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The Maserati 3500 GT and GTI Touring registry

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101-10043500 GT Touring
Paint new:Daphnie Blue
Interior new:White - cream
Owner(s):Unknown, France
Michael Cooper, USA
Giovanni Londi,
Paint Color:Grey
History:News from Michael Cooper: 1973 - 2000 Owned by Giovanni Londi (Sat in a locked garage for nearly 30 years) 2000 - 2004 I purchased it from Giovanni and restored it. (Boy do I miss that car) I then sold it to Heritage motor car in Los Angeles. 2004 Car was shipped to France. This car was in the magazine Retroviseur in september 2007.

101-10063500 GT Touring
Paint new:Grigio Flemington (Max Meyer code 16.376)
Owner(s):Unknown, Germany
Jerry E. Wood, USA
Gabriel Renero, Mexico

This car was sold on E-Bay early 2005 by Healy Werks.
eBay story:
This 3500 has lived it's life in Mexico and is very rust and corrosion free
as a result of this. The car has been sitting for about 10 years and is ready
for restoration. The engine turns over with the key, but it is not running at
this time. This car is complete , with all of the hard parts to find still intact , and in very good original condition with no collision damage.

September 2008. The car is in Germany. Restoration is considered by the owner.
October 2008. Car offered for sale at Barnato's.

Januari 2010. The car and is object of a extensively full restoration in Germany.

101-10123500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Peter Hedrlin, Czech Republic
Stephane Sanoussi, France
Paint Color:Light blue
History:Sold at eBay in november 2007, missing most parts. Car now in the Czech Republic

101-10183500 GT RHD (VIN = 101-1018 and used double by Maserati!) Touring
Engine No:101-1018
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:12149
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Phil Langdon, UK
Bruce Eckert,
Paint Color:Blue
History:This is the RHD car of the two cars with the same VIN. The other 101-1018 is a LHD car that was delivered new to Switzerland.

2003: Phil owns the car since 2003. It has four wheel disk brakes.

This car was earlier sold at Brooks, Olympia, London Lot 995 condition 2. Date unknown.

101-10193500 GT LHD (VIN = 101-1018 and used double by Maserati!) Touring
Paint new:Gold "Nocciola metallizzato"
Interior new:Brown
Engine No:non-matching
Touring No:8692
Owner(s):Unknown, France
Unknown, France
Unknown, Switzerland (First Owner)
Paint Color:Blue
History:This is the LHD car of the two cars with the same VIN. The other 101-1018 is a RHD car that was delivered new in 1961 to the UK.

2016 on Our European Maserati 3500 GT was built on September 1960 and was delivered new in Switzerland. Its lovely configuration is dark blue and a light grey interior and upholstery, although its dossier explains that the original set up was gold "Nocciola metallizzato" with a brown interior. This is a first series 3500 originally fitted with Weber 42 carburettors. The car was imported in France from Switzerland in 1972, by an enthusiast from Lyon, who started a comprehensive frame-off restoration. Unfortunately, he wasnot able to complete it and had to sell the car in 1991 to its current owner, a true Maserati enthusiast. He will complete the restoration by rebuilding the engine, the gearbox, the body, the front axle, the electrics and a brand new upholstery. A stainless steel exhaust line was installed as well. The paintwork was done about ten years ago. Its chromes are in good condition, and all its specific parts such as the interior equipment are where they should be, the toolbox is included as well. A full dossier of picture details each step of the restoration. Today, this Maserati is in very good overall condition and has been in the same hands for the last 25 years.

101-10203500 GT RHD Touring
Paint new:Rosso
Interior new:Nero
Engine No:101-1020
Touring No:8698
Roberto Giordanelli, UK
Unknown, UK (First Owner)
Paint Color:Red

Sold at Bonhams Goodwood Revival auction 2012

June 2012. 1960 Maserati 3500 GT RHD, delivered in the UK and first registered 1960.
Still has original engine wich has a recent rebuild. Also a reconditioned 5-speed ZF gearbox.
Front disc brakes with new servo and many new parts too numerous to list.
Current owner since 2010.

Date unknown. Offered at Coys, Business Design Centre, Islington. Lot 135.

101-10223500 GT Touring

101-1022 was sold by Rob de la Rive Box, Switzerland in the 1970's.

Not known if the car is still in excistence

101-10263500 GT Touring
History:The fate of the car is unknown. The engine is mounted in Vignale Spider 101-1025.

101-10283500 GT Touring
Owner(s):John S. Felch, USA

101-10303500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Unknown, Italy
Paint Color:White

101-10343500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Michael Hindle, UK
Harold Kenworthy, UK
Unknow, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Silver
History:I got the following story from Gaynor Martin: My dad bought it in 1963 and re registered it in 1964 in italy, the number is known. This car is totally original it has been stood in my garage since 1974. It is still in good condition but the chrome work is becoming pitted, the car has not been driven for more than thirty years. Many documentation is still with the car. The car has been sold october 2007 in the UK.

101-10383500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-1038
Touring No:8681
Owner(s):Daniel Schmitt & Co., USA
Claude Imhoof, USA
Paint Color:Deep Rosso Red
History:2016-11-23: For sale on from seller Daniel Schmitt & Co.: The 1960 Maserati 3500 GT Coupe by Touring featured here is finished in Dark Rosso Red with a beautifully preserved original black leather interior.
Low mileage: Only 26,258 actual miles!
It was recently released from a large prominent collection and then underwent a full service by marque specialists that included a complete fuel system, brake system, and lubrication system overhaul.
2016-11-05: Sold at Auctions America.

101-10423500 GT Touring
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Louis Savaglio, USA
Joop Stolze, NL
Theo van Erkel, The Netherlands
Paint Color:Grey
History:The car was in Holland during the 2004-2008 period with Joop Stolze.
September 2008. The car is for sale at Marreyt Classics Belgium.
Sold in december 2008 to the current owner.

101-10443500 GT Touring
Paint new:Grigrio Autunno Metallizzato (Max Meyer code 16.683)
Interior new:Pelle Blue (Connolly code PAC.1545)
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:8691
Options:Instruments in the Enghlish language
Owner(s):Known, NL
Ruud Bax, NL
unknown, NL
Jan Tuijnder, NL
Joop Stolze, NL
John Nelson, USA
Count Giorgio Fornari, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Blue
Interior:Pelle Blue (Connolly code PAC.1545)
History:Although first believed this was the personal car of Franco Cornacchia, the Milan based Maserati dealer,
the Maserati factory confirms that the first owner was Giorgio Fornari.
It can be assumed that Cornacchia sold the car new to the Milanese Count.
The dealer sticker from Cornacchia is still on the rear screen!

Then the car had a second italian owner before it was shipped to the US.
It was sold to an American customer. An oil change sticker on the door tells
that the car was in the Los Angeles Van Nuys area in 1984. The car was owned in
the US by John Nelson from Northridge, LA. He also owned a 3500 Vignale spider.
This is not far away from Van Nuys so he maybe owned it in the 80's to the early
90's before it came back to Europe. It was imported to Holland in 1992 by Joop Stolze
who drove the car some time and even went to Italy and France. According to Joop the car was also owned by the Dutch Italian car parts specialist Jan Tuynder in the '90.

There has been no welding on the chassis, the steel plating and alloy bodywork.
Most parts of the leather interieur are original. It has the original stitched
plastic upholstery in the boot. The car is equipped with 4 wheel disk brakes.
It came with the original jack, the alloy brace wich keeps the bodywork
protected and the in it's original bag.

101-10463500 GT Touring
Touring No:8683
Paint Color:Dark Blue
History:Delivered in August 1960 in Italy
Unknown whereabouts of the car.

