016: Sold at Bonhams for $412.500.

101-17563500 GT Touring
Paint Color:White
History:2018-05: For sale at Beverly Hills Car Club. The text reads: "This one of a kind project 1962 Maserati 3500 featured here is available in white with black interior. It is equipped with a manual transmission with an inline-6 engine, light body modifications, power windows and with solid wheels. The Maserati is an excellent original black plate California car for restoration.".
Over the mail additional information came: "It is unknown who did the conversion and when it was done. The body is fiber, except the doors and the roof (and the bonnet I guess). It has a manual transmission and a US 6-inline engine, unknown condition and never run in this car. The axles are unchanged, front disc brakes, rear drums.".

101-17583500 GT Touring
Touring No:12121
Owner(s):Known, Switzerland
Paint Color:Dark Green
History:The car was build in 1961 and appeared on the Swiss roads in 1962 and still remains in>p It's restored and driven during the well known classic car rallyes.

101-17623500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-1136
Owner(s):Richard Bremer, Sweden
Unknown, Sweden
Wilken Vonalton, USA
Barry Reber, USA
Unknown, (First Owner)
History:2021-12: Richard Bremer contacts me that he has bought the car from another person in Sweden. It is missing many parts but not scrapped.
2014-11: An old document (8 may 1989) showed up of the sale from mr. Reber to mr. Vonalton. The car had done 47,578 miles at the time. The car was believed to be scrapped, because the US title was sold to Germany in the past.

101-17643500 GT Touring
Paint new:Grigio New Market
Owner(s):Superleggera Classic Cars, Matthias Hinz, Portugal
Eberlein, Germany
Unknown, Italy
Gino Secchi , Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Grigio New Market
History: This car made 680K km with its first owner, industrialist Gino Secchi
He used the car on his daily trips from Milan to Turino.
Who said Maserati's are not reliable??

2016-10: Being restored in Portugal, Superleggera Classic Cars, Matthias Hinz.
2014-09: For sale at Eberlein Kassel (Germany).

101-17703500 GT Touring ENGINE ONLY
Owner(s):Daniel J. Rapley (engine only), USA
History:2016-09: Please note: 101-542 was mistakenly registered as 101-1770 because the owner in Germany thought his car was 101-1770. This error has been corrected! So 101-1770 is an engine only!
2016-08: Engine for sale in USA.

101-17743500 GT Touring
Touring No:12129
Options:Ventilation in top of front wings
Paint Color:Silver
History:2017: On the Oldtimer Gallery Toffen website is mentioned that 101-1774 is sold. Unknown when, might be much earlier?
2013-03: Still in existance, offered for sale at Retro Classics Stuttgart by Oldtimer Gallery Toffen but not sold.

101-17763500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Martin de Vries (since 2001), NL
Ruud Koot, NL
History:2013-09: Car for sale at DDClassics.
2010-late: Restoration was completed.
2006-05: Martin de Vries owns the car since 2001.

101-17783500 GT Touring
Carpet new:Kaki
Touring No:12140
Owner(s):Known, Italy
Paint Color:Grey
History:2014-10: Spotted at Padova
This is Unknown 131, a car that was spotted in many pictures, but the VIN was unknown for a long time.

101-17823500 GT Touring
Paint new:Silver
Engine No:101-1782
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:12133
Owner(s):Leo B. Peschl, Germany
Gerardo Doll, Germany
Paint Color:Blue
History:2015: Sold to Peschl, Germany: "Matching numbers, very good drivable condition, last owner since 1988, solid and original.".
1997: Same German owner until 2015.

101-17843500 GT Touring
Paint new:Grigio Albany
Interior new:Blue (Connolly code PAC.1545)
Engine No:101-1784
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:12134
Owner(s):Keith Hudson, UK
Unknown, UK
Tomini Classics, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Mathew G. Katz, Los Angeles, USA
Mr Elios Signetto, Torino, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Red
History:2018-01-24: Keith Hudson wrote me: "I have purchased 1784 which is in fairly original condition.
The car was delivered new to Mr Elios Signetto in Torino 10 August 1961. It was exported to California USA at some time after that where I believe it spent most of its life as there is no visible corrosion and it does not appear to have had any body restoration apart from a poor quality respray which I am rectifying. When in California it was owned by Mathew G. Katz in Los Angeles.
I have substantial bills showing mechanical and chrome work being carried out by Nostalgic motoring in Michigan USA.
The car was exported to Dubai in 2013 and sold by Tomini Classics, then it was exported to the UK in 2017.
The engine is not stamped and Fabio Collina of Maserati Classiche has advised me that some engines were not stamped by the factory and he has identified from the internal engine number appearing on the block and bearing caps etc. that this is indeed the original engine. The mileage of 58,000 kilometers is believed genuine. The rear seats are original and when Nostalgic motoring carried out the various improvements, the front seats were sent to Italy and retrimmed by Maserati.".
2017: Exported to the UK.
2013: Exported to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
19..: Exported to California, USA.
1961-08-10: Delivery to first owner.

