The Maserati 3500 GT and GTI registry : largest view on known VIN / chassis numbers, author: Marc Florie
VIN in range:
101-001 - 101-456
101-502 - 101-1000
101-1002 - 101-1500
101-1502 - 101-2000
101-2002 - 101-2500
101-2502 - 101-2858
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The Maserati 3500 GT registry : Historical Documents

The Maserati 3500 GT and GTI Touring registry

Historical 3500 GT(I) documents

To purchase historical documents of your car from Maserati S.p.A, please contact Fabio Collina at:

Fabio Collina
Direzione Post Vendita - Maserati Classiche
fax +39 059 866 3522

Thepenier Archives

Frédéric Doniot owns the archives from Thepenier, the French Maserati distributor during the 50's until
the early 80's. If you own a 3500 sold by them chances are he has documentation of your car.
You can contact him at or visit his website Thepenier Maserati Register.

Caratteristiche dell'autotelaio

Caratteristiche dell'autotelaio

To my opinion the best of all documents, "Caratteristiche dell'autotelaio". Here you find how your car has been configurated. It's full of little details. The weight of connection rods and pistons etc. Options and colors in the corner on the right.
Provided by Bill Noon of Symbolic Motors.

Avviso Spedizione

Avviso spedizione

Document "Avviso spedizione", or the delivery note from 101-442.
It contained the chassis and engine number of the car, the number and wheels and tyresize and type of brakes and color of the car. This toolkit only contained a steel hammer, so it can be assumed that 101-442 had the disk type Borrani wheels. Use streetview to get an impression of the first owners or the dealers area when the car was new.
Provided by Marcel Zwaneveld.

Ordine in fabbrica

Ordine in fabbrica

Document "Ordine in Fabbrica" from car 101-586.
It seems to be equipped with special camshafts, lowered seats and a lenghtened steering column.
The disk brakes where still an option.



This document contains (the internal copy of) the invoice of 101-2574, february 19th 1963.
Thanks to Andrea Montalenti for providing this document.

Lavori da Eseguire

Lavori Da Esequire

This document contains the first factory check of 101-2574.
Note that the car has been sent back to the factory in Modena (600 km. from Napoli) for the first check just two months after the purchase.
Thanks to Andrea Montalenti for providing this document.