101-10483500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Jim Bruni, USA
Paint Color:Blue
History:1974: Owned by the current owner from 1974.
Jim Bruni saws the 1962 3500 GT in the New York Times for $2,500, not running, with a blown head gasket. But, "The Maserati was pretty easy to work on," he said. So not only was he comfortable with a non-running car, he was happy to find one, particularly since the alloy body was good. After the repair, "It ran great and became my weekend car.".
And that's been the pattern, ever since: Repair and maintain as needed, but otherwise just leave it alone. The Pirelli 185 SR 16s it wears today are the only set of tires he's ever bought for it, and they've been on there for decades.
Later on, he put in new carpet, Wilton he cut himself and had bound. "I'm not sure what the original color was, but the seats were red, which didn't look good, so I bought leather dye and sprayed them myself," he said, and in 2000 he did the rest of the interior, too.
In 1979, he purchased another 3500 GT (101-2088), this time a parts car with a badly damaged body. He kept the engine and five-speed ZF transmission, while trading the rest for correct parts for his running car. The five-speed replaced the stock four-speed and is in there today.
We noticed a fuel pump in the trunk: "There are two Lucas fuel pumps. Even with two, I always kept a backup 12-volt electric pump in the trunk, which I needed more than once," one of the little quirks you learn to live with over 35 years of ownership. The twin-plug design also means there are two complete ignition systems. "I am always amazed at the advanced technology used in this car in 1962," he said. "It is still a thrill to open the hood and show the engine," he said. "I've driven this car every year, at least a few times. It was never in storage. And it still looks great.".
Note: Some details taken from an article from Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car, May, 2009 by David Traver Adolphus.

101-10503500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Auto Tecnica Inc., USA
Bill Gould,

101-10523500 GT Touring
Paint Color:Grey
History:I saw the car in Holland were it was prepared for a road licence. This car was once owned by Dutchman Charles Zwolsman, who was accused / convicted for drugdealing. His classic car collection was auctioned by the Dutch government. In his collection was also a Vignale Spider 101-1007 and several other maserati's.

101-10583500 GT Touring
Touring No:8695
History:June 2007. Car is in Sweden in need of restoration.

101-10603500 GT Touring
Year:29 september 1960
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Grigrio Chiaro Metallizato
Owner(s):Franklin, (First Owner)
History:Exported by Thepenier to Tanger as a new car.

101-10703500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Douglas Speer, USA

101-10723500 GT Touring
Year:18 november 1960
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Azzuro
Interior new:Nero
Owner(s):Bire, France (First Owner)
History:1960: Bought new by mr. Martell but sold before delivery to mr. Bire.

101-10763500 GT Touring
Year:20 november 1960
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Azzurro
Interior new:Naturel
Owner(s):Renaud, France (First Owner)
History:Auctioned at Poulain Le Fur in 1997.

101-10803500 GT Touring
Year:15 november 1960
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Azzurro
Interior new:Naturel
Owner(s):Hakan Bjelkengren, Sweden
Foussier, France (First Owner)
Paint Color:White
History:2018-10: For sale in Sweden. Starts, drives and stops. Original interior in good condition.
The bumpers are wrong, tail lights from Rover.

101-10823500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Herbert Boyd, USA
Paint Color:Body Color: White
Interior:Interior: Black
History:World wide auctioneers Lot 85. Sept 2013

101-10843500 GT Touring
Paint Color:Dark blue
History:Januari 2007. For sale at Auto-Salon-Singen GmbH, Germany It was sold in februari.

101-10863500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-1086 (?)
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:8713
Owner(s):Unknown, Poland
Daniel J. Rapley, US
Unknown (Kansas City), US
Paint Color:Grey
History:2016-12: For sale in Poland with description: matching numbers, complete, body work done, body now in underlay and ready to paint.
2013-08: For sale at eBay by Daniel J. Rapley.
2013: Daniel J. Rapley bought the car, then all he had to do was find it ....
199x: Daniel J. Rapley saw the car under a tree in Kansas City.

101-10883500 GT Touring ENGINE ONLY
Engine No:Engine 101-1088 is fitted in car 101-866.
Owner(s):Known, Goch, Germany
History:2017-07: Engine only. Engine is in Germany with car 101-866 and is overhauled. The car is under restoration.

101-10903500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Robert J. G. Male, Australia

101-10923500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Simon Agar, Australia
David Ratcliff, Australia

101-10943500 GT RHD Touring
Touring No:8716
Owner(s):Mark Longmore, UK
Unknown, UK
History:2013-06: For sale on eBay, very incomplete. Mark Longmore took the challenge and started to first complete all missing parts.

101-10963500 GT Touring
Year:15 october 1960
Dealer:Rome, could be Cornacchia
Touring No:8718
Owner(s):Dick Ploeg, NL
Baan Garage, NL
W.C. van der Waal, NL
R.H. Pors, NL
R. Biekens, NL
Albert Plesman jr., Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Dark blue
History:Dick has a (almost) complete history of 101-1096 sinds new. It was delivered on 15 october 1960 to Albert Plesman jr. who was the son of the KLM co-founder Albert Plesman sr. He was head of the KLM office in Rome. The dealer could be Cornacchia. He took the car to the Netherlands in 1963 and it was registered on 31 may 1963.

101-11003500 GT Touring
Touring No:8720
Owner(s):Chaz and Joe Perrigoue, USA
S.E. James Perrigoue, USA
Mario Casilli, USA
Paint Color:Red
History:Januari 2009. James Perrigoue bought the car in 1970 or 1972 and left it to his sons when he died. Chaz and Joe Perrigoue hope to get the car restored soon.

101-11023500 GT Touring VIN tag only
Paint Color:Red (probably, because of paint around VIN tag)
History:2019-12-10: After Michael Pintauro offered an ignition tube on eBay, I contacted him for more parts and he sent me some pictures. One part he had was the original VIN tag of 101-1102.
He has no idea what happened to the car.

101-11063500 GT Touring
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:9753
Options:Wire wheels
Paint Color:Silver
History:2019-08: For sale on Classic Trader by Ruote da Sogno.
2019-02: For sale at Retromobile, Paris by Ruote da Sogno S.R.L., Italy.

101-11103500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Adriaan Philip Kats, NL
History:Added april 2006.

101-11143500 GT Touring
Paint Color:Red
History:Restoration completed in 1992, offered for auction as lot 47 at Poulain 14 december 1998.

101-11163500 GT Touring
Year:4 november 1960
Paint new:Grigrio
Interior new:Nero
Ets Sorven, Mr Mignard, France (First Owner)
Paint Color:Maroon
History:Has been sold in April 2008 in OSENAT auctions (PARIS).

101-11183500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-1118
Owner(s):Known, Italy
History:Added april 2011. Engine is in France.
March 2013. The car is in Italy.