101-17863500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-1786
Owner(s):Peter Kaus, Germany
Paint Color:Red
History:This car was displayed at the Rosso Bianco Museum. Sale 14487 - Les Grandes Marques a Monaco - Important Historic Motor Cars and Automobilia, 20 May 2006.

101-17883500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Robert Lederer, USA
Paint Color:Gold
History:2015-09: Robert Lederer: "I just completed a most comprehensive restoration on my 3500GT, photo displays from being shown at Pebble Beach."

101-17903500 GT Touring
Paint Color:Red
History:Owner sinds 2005.

101-17983500 GT Touring ENGINE ONLY
Engine No:101-1798
Owner(s):Larry Ruben, USA
History:2012-11: No information about the car. Engine for sale in the USA.

101-18023500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Doug Magnon, USA
Thomas R. Mee III, USA
Thomas Mee Jr., USA
Dan Blocker, USA (First Owner)
Paint Color:Black
History:2016-08: Sold at RM-Sotheby's.
2007-03:: Last November Doug Magnon purchased AM101.1802, the Dan Blocker/Thomas Mee car from the Mee family. He has put the car back into show condition, except the paint which is black lacquer and crazed. The paint is glossy and shows well from a distance. The interior is being fitted with new leather, carpet, and panels and is being done as 100% original (unlike the prior interior restoration). The car is very strong mechanically, and we have correctly rewired a botched job that was recently done.
It seems that it was delivered new to Dan Blocker, the actor in the US television show Bonanza, who played Eric 'Hoss' Cartwright. After his ownership, it was purchased by Mr. Thomas Mee Jr., and owned by him until given to his son, Mr. Thomas Mee III, who owns the car now. It seems that the car currently resides in California.

101-18043500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-1804
Options:Wire wheels
Paint Color:Blue
Interior:not present
History:2016-11-25/27: Sold on RM/Sotheby's 'Duemila Ruote' for €134.400. Car is said to be complete, present on pictures are body, engine and gearbox and axles with wire wheels.

101-18063500 GT Touring
Paint new:Bianco Maserati 4507 (white)
Engine No:101-1188
Touring No:12144
Owner(s):Mike Abbas, UK
Ferraris-online LLC (Michael W. Sheehan), US
Autoform Performance Inc., Canada
Tim Wyman, Canada
Roland Selby, Canada
Signore Albino, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Red
History:2016-12: For sale in UK from Mike Abbas.
2016-08: For sale in US California on eBay from Ferraris-online LLC (Michael W. Sheehan).
2015-09: For sale in Canada on from same owner.
2015-06: For sale in Canada from Autoform Performance Inc. Vancouver.
2012-01: The car is sold to new owner Tim Wyman.

101-18083500 GT Touring ENGINE ONLY
Engine No:101-1808
Engine (I):Known
Owner(s):Bart Janssen (Engine only), Netherlands
Unknown, Norway
History:2017-03: Engine is bought in Norway to be mounted in Sebring AM101-01-717 (which has a V8) in the Netherlands. No information about the 3500 car.

101-18103500 GT Touring
History:Januari 2010. The car is in need of restoration.
Engine fitted in 3500 GT 101-1514.
2014-10: Pictures added.

101-18143500 GT Touring

Added october 2010

The car arrived in the UK in 1965-1966, registration GRP435D.
Hood and chassis plates belonging to car 101-1814 are in the UK with other 3500 owner.
Car was damaged years ago, chassis was thrown away, body was badly damaged.
Engine now in 3500 GTI101-2026

101-18163500 GT Touring
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Grigio albany
Interior new:Rosso
Engine No:101-1816
Touring No:12146
Owner(s):Known, Austria
Thepenier, France (First Owner)
Paint Color:Red
History:Thepenier demonstation car shown on Paris Motorshow in 1961. Delivered to Jean Laval on the 4th of november 1961.

2014-01: Car is in Austria and will be completely restored.
2013-01: For sale at FA-Automobiles.

101-18183500 GT Touring
Paint new:Brown
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Carlos Macaya, USA
Larry Ruben, USA
Delivered at Maserati, USA (First Owner)
Paint Color:Red

101-18203500 GT Touring
Year:4 november 1961
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Grigrio
Interior new:Nero
Options:Lengthened steering column with 10cm and self locking differential
Owner(s):Gilles De Dumast, UK
Hazebroucq, France (First Owner)

101-18223500 GT Touring
Paint new:Silver metallic
Interior new:Red
Options:Ventilation in top of front wings
Owner(s):Unknown, Switzerland
History:2020-08: Spotted in Switzerland.