101-11203500 GT RHD Touring
Dealer:Colin Fleetwood in Lancashire
Engine No:101-1120
Owner(s):John Jackson, UK
London-based record producer, UK
Bobby McIntyre, Scotland
Paint Color:Red
History:2017-06-30: Sold at the Goodwood Festival of Speed sale: "Completed in October 1960 and delivered new to the UK, it is one of only 12 3500 GT Coupés built in right-hand drive configuration. The Maserati's early history is not known, though by 1980 it was in the private collection belonging to Bobby McIntyre. In 1988 the car was sold at auction described as 'requiring restoration'. The new owner commissioned renowned marque specialist Bill McGrath to carry out the rebuild, which had not been finished when the car was sold to the current vendor in 1993. Works already completed by then included restoration of the chassis, overhauling the engine, and re-trimming the interior. McGrath duly completed the restoration for the current owner, who has used the Maserati continuously since then for pleasure and classic rallying, enjoying success on the 'Scottish Malts', 'Rallye des Alpes', etc. The cylinder head was overhauled in 2008, while in 2013 a further bodywork restoration, repaint, and overhaul of the electrics was followed by a class win at the Maserati Centennial Concours. The sensible installation of up-rated road springs and anti-roll bar, together with EZ electric power steering, are the only notified deviations from factory specification. Accompanying documentation consists of sundry restoration invoices, MoT to June 2018, and a V5C Registration Certificate.".
2016-04: It is in this Concours-winning condition that Chloe is offered for sale via Bill McGrath but also in a condition where it is on the button and ready for action. Included are the original front seats, which could be refitted if desired and come with the car.
2012-2014: Having driven over 50,000 miles in the car, many of them in competition, by 2012, Chloe was once again beginning to show its age and John took the plunge to have the bodywork restored again. This work, managed by McGrath, was undertaken by Prestige Restorations in Chertsey and included removing much of the aluminium outer skin in order to repair the results of electrolytic corrosion between the skin and steel-tubed Superleggera frame. This work was completed in time for Chloe to enter the 2014 Maserati Centennial Gathering event, where, even driving there and back, it won first in class in the Centennial Concours. And to say that this is a well-known Club car is an understatement as it has featured on the front cover of Trident magazine no less than three times. This car has been fastidiously maintained by McGrath and is one of the best in the world.
2002-2006: There followed various assaults on the Rallye Des Alpes, garnering a second and a fourth place between 2002 and 2006. Class wins were achieved on the Scottish Malts and the Three Castles Welsh trials and meantime Chloe continued to be used for touring rallys such as the Euroclassic, Maserati Club events and even the odd display on the club stand at the NEC Classic Car Show.
1999: An early victory was as overall winner in the 1999 Maserati International Rally at Goodwood.
McGrath Maserati continued to service and fettle the car and over the next few years introduced a few mild modifications to make the car more usable and competitive – uprated and lowered front springs, a thicker front anti roll bar, new brake discs from modern materials and an auxiliary cooling fan. The first series 3500GT front seats, which do not have fixed backrests, were taken out and replaced with the much more comfortable and secure ones from a series 2 car, trimmed to match the rest of the interior. And finally, John’s prized original Halda tripmeter was fitted, for he had plans for much more serious competition.
1997: The restored car, already affectionately named Chloe, after its original registration number, was completed in time to debut at the 1997 Silverstone Classic meeting and then immediately put into service on numerous events.
1988: It was bought by a London-based record producer who commissioned a restoration by McGrath Maserati. Sadly, half way through this restoration, the late 1980s recession struck and work was put on hold. It would be a full five years before the car would be finished, the project having been sold on to John Jackson from Sheffield.
During this restoration, the body was repaired and repainted, the interior re-trimmed with new leather and carpet throughout and the mechanical parts completely overhauled. The engine was fully rebuilt by Bill McGrath himself.
-1983: Between 1961 and 1983 little is known of the car until it was bought by Scottish collector Bobby McIntyre. By this time the car was in poor condition, with faded red paint and cracked interior leather. McIntyre kept his collection at his home Sorn Castle and on his death in 1988, the collection was sold from there by Sothebys auction.
1961-05: One of only forty 3500GT and GTI models sold new in the UK, this May 1961 car would have been imported by then concessionaire Colin Murray of Fleetwood in Lancashire. An original right hand drive car, with standard Coupe bodywork by Touring of Milan, chassis 1120 is a later series 1 car with three Weber carburettors, five-speed ZF gearbox and disc brakes to the front wheels. It also retains its original engine and is therefore matching numbers.

101-11223500 GT Touring

101-11243500 GT Touring
Touring No:9762
Owner(s):Horacio E. Cardarelli, Argentina
Paint Color:Blue
History:Added april 2006. It was sold that same year in the international cars exposition in Buenos Aires. Its original colour was white with blue interior.

101-11283500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-1128
Touring No:9764
Owner(s):Guy Berryman , UK
Paint Color:Silver

101-11323500 GT RHD Touring
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Christopher Derricott, UK
Paint Color:Black
History:2016-06: Sold at 'Bonhams Goodwood Festival of Speed'.
2008-02: Sold to Christopher Derricott.
2007-10: For sale at the Gallery, NL. It has been told that it has had one owner for the last 23 years.

101-11343500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-1220
Touring No:9766
Owner(s):Arild Overby, Norway
Rolf Thorstensen, Norway
Paint Color:Dark grey metallic
History:The car is undergoing a restoration, started in 2000 and should be running late 2006.

101-11363500 GT Touring
Year:October 1960
Owner(s):Satu Johansson, Sweden
Unknown, Sweden
Paint Color:Red
History:2021-12: Engine 101-1136 shows up in car 101-1762 in Sweden.
2010-10: Satu Johansson bought the car in August 2010 and it is currently taking part in a Swedish Television production where it will be partly restored (restoration of the original interior, polishing of the paintwork, new chrome work or actually stainless steel where available, new rubber parts in the suspension etc).
The car was originally sold to Sweden in 1960 and it has stayed here since then. The car was restored in the late seventies in Sweden and it's tried to maintain the proper patina from a used but loved Gran Turismo.
2006-05: This car was offered for sale at

101-11383500 GT Touring
Year:20 november 1960
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Grigrio Metallizzato
Interior new:Nero
Options:5 speed gearbox
Owner(s):Thepenier demonstration car, (First Owner)
History:Thepenier demonstration car, later sold to mr.Segon

101-11403500 GT Touring
Paint new:Silver metallic
Interior new:Red
Engine No:101-1140
Touring No:9769
Paint Color:Silver metallic
History:2017-04: For sale at Marreyt Classics from Belgium, shown in Essen, Germany: Unrestored and 3rd owner from new!
- In excellent, totally original and in a very charming fully functional condition.
- Paint and leather both practically undamaged but with splendid patina.
- Last owner had this Maserati for 42 years! He bought the car remembering seeing Maserati works driver Cesare Perdisa, who had a Maserati dealership in his home-town Bologna, driving this car with Prova number plates.
Still with Italian BO (Bologna - the home town of Maserati) metal number plates.

101-11423500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-1142
Owner(s):Guy Berryman, UK
Alan Painter, USA
Mr Camillo Guarin, USA
Joe Drabkin, USA
History:2012-07: 101-1142 came with engine 101-044. After some time the owner traced back the original engine which is now reunited with the car.

101-11443500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Unknown, France
Paint Color:Grigio

Sold at Bonhams auction in Monte Carlo. Offered for sale at in early 2005.

March 2012. For sale at Cecil Cars in France

101-11483500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-1148
Owner(s):Unknown, Unknown
Known, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:White
History:2021-02-04: Sold by the Anglo Italian Garage, never being restored, one owner from new until this date.
2006-05: The car is for sale by his owner in Italy.

101-11503500 GT Touring
Year:25 november 1960
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Azzurro
Interior new:Nero
Owner(s):Martell, France (First Owner)
History:Back at the factory! 101-1150 at the factory for damage repair.
Licence plate hidden under hood.

101-11543500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-1154
Owner(s):Unknown, UK
Marquis Emilio Pallavicino, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Black (was red)
Interior:White (was black)
History:2019-10: For sale by Classic Automobiles London, restored in its original nero (black) with white interior.
2015-05: Auctioned at Coys.

101-11603500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Jacques Pozzo di Borgo, USA
History:Februari 2007. Offered for sale by Jacques Pozzo di Borgo.

101-11623500 GT Touring
Year:24 march 1961, first registered 20 april 1961
Dealer:Cornacchia, Milano
Engine No:101-1162
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Donato Maniscalco, Italy
Magnani Biagio, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Grigio Metallizzato
History:The car is unrestored and spent his live in Italy (Auto Mobile Club Italia records) It has a Autovox radio with tubes and electronic search function. Is ASI registerd with gold platters n. 2964 of 11.11.1991 and has FIVA IDENTITY CARD n. 013804 on the 10.5.1999.

101-11643500 GT Touring
Dealer:Cornacchia, Roma
Paint new:Grigio Metallizzato (Max Meyer code 16.817)
Interior new:Pelle Rosso (Connolly code PAC.1603)
Touring No:9780
Owner(s):Mads Erbe Thomassen, Norway
A.S.A. Assistenza Servizi Aerei, (First Owner)

2014-03: Restoration is up to scheme (see picture) and 101-1164 will be back on the road this year!

November 2012. The car is undergoing a major repair/restoration at the moment and will hopefully
be completed in summer 2014. It'll get back it's original color schema.