101-18243500 GTI Touring
Year:18 september 1961
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Grigrio Mettallizato
Interior new:Blue
Owner(s):Gilles Vallerian, France
Gerard Fasseu, France
Gilles Vallerian, France
Alain Bouillon, France
de Pretto, France (First Owner)
History:2014-04: Car is restored a few years agoand is still in the same color combination like when it was new.

101-18263500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Michael L. Giambatista, USA

101-18303500 GT Touring
Paint Color:Red
History:2009-05: Sold at in Switzerland: "Second owner. 500 km since engine overhaul. Mechanics overhauled, partly new. Body in very good condition and newly painted. Interior in very good and well kept original condition".

101-18323500 GT Touring
Touring No:12156
Owner(s):Unknown, Switzerland
History:Januari 2006. This car is located in Switzerland.

101-18343500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-1834
Paint Color:Red

101-18363500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-1836
Touring No:12165
Options:This GT has already the GTI firewall and heater system.
Owner(s):Peter Paul du Buisson & Reinier, Netherlands
Beverly Hills Car Club, USA
Paint Color:Blue
History:2022-02-12: The car is completely restored and revealed to other car enthousiasts.
2020-10-30: Mervin Lapré informs me that Peter Paul du Buisson is the new owner.
2020-03: For sale on eBay by Beverly Hills Car Club.

101-18403500 GT Touring
Year:10 januari 1962
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Bianco
Interior new:Blue
Owner(s):Ets Grizot-Launay, Mr. Launay, France (First Owner)

101-18423500 GT Touring
Year:11 October 1961
Paint new:Grigrio Albany
Interior new:Pelle Nera
Owner(s):Unknown, Sweden
Sig. Gian Carlo Casati, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Red
History:Car dismantled and sold in parts 1970-71. Chassis in Sweden

101-18443500 GT Touring
Paint new:Grigio Albany (Max Meyer code 16.249)
Interior new:Pelle Blue (Connolly code PAC.1545)
Engine No:101-1844
Touring No:12161
Owner(s):Avv. Ottone Pironti, Italy
Avv. Antonio Salzano, Italy
prof. Michele Migliaccio, Italy
Signor Fiorenzo Fratini, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Grigio Albany
Interior:Pelle Blue
History:2013-03: The following information is provided by Avv. Ottone Pironti: "The first owner was Fiorenzo Fratini, a well known textile industrialist from Firenze. The car was first registered on the 10th of Januari 1962 with number FI 166732.
The second owner was a pharmacist from Lecce Ortensio on the 15th of June 1964, now registered LE 53440.
The third owner was Michele Palomba from corallo di Torre del Greco (Na) on the 8th of Januari 1966 and the car got the registration NA 382621.
After some years the car, now no longer in good condition was aquired by the family of senator Cirillo, who was kidnapped by the Red Brigade during the 80's. In the years after that the car was lying partially dismantled in a warehouse until 2008 when it was aquired by a collector from S. Maria Capua Vetere avv. Antonio Salzano who restored the car back to it's original colors and configuration. In February 2012, the car was aquired by me, avv. Ottone Pironti.".
2012-01: The car is for sale by Antonio Salzano.
2007-01: This 3500 is being restored at the moment. It will be finished soon. The engine has run 53.000km from new.

101-18503500 GT Touring
Paint new:Grigio Metallizzato
Interior new:Pelle blue
Touring No:12164
Owner(s):Unknown, Germany
Robert Crotty, USA
Baron Pompeo Terribile of Mesagne, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Grigio Metallizzato
Interior:Pelle blue
History:I received the following story from Robert (last updated june 2006): AM101.1850 (Carrozzeria Touring body No. 12164) was delivered new by the factory to Baron Pompeo of Terribile of Mesagne (Brindisi), Italy on October 31st of 1961. It was an interim car, sporting a full set of disc brakes, a fiberglass cold air box, the Carrozzeria Touring emblem located above the fender vents and a 5 speed transmission. It was painted Grigio Metalizzato with blue leather and grey carpets. Unique features included a wood rimmed Nardi steering wheel, town and country horn sets, in-dash radio (no history of when installed) and a starter-killing security lock mounted in the glove box. The official records of registration from the Automobile Club Italia reveal that AM101.1850 remained in Italy and had the following ownership history and transfer dates: March 25, 1965 Transferred to Antonio Terribile, Scipione Terrible and Maria Sangiovanni March 25, 1965 Transferred to Maria Amalia Sangiovanni in Rome April 6, 1965 Received new license plates for Rome November 26, 1966 Transferred to Antonio Cesaria in Oria December 21, 1966 Received new license plates for Oria June 4, 1979 Sold to Luigi Carrieri in Monopoli. June 18, 1979 Received new license plates for Bari July 4, 1979 Sold to Vittorio Fiume in Putignano October 17, 1981 Sold to Paola Zazzera in Monopoli. In 1980, Mr. Daniel Gentile, a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area with business interests in the Bari region of Italy, saw and drove AM101.1850 for the first time while visiting Putignano. On a return trip in 1983, Mr. Gentile purchased the car from a liquor manufacturer/distributor in Putignano, assumedly Mr. Paola Zazzera. At some point during its life in Italy, AM101.1850 was repainted to a warm shade of silver. A shipping invoice dated December 3, 1983 details its importation to San Francisco, CA and was reportedly in a state of general disrepair. The bumpers were re-chromed and the carpets were re-dyed. The car also received a new set of Cinturato tires and minor maintenance. AM101.1850 participated in the Palo Alto Concours d