Sold september 2005 at

101-11683500 GT Touring
Paint new:verde lancia
Interior new:Brown (Connolly code PAC.1386)
Engine No:101-1168
Touring No:9783
Options:Wire (racing) wheels
Extra Isolation
Owner(s):Gerard van Steekelenburg, The Netherlands
Specialty Trim & Uph., USA
Unknown, USA
Mr. Leroy Cohen, USA
Unknown, USA (First Owner)
Paint Color:Green metallic
History:2014-01: Picture added. Car is in restoration and is expected to be back on the road in 2014.
This is Unknown 209.
2007-12: The car is unrestored and for 20 years with his current owner.

101-11723500 GT Touring
Touring No:9816
Owner(s):Chris Furlong, Ireland
Paint Color:Red

101-11763500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Andrea Mariotti, Italy
History:2019-11: The owner Andrea Mariotti writes to me: "The restoration is almost complete. Now the car is like new, KM 0. It has been completely disassembled and stripped and every single piece checked and arranged. Only the leather and carpet interiors remained the original one. All the chrome has been redone.".

101-11783500 GT Touring
Paint Color:Black
History:2017-04: For sale at Beverly Hills Car Club: Comes equipped with a 327 V8 with a manual transmission and knock off Borrani wire wheels. Original California car.
Many parts are not original, like engine and gearbox, wheels, rear axle, interior, tail lights are SIEM as used on earlier 3500 GT's, side windows without quarter vents, etc.

101-11803500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Verkehrshaus der Schweiz - Luzern, Switzerland
Maurice Labhardt, Switzerland
Paint Color:Grey with white roof
History:This car is displayed at Verkehrshaus der Schweiz, in Lucerene.

101-11823500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Paul Monk, Australia

101-11843500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Anthony D. Paglia, USA
John M. Toth, USA
History:2016-08: Picture received where can be seen that the car is converted to a convertible. No further information, except that the car is for restoration at Tony Gillet workshop in Belgium'.

101-11863500 GT Touring (with INCORRECT GTI body)
Engine No:Not stamped
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:12318 (INCORRECT for 101-1186)
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Known, France
Pierre Gomard, France
Paint Color:Silver
History:2022-02-07: Fabio Collina answers within a day: "After a check I can confirm that both the engine internal number and the body number do NOT correspond at the originals of the 3500GT Coupé # AM101*1186*. I also confirm that on the production documents of the AM101*1186* there is not any evidence that it was rebuilt by the Factory later to a GTI version.". Lou Jedeloo decided wisely to not buy this car!
2022-02-06: Car enthousiast Lou Jedeloo contacts the administrator because he is planning to buy this car. However, the GTI-body while the VIN belongs to a GT plus the fact that the Touring number is also likely to be GTI, is very strange and makes him hesitating! We decide to contact Maserati Classiche Fabio Collina first and ask for factory details about this car.
2022-02: Car is offered for sale on
2006: Added april 2006.

101-11883500 GT Touring
Options:Wire wheels
Paint Color:Red
History:Engine now in 101-1806

101-11923500 GT Touring
Touring No:9793
Owner(s):Timothy Hassenger, USA
Dominic Tinero, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Silver
History:Show Meadowbrooks Concourse (winner of a class in 04 and 05). The original owner was signor Dominic Tinero, who when Tim contacted him several years ago (he was 80) lived on the Northern Italy cost. He was stunned that the car still existed, he remembered the car was very fast and couldn

101-11943500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Panini Collection, Italy
Paint Color:Rosso Rubino Mettallizato

101-12003500 GT Touring
Carpet new:Kaki
Owner(s):Guy Neville Montagu, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:White
History:January 2014: For sale in Bologna

101-12043500 GT Touring
Paint new:Grigrio
Interior new:Marrone
Owner(s):Staffan Gunnarsson, Sweden
Mr Brarda, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Royal Blue Metallic
History:Februari 2009. Maserati 3500GT nr: AM 101-1204. Left factory 11/12 1960, collor Grigio, internal marrone sold to Mr Brarda in Torino. The car was imported to Sweden by an Italian doctor approx. 1965. I bougt this car in a very poor condition 1970 from the Swedish Maserati Importer Auto Jahn in Motala. I took me five years to restore it, and I painted the car in Royal blue metallic. I still own this car, but have not driven with it for ower 10 years. It needs a new paint and some more works. Staffan Gunnarsson

101-12083500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Unknown, The Netherlands
Willem Driessen, NL
Paint Color:Dark Blue

101-12183500 GT Touring
Paint new:Black
Interior new:Ivory
Engine No:101-1218
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:9805
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Alexander de Groot, Belgium
Guy De Paep, Belgium
Donald F. Myrick, USA
Giovanni Capri Cruciani, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Grey
History:Auction Les Grandes Marques

101-12203500 GT RHD Touring
Touring No:9806
Paint Color:Red
History:This car can be found in the classicsmuseum in Hamilton NZ .

101-12223500 GT RHD Touring
Owner(s):Howard, Australia
Stuart R. Anderson, Australia

101-12243500 GT RHD Touring
Owner(s):Ian L. Barker,

101-12263500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Richard Novak, USA
History:Added april 2006.

101-12303500 GT Touring
Paint new:Grigrio Platano
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Known (engine only), Italy
Paolo, Italy
Paint Color:Grigio
History:2015-09: Original engine for sale at in Italy.
2009-12: Offered for sale at
2009-10-24 + 25: The car was on display at the Padua Classic car show.
2007-09: Offered for sale at

101-12323500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-1232
Touring No:9810
Options:5-speed gearbox
Owner(s):Best Auto Srl, Italy
Unknown, Belgium
Unknown, Unknown
Unknown, Unknown
Jules Muggler, Switzerland (First Owner)
Paint Color:Red
History:2016-11: For sale in Italy: "The car has very few kilometers from new because it was exhibited in a museum for several years until 2002, the mechanics and chassis have been completely overhauled and any worn parts are replaced. The body and interior have been completely redone in their color".
2015-12-01: Sold at Coys 'True Greats' for £170,240.
2015-10: At Padova show in Italy.
2012: Sold to 4th owner in Belgium.
2002: Sold to 3rd owner.
1964-02: Sold to 2nd owner.
1961-01-12: A Maserati dealer in Geneva sold the car new to mr. Jules Muggler, a Swiss executive living in Lausanne.

101-12363500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Paul Koot, NL
History:Currently under restoration (jan 2006).

101-12423500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Tomas Allard, Sweden
Staffan Enhorning, Sweden
History:November 2009 The car is currently under restoration

101-12463500 GT Touring
Year:16 februari 1961
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Rosso
Interior new:Cinghiale
Owner(s):Col. J. Simone, (First Owner)

101-12483500 GT Touring
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Frank G. Manderano, USA
John Kane, Canada
Paint Color:Silver
History:Seattle Italian Concors 2005 and winner in 2006 (unrestored 3500 GT).

101-12503500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Benno Krähenmann, Switzerland
Paint Color:Silver
History:Added november 2014

101-12543500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-1254
Owner(s):Alessandro Cappelli, Italy
Paint Color:Blue
History:Only two owners since new. ASI targa no 5531, gold plate. Was was sale in 2005.

101-12623500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Scott Potter, USA

101-12643500 GT Touring
Paint Color:Dark blue

101-12663500 GT Touring
Year:Januari 1961
Paint new:Argento Metallizzato
Interior new:Pelle Nero
Engine No:101-1266
Owner(s):Gianluca Baldisserri, Italy
Paul Bruni, USA
Unknown, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Argento Metallizzato
Interior:Pelle Nero

Added october 2007.

The car was sold in Italy when new and went to the USA in 1977. It was repainted red then.
Gianluca Baldisserri brought it back to Italy in 2004 and the car and has undergone a complete restauration
which took the best part of 5 years.
The car has the Italian Historic Car Certification (ASI).