101-18583500 GT Moretti
Engine No:101-214
Owner(s):Alfredo Brener, USA
Paint Color:Red
History:2019-10: It turned out that the engine number was misspelled in 2014 as 101-124, but it turned out to be 101-214 (thanks to Lucas Laureys).
2014-08-15: For sale at Bonhams Quail Lodge Auction (no result shown, so probably not sold). The description reads: "The only Maserati ever bodied by Moretti, formerly part of the Alfredo Brener collection.
The majority of Maserati 3500 Coupés produced received coachwork by the likes of Touring, while Spiders were skinned by Frua and Vignale, among others. But not all were content simply taking a "standard" car, and while unibody construction made custom coachwork more and more of a rarity with the exception of special, very limited production vehicles like the Maserati 5000GT, there was still a market for craftsmen to create bespoke bodywork that was a bit different from the norm.
Moretti had started building motorcycles in 1925 and later moved onto to microcars. Following WWII, Moretti turned its attention to modifying Fiats and later building its own cars, the most famous of which - the Moretti 750 - is a collector car in its own right. Moretti would continue to work closely with Fiat until it closed shop in the 1980s.
This Maserati was delivered new to Copenhagen, Denmark in 1962 as a Touring bodied coupe. Following an accident in 1965, the decision was made to have the car entirely rebodied rather than repaired. Moretti was enlisted to perform the job, and the sleek 2+2 they created was displayed at the 1966 Geneva Auto Salon. The car was quite a bit larger than Moretti's typical fare of small and medium displacement cars, but the long hood and Kamm tail worked well to produce a swift fastback that brings the Iso Grifo to mind. Pictures from period magazines show the car in a slightly darker red than it presents in today and wearing Danish license plates.
The rare Moretti-Maserati Coupe's history from the late 1960s through the mid-1980s is unknown at the time of publication, but by the '80s the car was with a collector in Germany. Acquired from Germany in 2000 by noted Maserati collector Alfredo Brener, the car came to the US and was gently refurbished. Mostly original, the Maserati Coupe Speciale was repainted in bright red, while its white leather interior was redone presumably around the same time.
A Maserati 3500 GT is rare, a uniquely coachbuilt one rarer still. And a Moretti-bodied Maserati? Well, there is only one opportunity to put that in your garage, and this is it.
Footnotes: Please note that this vehicle is titled as a 1966 and with chassis number 101-1858.".
2003-09-10: Auctioned at RM Auctions, Maserati Auction at Monterey, Lot# 442. VeloceToday wrote in the results: "1966 Maserati 3500 GT Coupe, Body by Moretti; S/N 1011858; Estimate $50,000 - $75,000; Hammered Sold at $27,000 plus commission of 10.00%; Final Price $29,700 -- Alfredo Brener collection. No Reserve.".

101-18603500 GT Touring
Paint new:Grigio Albany
Engine No:101-1860
Engine (I):Known
Options:Ventilation in top of front wings
Owner(s):Superleggera Classic Cars, Matthias Hinz, Portugal
Unknown, Switzerland
Paint Color:Grigio Albany
History:2016-10: Being restored in Portugal, Superleggera Classic cars, Matthias Hinz.
201x: Seen at Oldtimer Nitsche Workshop for restoration.
2008-09: For sale at OLDTIMER GALERIE TOFFEN (sold). Car is incomplete, but engine is running.

101-18623500 GT Touring
Paint new:Maroon red
Engine No:101-1862
Touring No:12172
Owner(s):Unknown, GB
Unknown, GB
Paint Color:Red
History:2015-06-13: For sale at Anglia Car Auctions: Imported into the UK in 1972 and purchased by its second owner, the vendor's husband, in 1986. It has been in storage since when the brake pads were removed and the coolant drained. #101-1862 is a matching numbers disc braked car with 5-speed ZF transmission and is offered in need of restoration. The car does roll freely and the engine turns. It comes with a handful of documents which include a current V5, a copy of the first V5 issued in the UK, an MoT from 1986 and a letter from the first owner's wife.
1986: Purchased by its second owner.
1972: Imported into the UK.

101-18723500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Hans Doll, Germany

101-18743500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Pastorelli Classics, Netherlands and Italy
Paint Color:Silver
History:2015-03: For sale at Pastorelli Classics: "The car will undergo a complete bare metal restoration to bring it back in perfect condition. It’s now for sale included with the restoration."

101-18803500 GTI Touring
Year:23 october 1961
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Grigrio Mettallizato
Interior new:Rosso
Options:Self locking differential
Owner(s):Durif, France (First Owner)
History:Paris motorshow 1961

101-18823500 GT Touring
Owner(s):SIPA SpA, Italy (First Owner)
History:For sale at (march 2006).

101-18843500 GT Touring
Touring No:12181
Options:Wire wheels
Martin Dijkhof, NL
Mr. van Nimwegen, NL
Paint Color:Grey
History:2007-02. Offered for sale by Martin Dijkhof.
1972 : Mr van Nimwegen bought this car at Maserati dealer Maasland when he was a student. The front window screen broke so he had to get a new one. The price of the new window turned out to be higher than what he had paid for the car...

101-18863500 GT Touring
Dealer:Franco Cornacchia
Paint new:Grigio Newmarket metallizzato (Max Meyer code 16.817)
Interior new:Pelle Rosso (Connolly code PAC.1603)
Engine No:101-1886
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:12182
Owner(s):Known, Czech republic
Guy Berryman, UK
Richard Olmstead, USA
Hermes Pan, USA (First Owner)
Paint Color:Red
History:This car has a very interesting first owner, a Mr Hermes Pan, who was a very famous hollywood dance choreographer who designed all the dances for Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers.
Mr Pan bought the car while working on a famous Hollywood film "Cleopatra" in Roma in 1961 and was using the car in Italy until June 1962, when he onboarded a ship to the US (accompanied by Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton).

2015-10: Car is in restoration.
2014-06: Listed as "sold" by
2013-10: For sale at FA Automobiles.

101-18903500 GTI Touring
Engine No:101-1890
Owner(s):German owner,
Paint Color:Red
History:Offered for auction at Sothebys, Geneva sales centre, Geneva. Two owners from new. Swiss papers. Condtion rating 2. This car has a German owner although it's still Switzerland.

101-18963500 GTI Touring
Paint new:Black
Interior new:White
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:12187
Owner(s):Keaton Myrick, USA
Donald F. Myrick, USA
Mr. Myrick, USA (First Owner)
Paint Color:Light blue silver
Interior:Black (maybe blue?)
History:2017-04: Sold on eBay: Engine #1090. Been in our family since 1971 (Note from the admin: Keaton wrote in 2008 on FerrariChat "since 1961"?). 23,849 Kilometers on the dial. Sat in my fathers garage for 30+ years, then sent to Milo Gach in Vancouver BC for a tune up.
Vehicle runs but I believe is in need of a valve job. Left factory November 22, 1961 with black exterior and white interior. Early injection model and my father converted it to webers.
Injection unit in a box and is included with the purchase. Original Blaupunkt radio.
This car has it's share of bumps and scrapes and is not perfect. I intended to conduct a complete restoration but ran out of time and money. Car is registered and has a clean title. The car is registered as a 1963 but is a easy change when re-titling.
2008-09 on FerrariChat: Keaton: "My grandfather bought this car new in 1961 and has recently handed it down to me.".
1985-08: This car was offered for sale. Mechanical in good condition, it needed work on body and paint.

101-19003500 GTI Touring
Year:14 november 1961
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Rosso Bosco
Interior new:Havane
Engine No:AM101-01625
Touring No:12189
Owner(s):Henri Thorn, Germany
Joop Stolze, Netherlands
AB Racing Burgundy, France
de Montaigu, France (First Owner)
Paint Color:Blue
History:2012-2017: Current owner bought the car from Stolze and started the restoration. Body is done by Nitsche, engine by Peschl.
2012: For sale at Joop Stolze.
2012-01: Shown for sale at Car and Classic website: Original Lucas injection, ZF S5-17 gearbox, original French logbook. The black paint job needs redoing, the body is in good condition with no corrosion, the black leather seats are worn, a set of new carpets is included in the supply. The car is complete, the bumpers and the front gril have to be rechromed, the 16" Borrani rims are original with the proper riveted insert. The car has covered 75.000 km and its engine was changed in 1974. The present owner has used it for 5000 km and stopped it in 1977 before storing it. Both the engine and gearbox are dismantled.