101-12763500 GT Touring
Paint new:Grigio Argento Luna (silver)
Interior new:Red
Engine No:101-1276
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:9833
Owner(s):Unknown Dutch owner since 1994, Netherlands
Rob van Slijpe, Netherlands
Theo Regout, Netherlands (First Owner)
Paint Color:Grigio Argento Luna (silver)
History:2020-02: Admin checks Dutch registration RDW and it reads "Exported". Unknown who bought it and where it went.
2019-02-09: Sold at RetroMobile Paris ArtCurial. The text reads: "This car was bought new by Theo Regout, the great adventurer who made films of his travels, which he then screened in the style of the old "Connaissance du monde" movies. His memorable voyages included trips across the Sahara and South America in a Ford A. He bought this Maserati 3500 GT at the age of 60 and kept it for 15 years. He stopped driving it in the mid-1970s, when it had covered 15.000 km. The car was then stored in a garage, where it was spotted by the Dutch collector Rob van Slijpe. It was from the latter's wife that the current owner acquired the car in 1994. He has used it occasionally and the mileage today is a modest 60.240 km. Having had so few owners, this coupé 3500 GT is presented in lovely original condition, and has not been restored. The car retains the original engine and a five-speed ZF gearbox. The beautiful red leather upholstery is also original and displays a lovely patina. Under the bonnet, the excellent twin-cam, twin-ignition, straight-six engine looks clean, with no sign of leaks. Fabio Collina from Maserati Classiche confirmed that the car was delivered new in Holland and is in its original Grigio Argento Luna livery. The car comes with its period toolkit and a file of invoices and interesting period documents dating back to the first owner.".
1994-10-10: 3rd owner in the Netherlands.
1970's mid or late: 2nd owner Rob van Slijpe in the Netherlands.
1961-04-25: First registration in the Netherlands for Theo Regout.

101-12843500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-1284
Touring No:9836
Owner(s):Alexander Peter, Switzerland
Unknown, Switzerland (First Owner)
Paint Color:Burgendy
History:Alexander Peter owns the car sinds july 2006, it has been restored in 2001/2002 by specialists. It has been in Switzerland all of his life.

101-12923500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-1292
Owner(s):Keith Hudson, UK
Nigel Shannon, UK
Unknown, Sweden
Daniel Bolmström, Sweden
Anders Bolmström, Sweden
Laurence Ruben, USA
History:2015: New owner Keith Hudson.
2012-08: Nigel Shannon bought the car in Sweden: Maserati 3500 from 1961 with matching numbers. Mechanically fully restored but the body needs some care. Completely in parts. Swedish papers. Finish the restoration or use as spare parts. This is Unknown 199 (identified thanks to Nigel Shannon).
2007: Anders Bolmström's son Daniel took over the car and is bringing it back to mint condtion.
1985-05 on: the car was sold to Anders Bolmström in Sweden who bought it with the original engine and gearbox. It was kept in the garage until 2007.
1985-05: Offered for sale by Laurence Ruben (see 2nd picture). It came with a 6 cil. Ford engine and 3 speed auto but could also be bought with the original engine. It had a good body and interior but needed paint.

101-12963500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Known by Olaf Boecking,

101-12983500 GT Touring
Year:June 1961
Owner(s):Unknown , Italy
Paint Color:Bronzo metallizzato
Interior:Red brown
History:This car showed up for sale at eBay december 2010

101-13003500 GT Touring
Year:15 februari 1961
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Grigrio Mettallizato
Interior new:Nero
Options:5 speed gearbox, self locking differential and wire wheels
Owner(s):Jean Sarf, (First Owner)
History:This car was involved in a heavy crash in 1962.

101-13043500 GT Touring
Year:13 februari 1961
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Grigrio Metallizato
Interior new:Nero
Options:5 speed gearbox and electric windows
Owner(s):Balthazard, France (First Owner)

101-13143500 GT Touring
Owner(s):George Van Brunt, USA

101-13163500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Unknown, Switzerland
History:Januari 2006. This car is in Switzerland in need of restoration.

101-13223500 GT Touring
Year:1 July 1961
Options:Nardi steering wheel
Paint Color:Silver
History:Spring 2006. The car is offered for sale by Mirbach in Germany. Sold on ebay in may 2006.

101-13243500 GT Touring
Owner(s):From Olaf, Austria
History:April 2006. Spotted in Vienna, Austria.

101-13263500 GT Touring
Year:16 februari 1961
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Grigio Mettallizato
Interior new:Nero
Owner(s):Crovetto, France (First Owner)
History:This car was first ordered in Nero but later changed to Grigio Mettallizato.

101-13283500 GT Touring
History:Douglas Howell gave the following information. It was offered for sale in November 2002 by a salvage yard in Southern California USA (The phone number is listed as Beverly Hills, although the pictures certainly don't look like the home of the movie stars!) It was listed as a 1962, and as you can see was in extremely poor condition. It appears that both front and rear suspension were replaced with Ford parts (including chassis modifications on the front), and the rest of the car is just plain nasty.

101-13303500 GT Touring
Year:18 march 1961
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Azzurro (Max Meyer code 16.402)
Interior new:Nero (Connolly code PAC.1560)
Owner(s):Daniel Stroppolo , France
Mr. Mezzarana, France
Mr.Favier, France (First Owner)
Paint Color:Red
History:Car was sold again by Thepenier in 1967 to Mr.Mezzarana with 66.587km on the clock.

101-13323500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Joop Stolze, Netherlands
Julian ?, Country unknown
Joop Stolze, Netherlands
History:2017-09: Update from Stolze: Car is being restorated. Colour will be dark gray anthracite with black interior. Carburated engine, 5-speed gearbox and manual windows.
2012-11: Car in need of restoration as e-mailed by Julian. Unclear if he is the new owner, because later on the car appears (still?) at Joop Stolze?
2011-05: For sale at Joop Stolze.

101-13343500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Unknown, Italy
Paint Color:Dark Blue
History:2009-02: Information from Staffan Gunnarsson:
This car was destroyed in a car accident in Italy. I dismanteled this car at an Italian scrap yard in Milano 1977 and brought as much as we could load in a Volvo estate car to Sweden. I still have the parts.
The car was lying between two other cars and the owner used the crane you see in the background to lift it with.

101-13363500 GT Touring
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:9866
Owner(s):Gerard Swaen, NL
unknown, UK
Micheal Jones, UK
Griffon Motor car company, USA
Paint Color:Silver
History:2014: The car is back on the road with Dutch registration!
2006-12: Gerard Swaen wrote a small story about his car:
Much of 101-1336 history remains a mystery. The earliest document in possession of the current owner is the official title of vehicle dated February 6 1989. The title states as official owner the Griffon Motor car company at Charlottesville, Virginia USA. Shortly after, the car was sold to Micheal Jones at Coleshill, West Midlands United kingdom and shipped to the UK. There it must have changed owner at least once. Serious restoration work was undertaken in the UK. The car was completely disassembled. The body was sandblasted. New floor panels were welded in and probably a cost estimate for the engine rebuild was requested and deemed too expensive. After engine rebuild quotes were received the owner at that time put the car up for sale and advertised it in Classic Car. No serious responses were received in the first three months and the next owner, Gerard Swaen from The Netherlands, got the impression that the car might be bought at a bargain. One visit and a few phone calls later Gerard was the new owner. This was in 1994. The first time Gerard saw the car, he thought the car was a lost case and abandoned the idea of buying it. Life was already challenging enough. However after some sleepless nights he thought this car would be a true challenge and worth putting in the effort. After all the looks of a 3500 GT had always been his favourite and it was clear that they would never come less expensive and more honest (already sandblasted) than this one. With already having second thoughts he bought the car and with the help of some friend he transported the car from the UK to the Netherlands. There the car was not better off than in the UK. Gerard first had to finish some other unfinished business. But although the 3500 GT was originally bought for future leisure time some hesitant steps were set on the unpredictable path of total body restoration. No dents or faults were found in the chassis. The aluminium body at some points rather resembled Swiss cheese than solid metal. Nearly all corrosion was the result of electrolytic corrosion caused by the 6 mm reinforcement steel wire that was used to make the aluminium body more rigorous. Inquiries about welding aluminium body parts were discouraging and most advises were to get a professional restoration firm to do the body work. That of course was no option. The car was bought as a hobby and to pay others to practice their hobby was no tempting prospect. Somebody told Gerard to convert his welding machine and just try if it would be possible to weld the aluminium body panels. The Swiss cheese would not get worse from a few welding attempts. He made some tests and to his surprise it was not so difficult at all to weld the aluminium body panels. He decided to remove all steels 6 mm reinforcement wire and replace them with 8 mm aluminium. This had the advantage that the body panels and the reinforcement wires could be welded together and that the problem of electrolytic corrosion would be by-passed. It turned out to be a lot of welding work to link the reinforcement wires and to repair the corrosion in the attached body panels, but it worked well. The body restoration took quite a while, but it turned out very well. Next the body was handed over to a paint professional were it stayed for about two years. The car was only worked on if there was nothing else to do. About in 2004 the body returned after a complete re-spray and Gerard is now re-assembling the car. Gerard is inding the car rebuild as very complicated, his only previous experience being Alfa Romeos. He finds spare parts to be extremely difficult to find and outrageously expensive. Luckily he has a good support group of professionals. He has found that nearly all parts of this 40+ car require complete overhaul with machining new parts or adapting threads. Quotes for overhaul of the engine were so outrages that it was much more intelligent to buy a recently overhauled engine and drive train in Germany, also because the engine that accompanied the car was not the Original for it. Now progress is very slow and troublesome. Gerard hopes his car will be worth the effort and eventually will prove a good and comfortable driving car.
1994: Gerard Swaen is the new owner.

101-13403500 GT RHD Touring
Owner(s):Damian Cessario, Australia
Paint Color:Red

101-13423500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Ernst Romer, Switzerland
Paint Color:Silver
History:Coppa Milano-San Remo, 2005 (Suisse, entry #73, 1961 GT)

101-13503500 GT Touring
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Kyle Fleming, USA

101-13543500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-1448
Touring No:9872
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Wolfgang Dippold, Germany
David Nieuwenhuis, Netherlands
Philippe Raemdonck, Belgium
Unknown, France
Paint Color:Silver
History:2016-12: Car is finished (better than new).
2015 and 2016: Full restoration.
2014-09: New owner in Germany. Restoration started.
2007-03: Added.

101-13583500 GT Touring
David, USA
Paint Color:Red
History:Offered for sale in March 1992. It came with a rebuild engine and gearbox. Also paint, interieur and windscreen were rebuild or replaced.

101-13603500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-1360
Touring No:9875
Paint Color:Green metallic
History:2014-05: 101-1360 is still with us! For sale at

101-1360 was sold by Rob de la Rive Box, Switzerland in the 1970's.

Not known if the car is still in excistence

101-13623500 GT Touring
Owner(s):George Tuma, USA
Colin Cripps, Canada
Trevor Bachelder,

101-13663500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Museo di Quattroruote, Italy
Roberto Augustinus, Italy
Paint Color:Black
History:Owned by Robert Augustinus from 1980. 1994 restored to color nero. 2001 sold to Museo di Quattroruote (price cento lire).

101-13703500 GT Touring
Year:16 march 1961
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Bianco
Interior new:Nero
Options:self locking differential
Owner(s):Sté Amboile-Chimie, Mr Comar, (First Owner)

101-13723500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Known, Switzerland
History:Added march 2013

101-13743500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Unknown, USA
History:For sale at eBay november 2009

101-13763500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-1376
Touring No:9880
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Martin, USA
Legendary Motorcar Company, Canada
dr. Plokker, the Netherlands
Paint Color:Blue
History:2019-11: For sale on Giant Classic Cars from same location.
2019-08: For sale on from Santa Barbara, California, United States. Description reads: "Wonderful example of a mid production 1961 Maserati 3500GT Touring coupe. Matching numbered engine and complete documentation from Maserati Classique. This car has the rare combination of wire wheels and 4 wheel disc brakes and power assist booster. Additionally this car has a ZF 5 speed. Rebuilt engine by previous owner having perfect compression ranging from 152-154 in all cylinders. Over $65,000.00 spent over the past 4 years in restorative service repairs and rebuilding.".
2013: Car seen at Legendary Motorcar Company in Canada.
2005: The car was offered for sale again by Aaldering in the Netherlands. After a long time the car was no longer shown on their website, not even a message that it was sold was shown. It was first registered in Holland in May 2002.
2004: This car was offerd for sale at dutch classic car dealer Smiths Veglia. As far as i know the car was not sold.

101-13783500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Simo Veheranta, USA
Paint Color:Black
History:2015-09: Car for sale on ebay, partly restored

101-13803500 GT Touring
Owner(s):John Liangis, Australia
John Pandolfini, Australia
Paint Color:Blue
History:2017-02: I receive a nice e-mail from Michael Rensch, National President of Ferrari Club Australia: "Chassis AM 101-1380 is in Canberra, ACT Australia, owned by John Liangis since the late 1990's. It was registered on Victorian number plates JL 3500 until 2012, current registration unknown. Car won best of show in 2008 'Auto Italia' in Canberra.".

101-13823500 GT Touring
Engine (I):Known
Options:Wire wheels (but 15")
Owner(s):Joop Stolze, Netherlands
Joan Pieron, Netherlands
Joop Stolze, Netherlands
Philippe Raemdonck, Belgium
Paint Color:Red
History:2017-02: For sale at Joop Stolze.
2016-12: For sale, still as a project but 99% complete.
2014: Restoration started by Joan Pieron. Some missing parts are added (rear fender chrome, sill chrome, heater unit, bonnet air inlet chrome). Most chrome parts are newly chromed (except bumpers).
2013-06-10: First registration in the Netherlands.
2012-07: Offered for sale. Rebuild engine and new interior.

101-13883500 GT Touring
Touring No:9889
Owner(s):Jukka Kemppainen, Finland
Sonvico, Switzerland (First Owner)
Paint Color:Blue

101-13923500 GT Touring
Dealer:Ditta Orfeo Ferasin - Vicenza - Italia
Paint new:Bianco Polo Park (Max Meyer code 10.319)
Interior new:Rosso (Connolly code VM 8300)
Engine No:101-994
Touring No:9891
Owner(s):Dott. Giovanni Battista Meneghini, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Bianco Polo Park (Max Meyer code 10.319)
Interior:Rosso (Connolly code VM 8300)
History:2019-10: For sale at Cristiano Luzzago. In the text reads "Built on march 1961, sold by the official Maserati dealer Ferasin in Vicenza, delivered to the first owner in Sirmione on 13 april 1961.
Always in Italy, continue ownerships history, old black plates and old documents.
Complete with all the historical Maserati certificates and production sheets.
Totally restored by specialist."

101-13943500 GT Touring
Paint new:Grigrio
Interior new:Nero
Options:5 speed gearbox and sports exhaust
Owner(s):Segard, France (First Owner)

101-14023500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Bill, USA
Paint Color:Green
History:This car is a Tipo 151 conversion of 101-1402.

101-14043500 GT Touring
Paint Color:Primer
History:2022-02: For sale on eBay-Kleinanzeigen, the car is located in Italy and costs 95.000 Euro.

101-14083500 GT Touring
Owner(s):, Italy
Paint Color:Grey

101-14103500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-1410
Owner(s):Unknown, Brasil
Christopher Lux, USA
Unknown, USA
Paint Color:Silver

July 2010

Christopher Lux found this car while helping a famely friend clean out her garages after the passing of her husband.
It was had buried it under boxes and trash. Chasis number is 101-1410 and it is not in the best shape.
It does however have many original parts including the grille, all interior gagues, original wheels and windows
and all insignias such as Touring Milan, Superleggara, etc. It still has the ashtrays inside with Maserati emblems on them.

101-14163500 GT Touring
Year:March 1961
Engine No:101-1416
Touring No:9902
Owner(s):Owen Hughes, Australia
Unknown, Italy (First Owner)

April 2013. The car was originally delivered as LHD to the first owner in Milan but was subsequently
exported to Australia. At some point it was converted to RHD.
Currently under completely restoration the vehicle will probably be completed by end of 2013.