101-19023500 GT Touring
Paint new:Black
Engine No:Replaced with correct engine (without 101-number) with carbs due to temporary V8
Engine (I):Known
Owner(s):Daniel J. Rapley, USA
Paint Color:Red
History:2016-07: For sale on eBay and added to registry: In 1961 Count Volpi de Misurata (aged 24 yrs) established Scuderia Serenissima. Through the 1960s the team raced Ferrari's, Maserati, Lotus, DeTomaso and others. In the 1961 season they raced LeMans, Nurburgring, Targa Florio, Monaco, Spa Francorchamps, Reims, Monaco. A busy year! The joys of being young, talented and wealthy.
Scuderia Serenissima quickly became a force to be reckoned with.
Maserati has confirmed that on November 7, 1961 they delivered a black 3500GT to the team (chassis AM101-1902). It is believed that the car was used by the team for road transportation to and from events during the busy 1962 season.
At about this time the Ferrari 250 Breadvan (2819GT) was being finished by Giotto Bizzarrini for use by Serenissima in the 1962 season along side their Maserati Birdcage (63.004).
The car on offer is the Scuderia Serenissima Maserati 3500GT. This car represents an opportunity to own and restore a car that was there during the great battles of the early 1960's.
History: Little is known of the car after it left Serenissima until it turned up in California in 1977. It remained in the same family ownership from 1977 to 2016.
Current condition: The car is in need of restoration. Original interior. Nice body and paint. It might be advisable to revert the bodywork to the original black color, but that is for the new owner to decide. The car acquired an American V8. It currently has a correct 3500GT engine in it. Originally it would have been injected. The current engine has triple weber carburetors. The car has it's correct 5 speed gearbox. The car sits on four bolt on wire wheels. Originally it would have been on Borrani steel wheels. The car has all of its pieces and parts.

101-19043500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Unknown, Trnava, Slovakia
Dr. Miloš Kristofik, Slovakia
Joop Stolze, NL
Paint Color:Blue metalic
History:2017-08: For sale on from Slovakia: "This car has been professional frame off restored. All parts are original. Motor adjustments were made in Maranelle in Italy in April 2017."
2004: For sale at Joop Stolze, Netherlands.

101-19063500 GTI Touring
Year:28 november 1961
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Verde Parioli
Interior new:Verde
Options:Wire wheels and self locking differential
Owner(s):Launay, France (First Owner)

101-19083500 GTI Touring

101-1908 was sold by Rob de la Rive Box, Switzerland in the 1970's.

Not known if the car is still in excistence

101-19103500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Hiroshi Sugao, Japan
John G. Wulfers, Monte Carlo
Jim Gurley,

101-19143500 GTI Touring
Engine No:101-312
Owner(s):Jan Jaap Kuiper, NL
Hans van der Meijs, NL
Paint Color:Grigio Metallizzato
Interior:Pelle blue
History:2004 The was offered for sale by the owner. The car is fitted with carburator engine.

101-19203500 GT Touring
Paint Color:Grey
History:It was for sale at (march 2006).

101-19223500 GTI Touring
Year:15 december 1961
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Bianco
Interior new:Nero
Owner(s):Lousada, France (First Owner)
History:Exported by Thepenier.

101-19243500 GTI Touring
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Celest Chiaro (Max Meyer code 16.300)
Engine No:101-1924
Touring No:12204
Options:Self locking differential
Owner(s):Laurent Taurel, France
Francois Cointreau, France
Serge Pozzoli, France
Geoges Lepron, France
mr. Martell, France (First Owner)
Paint Color:Light Blue
History:I've got the following information from Laurent Taurel: The car was sold when new in France from Thepenier, the French importer. The first owner was the Martell company well known producer of cognac. I had when i bought the car a phone conversation with mr. Andre Mmartell.After this i dont know exactly what happened to the car. I met mr Geoges Lepron in France who told me he owned the car in the seventies. The car appeared in an Parisian auction, possibly Poulain in 1988 (i have a copy of the catalogue) it belonged to the well knowed enthousiast Serge Pozzoli. It was sold at the auction organised after his death in 1994 by famour car restorer Francois Cointreau from Angers (France), i bought it a few time later from him. The car is in quite good condition with matching number engine and transmission.The interior is in original condition with the original leather. The car is light blue metallic wich is not exactly the original color.The correct color is Celest Chiaro (Max Meyer 16300). It's a very useable (and used) car converted to carbs by me ten years ago, the original injection system is still with the car, like a copy of the original buying bill.