101-14183500 GT Touring
Year:30 march 1961
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Paint new:Bianco
Interior new:Blue
Owner(s):Foissac, France (First Owner)

101-14203500 GT Touring
Paint new:Rosso Rubino Metalizzato (Max Meyer code 16.213)
Interior new:Pelle Bianca (Connolly code PAC 1544)
Carpet new:Grigio Scuro
Engine No:101-1420
Touring No:9904
Owner(s):Pasquale De Falco, Germany
Ivar Aage Moe, Norway
Unknown, UK
Hans Leuthold, Switzerland (First Owner)
Paint Color:Red
History:Appeared in Swedish carmagazine Bilsport (1997/98). Driven by Greta Molander and co-driver to Rallye Monte Carlo (1998/99). For sale by (2000). In april 2001 the car was sold by the owner Ivar Aage Moe to Pasquale De Falco in Germany. It's currently under restoration. July 2007. Pasquale De Falco has send me the following info. A friend of mine received a datasheet from Maserati Modena in Italy from my car. It says that first owner was Mr. Hans Leuthold from Baar in Switzerland. Original colour is rosso rubino metalizzato Max Meyer 16.213, original interior in leather connolly bianca pac. 1544, carpets grigio scuro (dark grey). The car was build in april 1961. In 1993 were two requests for the car at Maserati Modena, one from England and one from Norway. As far as I know the car spent some time in England in the early nineties before going to Norway and finally to Germany. I still have a statement from 4th of february 1993 signed by Dott. Ing. Giordano Casarini from Maserati S.p.A. that chassis No. 1420 was build in 1961.

101-14243500 GT Touring
Options:Nardi steering wheel
Owner(s):Jean-Louis Ruess, Switzerland
mr. Hassan Kamil, Switzerland (First Owner)
Paint Color:Blue
History:The car was originally ordered by Mr. Hassan Kamil in 1960 through the official Maserati representative and dealer in Zurich, Ernst Bjarsch. Mr. Kamil was an Egyptian citizen living in Zurich. The car was a gift for his wife.

101-14283500 GT Touring
Options:rare DCOE42/12 carburators
four wheel disc brakes
Limited Slip rear differential
Owner(s):Known, USA
History:"Spyder Special"
2015-05: The current owner has most of the parts with the car and the restoration will be started soon

101-14323500 GT Touring
History:Januari 2010. Fate of the car is unknown.
The engine is fitted in 101-2234.

101-14343500 GT Touring
Mario Tersigni, Canada
Angelina Baldini, Italy
Corrado Corradi, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:White
History:The was offered for sale at eBay in june 2007. The seller writes: 61k kilometers indicated on the odometer, 4-speed, White/Red, good exterior repaint (about 20 years old) in the original color. Three Dual Choke Webber carberators. Sub frame is solid, aluminum sills are also very solid. Electric windows, rebuilt brakes calipers, fresh fluids (oil coolant, and brake fluid), excellent as new distributor cap. All seats are original to the car and have never been refurbished, original leather door panels and vinyl headliner. Is in good running condition, good exhaust, generator charges, runs cool, good oil pressure, thermostats work, new battery, clutch is good, shifts smoothly into all gears. Car is complete and sports original glass and manuals the only part that is not orignal to the car is the side view mirror. Touring emblems and scripts are in excellent condition. Never been hit. 27 june 2007. I got the following news from Anthony Tersigni. This car has been in Athony's family since 1985 and they just recently sold it to its fourth owner. This car was originally sold in 1961 to Mr. Corrado Corradi in Milano, Italy in 1966 it was sold to it

101-14383500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-1438
Touring No:9920
Owner(s):Mark Seymour, UK
Paint Color:Grey
History:2016-11: New owner in London.
2014-02: For sale at DDClassics: "This lovely example has just had the benefit of a bare metal re-spray, new bumpers and the re-chroming of bright work. Understood to have spent its entire life in Italy, it is finished in light metallic silver set against black leather seats (only recently re-trimmed).".

101-14403500 GT Touring
Touring No:9914
Owner(s):Rob van der Kamp, The Netherlands
Robbie van Leeuwen, The Netherlands
Unknown, The Netherlands (First Owner)
Paint Color:Rosso Rubino

101-1440 was sold new to the Netherlands and is still there with his original registration.

This is 1 of the 2 3500 GT's once owned by Robbie van Leeuwen from the Dutch band Shocking Blue.

2012 July: For sale at the Gallery, resprayed grey

101-14463500 GT Touring ENGINE ONLY
Engine No:101-1446
Engine (I):Known
Owner(s):Marc Florie (engine only), Netherlands
Wim de Boer (engine only), The Netherlands
History:2014-09: Engine is in the Netherlands, missing parts are added in the next years.
2012-11: No information about the car. Engine block and head are for sale.

101-14483500 GT Touring
Year:18 april 1961
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Engine No:101-1448
Engine (I):Known
Owner(s):Rubiani, France (First Owner)
History:Unknown whereabouts of the car
2014-09: Engine is with 101-1354.

101-14543500 GT Touring
Year:23 may 1961
Dealer:Thepenier, France
Owner(s):Robert Adda, (First Owner)
History:Delivered with Swiss registration.

101-14563500 GT Touring
Touring No:9922
Owner(s):Jacob Bakker, NL
James Larkin, USA
Eugene Cluster, USA
History:The following information is from Jim Larkin: I purchased the car May 1970 from Eugene Cluster, Boston Mass. Eugene brought the car from Florence, Italy. On Nov. 2003 I sold 101.1456 to Jacob Bakker of the Netherlands. The photos here were taken Sept. 2003.

101-14583500 GT Touring GEARBOX TUNNEL ONLY
History:2017-03: Picture of gearbox tunnel cover received from Mark Longmore. He writes: "I attach a picture of a transmission cover I have, it is marked with chassis number AM101.1458, so I assume the car was broken up, unless you know different". No further information on the car.

101-14663500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-1466
Touring No:9927
Options:Wire wheels
Owner(s):Andrew Green, UK
Frank Olsheski, USA
Unknown, The Netherlands
Paint Color:Blue
History:101-1466 was sold by Bonhams at Goodwood in June 2009

1962 Maserati 3500GT Coupé Coachwork by Touring Registration no. LSL 938 Chassis no. AM101 1466 Engine no. AM101 1466 Sold for £65,300 inclusive of Buyer's Premium

101-14703500 GT Touring
Year:14 april 1961
Paint new:Blue Tigullio Metalizzato (Max Meyer code 16.639)
Interior new:Pelle Bianco (Connolly code PAC.1544)
Touring No:9929
Owner(s):Jan Veening, The Netherlands
Herman Hendriks, NL
Walter Stasey, USA
Ugo Mondini, Italy (First Owner)
Paint Color:Blue Tigullio Metalizzato (Max Meyer code 16.639) (was light blue)
Interior:Pelle Bianco (Connolly code PAC.1544) (was black)
History:2016-08: For sale in Holland with Houtkamp.
2014: Big restoration work has started and an enormous amount has been spend on the Maserati.
2011-12-11: Original engine appears to be in Vignale Spyder 101-1379.
2008-01: After being driven the classic SLS rallye for some years, the car got a new coat of paint. It now has it's original color back and will be ready for the 2008 season soon.
2001-03: the Maserati was bought by a gentlemen named Mr. Hendriks from Den-Haag, Holland. Mr. Hendriks is a member of the technical commission of the Maserati Club in Holland and he owned the car until 2014 and drove certain trips/rallies with the car. He also carried out some technical work over the years whereby the gearbox has been overhauled in 2008. 1995: the Maserati came back to Holland where it was stored for quite some time and not regularly used.
1975: the Maserati was shipped to the United States where it was in ownership of Walter Stacy until 1995.
1962: The Maserati has been newly delivered in Trento, Italy in 1962 to a gentlemen named Ugo Mondini. It was then sold to a gentlemen in Milan but unfortunately the name is missing. We only have the registration number begin L02897.

101-14783500 GT Touring
Engine No:101-322
Engine (I):Known
Touring No:9933
Owner(s):Nigel Shannon , UK
Dagfinn Moe , Norway
Knut Brinch, Norway
Renaud De Villeneuve (paperwork states 68300 km), France
Victor Hugo Belgrand (paperwork states 65000 km), France
Monsieur Maxime Petiet , France
Paint Color:Blue
History:2019-10: Thanks to the current owner Nigel Shannon and with help of the 3500 registry admin, this complete body and chassis (only except the engine) is being identified as car 101-1478, NOT 101-322. This is confirmed by Maserati Classiche Fabio Collina and it is completely in line with the attached Touring number 9933 and other details on the car like electrical windows, larger tail lights, etc..
Before that, this body was incorrectly registered on the number of its engine being 101-322. Apparantly somewhere during its life, the body was changed with the original body of 101-322 (which state is not known yet, any info is welcome).
Please note: Because the date of the change of body is not known, the history of owners of car 101-1478 might partly only occur for engine 101-322!

2018-01-06: Nigel Shannon bought car 101-1478 and engine 101-322 from Dagfinn Moe.
2017-02: The new owner Dagfinn Moe wrote to me: I recently bought this "Barnfind" from the family of Knut Brinch, Oslo Norway. Still matching number 101-322. Note from admin: in 2019 this turned out to be not correct.
Knut Brinch bought the car in Paris 1984 from Renaud De Villeneuve (68300 km). Car has been stored in his house in Oslo and not been on the road since.
From some paper in the car:
1981, Victor Hugo Belgrand, 92300 Levallois (65000 km)
1981, Monsieur Maxime Petiet, 92200 Neuilly.

101-14803500 GT Touring
Year:April 1961
Paint new:Grigio Fumo
Interior new:Pelle Rossa
Engine No:101-1480
Touring No:9934
Owner(s):Robbert Heemskerk, The Netherlands
Known, USA
Paint Color:Red
History:The car went to a new owner in januari 2009.
2010 Car for sale at Copley Motors, USA. The car came to the Netherlands early 2011.

101-14863500 GT Touring
Paint new:Light Blue
Interior new:Brown
Engine No:101-982
Touring No:9939
Owner(s):Marc Florie (engine only), Netherlands
Dieter Leismann, Germany
Joop Stolze, The Netherlands
Michel Verhaeghe, Belgium
Unknown, Switzerland (First Owner)
Paint Color:Smoke grey metallic
History:2023-02: For sale on by RS Automobile in Völkingen, Germany.
2018-11-19: Marc Florie buys engine 101-1486 because he owns car 101-982 and hopes both cars can be reunited with their original engine.
2016-10: Engine 101-1486 for sale at Joop Stolze.
2008 on: Dieter Leismann bought the car and had it restorated (with engine 101-982).
2008-03: Showed up for sale in Joop Stolze's Maserati collection. Damage on front right side. The mounted engine is 101-982.
1998-02-10: Import from Switzerland by Michel Verhaeghe (together with car 101-592). The original engine is with it, dismantled.

101-14883500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Kevin McCloud, UK
Known, UK
History:2016-07: Engine 101-136 added.
2016: New owner in UK.
2008-02: For sale in UK.

101-14903500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Patrick Hanssens, Belgium
Marc Florie, Netherlands
Oliver Kuttner, USA
Jacques Pozzo di Borgo, USA
Nutthasak Desai (Tom), USA
Dr. Edzards Classics, USA
Paint Color:Maroon
History:2008-10: Sold to Belgium, where the restoration was started.
2008-01: Sold to Holland.
2008-01: Offered for sale at eBay with the following story: This was a running car when I got it three years ago with working but soft hydraulics. It is a real (low roof) GT with a 5 speed transmission and the original water-cooled manifold. The car has some rust in the floor pans but is definitely worth doing. The grille surround that comes with it is from a different car and needs some metal work. I have the correct side markers and will include them. A very original car that with some work will be the right one to have. I am missing the air cleaner assembly and the hubcaps.
2005-01: This car was offered for sale at E-bay by Jacques Pozzo di Borgo.
2004: Owned by someone from Seatac Washington (near Seattle) (WA).

101-14923500 GT Touring
Owner(s):Patrick Foley, USA

101-14943500 GT Frua
History:This chassisnumber is allocated to a Frua coupe.

101-14963500 GT Frua
Dealer:Martinelli & Sonvico, Lugano, Switzerland
Paint new:Red
Interior new:Light brown Connolly leather upholstery
Engine No:Un-numbered replacement engine
Touring No:N/a.
Options:Frua coupé body, wheelbase: 94.1 in. (instead of 102,3 in.)
Owner(s):Unknown, Unknown
Unknown, USA
Keith Duly, USA
John F. Bookout, USA
Jerry Wood, USA
Doug Speer, USA
Frank Mandarano, USA
Dr. Harms, of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA
Unknown (enthousiasts in Chicago), USA
Jacques Bordier, Switzerland (First Owner)
Paint Color:Azzuro Metallizato
Interior:Tan leather upholstery and grey carpets
History:This chassisnumber is allocated to a Frua coupe, believed to be the sole survivor of two cars built in 1961 to this striking Frua design (the other was AM101-1494).

Few coachbuilders of the 1960s produced as audacious coachwork on Maserati chassis as Pietro Frua’s Carrozzeria Turin. In particular, Frua’s talented hands were responsible for some of the most audacious bodies for the “super Maserati”, the 5000 GT. Each 5000 GT was a unique, bespoke, tailored automobile, and it is only fitting that Frua’s unique designs on those chassis would inspire special creations for other Maseratis as well.

Smooth, sleek side panels, curved only by a sharp crease at the beltline, connect a stunning tail. The “of the moment” quad headlamps are set in an attractively custom-designed bezel, and a thin wraparound bumper accentuates an aggressive nose with a deep inset. Typical of Frua, who loved fine detail, the car is sprinkled with delicate chrome accents, including miniature Maserati tridents above the quarter windows. Later, circa 1963, Frua built two more cars to a similar design in the fuel-injected 3500 GTi series.

2014-05-15/16: Sold at RM/Sotheby's for $660,000.
2014: Shown at the 2014 Greenwich Concours, where it was awarded 'Most Outstanding Maserati', in a field where Maserati was a featured marque. The consignor notes that the car has been “serviced religiously” and as such, it would be proper to continue on the show circuit and no doubt be a supreme pleasure to drive!
2011: After its restoration was complete, the 3500 GT Coupe Speciale was finally debuted, to much acclaim, at the 2011 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance. It was acquired by a new owner a short time later, and while in his care, it has continued to be shown at concours and receive the best of care and service by Autosport Designs.
2007: John F. Bookout sold the car to another well-known marque enthusiast, Keith Duly, who is well known for the quality of his own restorations. Duly completed the car’s return-to-original condition, with the cosmetic work being performed by Chris Charlton, of Oxford, Maine, whose restorations have won Best of Show at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, and the mechanical work being performed by Duly’s own shop. The work completed included a careful inventory of all of the car’s original components, with as many as possible being restored and reused to ensure authenticity. An earlier replacement engine installed in the car was found to be in poor condition, so it was replaced with a freshly rebuilt un-numbered 3500 GT unit, which is a swap that has occurred in many 3500 GTs of this era.
1996: Renowned Maserati collector John Bookout became the car’s next owner. Bookout extensively researched its history with his typical thoroughness, including contacting Adolfo Orsi and Frua historian Stefan Dierkes. Together, the men were able to conclusively confirm the car’s identity as chassis number AM101-1496 and Bookout embarked upon the restoration. Before work had been completed, he sold the car.
1993: Doug Speer sold the car to Jerry Wood.
1988: Frank Mandarano sold the car to Doug Speer.
1976 or 1977: Imported to the United States and by the mid-1970s, it was in the hands of a pair of enthusiasts in Chicago, although it was missing its original rear window and engine.
It passed into the hands of a Dr. Harms, of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and then to Frank Mandarano, the well-known supplier of Maserati cars, parts and knowledge and the founder of the Concorso Italiano. Mandarano owned the unique Frua 3500 GT for several years before selling it in 1988.
1961-05: Frua completed the 3500 GT, delivering it to prominent Maserati dealer Martinelli & Sonvico, of Lugano, Switzerland. A month later, it was registered for the first time, as BE 999997, to Jacques Bordier in the city of Bern, Switzerland.