101-19283500 GTI Touring
Options:Wire wheels
Paint Color:Silver
History:Offered for sale in december 1991 in the Maserati Market letter as: Two owners, wire wheels, disc brakes, no rust, 5-speed, alloy body, only 26,000 miles since new and in excellent condition.

101-19323500 GTI Touring
Year:1962 (Produced end of 1961, registered in 1962 at Torino, Italy)
Engine No:Not present, but engine is matching as confirmed by Maserati Classiche!
Engine (I):Known
Owner(s):Massimo Chiara, Italy
Paint Color:Albany grey
History:2017-03: The owner in Italy wrote me a nice mail: "I bought 101-1932 long time ago, in 1989, from a scrapyard in Torino. In all these long years I slowly restored the car and looked for the missing part. Now the car is complete and running, wih his original Albany grey and brown interior, according to the production specs. I decided to have the Webers instead of the Lucas fuel injection. The original engine installed in the car has no number".
2012: Engine number 101-1932 is incorrectly listed on the type-plate of car 101-2024. The internal number of the engine in car 101-1932 however is confirmed by Maserati Classiche to be the matching number engine for 101-1932.

101-19343500 GTI Touring
Engine No:101-1934
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:12209
Owner(s):Known, Austria
Unknown, Italy
Paint Color:White
History:2014: For sale (and sold) by FA Automobile

101-19363500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Unknown, France
History:Added may 2008.Unknown if it's a GT or GTI.

101-19543500 GTI Touring
Dealer:Cesare Perdisa, Bologna (Italy)
Paint new:Grigio Metallizzato (Metallic grey, Max Meyer code 16.677)
Interior new:Blue (Connolly code PAC.1545)
Engine No:101-1954
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:12219
Owner(s):Sebastian Walther, UK
Walter Willmott, New Zealand
Chris Amon, New Zealand
Peter Revson, UK
Bruno Deserti (registered with the Bologna Automobile Club), Italy
Cesare Perdisa (Maserati dealer and owner for 2 years), Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Grigio Metallizzato (Metallic grey, Max Meyer code 16.677)
Interior:Blue (Connolly code PAC.1545)
History:NOTE: In 2012 another car, a GT with number 101-1594, was mistakenly auctioned by RM auctions at Pebble Beach under the number 101-1954.

2013: Fabio Collina wrote to Sebastian Walther: NOTE: I would like to inform you that last year (2012) in August a 3500GT was sold at RM Auction in Pebble Beach (lot no 261). It was made a mistake on the catalogue and the chassis number reported was AM101*1954* (but later it was discovered that the correct number of the vehicle was AM101*1594*). So RM asked to marque historian Dr. Adolfo Orsi (grandson of Omar Orsi, of Maserati SpA) to provide an historical research to be published on RM catalogue. So he did it, but of course he did the research about your car....! For your information, below you can find what it was reported on the catalogue about the history of your car Maserati 3500GTI # AM101*1954*, I hope you enjoy it:

The Maserati 3500GT Touring was introduced in 1957 and production continued until 1964, with approximately 2,000 manufactured during that period. Maserati 3500GTI AM101*1954* spent the first five years of its life in Europe, as confirmed from research by marque historian Adolfo Orsi. In November 1961, Bologna Maserati dealer Cesare Perdisa, himself a former race pilot, placed an order for this car, finished in grey with a blue interior. Completed and delivered in February of the following year, Mr. Perdisa retained the car for two years, using it for dealership and promotional purposes, before it was acquired in 1964 by Bruno Deserti and registered with the Bologna Automobile Club. An up and coming Italian driver on the European circuits, Mr. Deserti later turned the Maserati over to a fellow competitor, Peter Revson, the dashing your Revlon cosmetics heir who was just beginning his racing career and driving in Formula Junior throughout Europe. At that time, Mr. Revson and other future auto racing stars were based in England, as were the major racing teams, their shops, and suppliers. As his career progressed, he would enjoy much success at the Indianapolis 500 and in Formula One, as well as Can-Am racing and a podium finish at the 12 Hours of Sebring with Steve McQueen.
According to supplied documents, Revson brought AM101*1954* back to Modena in the summer of 1964 for a service. In fact, Mr. Orsi, grandson of Omar Orsi, of Maserati SpA, recalls being in his grandfather's office when Revson arrived. By year's end, Revson relinquished his stewardship to another competitor, Chris Amon, of New Zealand, the tremendously talented Formula One driver, whose long list of accomplishments included wins at the 24 Hours of Daytona and Le Mans. Mr. Amon later passed the Maserati to Walter Willmott, a fellow New Zealander and an employee of Team McLaren.
Addendum Please note the catalog incorrectly references Mr. Orsi's presence in his grandfather's office upon Peter Revson's arival. The provenance of this car, as it relates to the famous racing driver and the car's subsequent owners is otherwise entirely accurate.
1970: Changed owner to Sebastian walther.
196x: New owner Walter Willmott.
1964: Changed owner to Bruno Deserti, then Peter Revson and by year's end to Chris Amon.
1962-02: Delivery to Cesare Perdisa (Maserati dealer and owner for 2 years).

101-19623500 GTI Touring
Year:22 december 1961
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Grigrio Scuro
Interior new:Nero
Owner(s):Known, BE
Monteux, France (First Owner)
Paint Color:Dark grey
History:Offered at auction by Brooks at Paris Auction Centre in Paris, date unknown (lot 060).

101-19663500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Andreas Baum, Germany
Paint Color:Silver
History:Sold at auction at 10/08/1991 - 10/08/1991 N

101-19683500 GTI Touring
Year:Februari 1962
Paint new:Grigrio Montebello (MaxMeyer 16.003)
Interior new:Pelle Nera (PAC 1560)
Options:Borrani wire wheels
Owner(s):Bob Hopstaken, The Netherlands
Albino Buticchi, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Grigio Montebello

3500 GTI with 5 instruments. Was for sale in Bonn by Oldtimer Bonn GmbH, Germany approx. 2005.

July 2012 Offered for sale by Linnartz & Peschl for owner and sold to new Dutch owner.

101-19703500 GTI Touring
Owner(s):Vincenzo Franza, Italy
Giuseppe Franza, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Grey
History:This car was bought from dealer Cornacchia in 1962 and after 7 years it was stored inside after only 10.000 km! In 1993/1994 the car is fully restored by by Carrozzeria Campana di Modena.
January 2014: This car is for sale

101-19723500 GTI Touring
Year:13 januari 1962
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Nero
Interior new:Nero
Options:Self locking differential
Owner(s):Larue, France (First Owner)

101-19743500 GTI Touring
Year:13 januari 1962
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Grigrio Perla
Interior new:Rosso
Options:Radio and avertisseur spécial
Owner(s):Faugeres and Jutheau, (First Owner)

101-19763500 GTI Touring
Year:22 januari 1962
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Grigrio Mettallizato
Interior new:Nero
Owner(s):Hans Salm , Germany
unknown, Germany
Segal, France (First Owner)
Paint Color:Dark blue
History:December 2006. This car is in northern Germany for 20 years.

101-19783500 GTI Touring
Interior new:Nero
Engine No:101-1978
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:12232
Owner(s):Oscar van Leeuwen, Netherlands
Daniel Schmitt & Co. Classic Car Gallery, USA
Paint Color:Argento Auteil Metallic
History:2020-05-01: Car is in the Netherlands with new owner Oscar van Leeuwen.
2016-06: For sale on eBay: Finished in stunning Argento Auteil Metallic with a beautifully preserved black leather interior, this magnificent motorcar is among one of the finest original 3500 GTIs we have seen in years. It was recently purchased from an avid collector with the help of Wayne Carini, who stated, "this 3500 is one of the best I've ever driven". It still retains its original Lucas mechanical fuel injection system, making this well-documented 3500 GTI the one to own.
2016-5: Sold at Bonhams: This wonderfully original and unmolested 3500GTi is a well-cared for survivor. Still equipped with its rarely seen Lucas fuel injection system, the car runs very well and has recently been serviced.
The attractive argento paint is likely an older respray but the balance of the car appears all original. The rich, black leather interior is very appealing and reflects a carefully maintained car that has not been neglected.

101-19883500 GTI Touring
Paint new:Azzurro Vincennes (Max Meyer code 16.229)
Interior new:Senape (Connolly code VM.3100)
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:12236
Owner(s):Craig Jones, UK
Guy Berryman, UK
Mr James Peterson , USA
Mr. Paolo Macchi , Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Blu Sera
History:2016-08: Restoration finished in blue (not original colour as stated earlier).
2013-10: New owner will have car restored by Paul de Turris at DTR Sports in England. The car will return in it's original colour. Progress can be followed at DTRSports Projects.
2013-09: For sale on ebay by Godin Banks.
2012-12: Sold by Coys on the 4th of december in London.

101-19903500 GT Touring
Owner(s):James R. Peacock, USA
Anne Aulenta, USA
Paint Color:Light Blue Metalic
History:Engine fitted in 3500 GTI Vignale Spider 101-1403.

101-19983500 GTI Touring